Where Icicles Fall

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Aura and Craven enter the lair of the Ice-Wolf, their goal; to protect the Dawn Refuge from the vicious beast's attacks by killing it once and for all.

Where Icicles Fall

A loud splintering sound echoed through the cave. An icicle the size of a broadsword plunged down, missing Craven's head by inches before shattering on the floor. He carried on regardless; it didn't phase him in the slightest.

"Be careful you old fool, it could have taken your head off!" said Aura, unimpressed by Craven's careless approach. His attitude certainly didn't live up to his name, she thought to herself.

"Quiet, miss. Or do you want the beast we are hunting to feast on our innards?" asked Craven.

"Well, if one of those huge icicles you seem to so readily ignore decapitates you, I'll leave you here to that fate!"

"So witty." he said, staring at her with a deadpan expression.

Suddenly, the air grew much colder, and they both shook, even through their thick winter gear. "Be on guard." Craven drew his spear, raising his shield and Aura followed, keeping watch should they have nowhere to retreat.

The creature was upon them before either had a chance to prepare more than a token defense. One moment the air was calm, and then it felt as though an ice wall had been erected between them and the world.

Aura staggered to her knees, nearly losing her footing, as the thick clouds of the beast's breath chilled her. The beast was enormous, large enough to crush Craven and Aura into the ground if they weren't careful. She did her best to focus on the beast, but the ice wall was closing them in.

The Ice-Wolf howled, an ear piercing sound that disoriented both adventurers. Craven, regaining his senses, rushed forward, weapon raised. He would have to trust to the element of surprise. If he hesitated, the beast would probably kill them both.

"It's no use. The beast is too fast."

The creature was already out of reach; it was as though it had been waiting for them. Its sudden appearance had fooled Aura. She backed away while Craven took a deep breath and followed her example. The monster gave a deep, booming howl, and they retreated into a darkened recess of the cavern.

"Damn, damn, damn!" Craven cursed, running his hands through his long, silver hair, repeatedly. Aura sighed, leaning her back against the icy wall.

"Well, this is going to be the stupidest hunt of my life." She sighed. "Do you have any ideas?"

Craven turned to face her, his red eyes seeming to gleam with hatred.

"I believe I know how to defeat it. It's what my grandfather did."

"Well, you don't know for sure that you will have the same luck. It caught us completely off guard. We weren't ready. And it was much bigger than I had worried."

A deep, guttural growl came from outside the recess. The creature was closing in. Aura quickly looked around.

"Well, as the creature is going to be on us before you know it, you better think of something." She said, as the sound of shattering ice echoed through the cave. She prepared a telekinetic blast, ready for when the beast showed its face. Craven hunkered down, weapon prepared like a soldier in a phalanx. He was preparing for battle. He was also preparing for his death.

The monster appeared before them. It seemed to hesitate for a moment before bounding toward them, claws outstretched. Craven raised his shield and was ready to defend himself.

The monster pounced, and Craven was thrown off his feet, crashing into the wall. He quickly leapt to his feet, readying his spear to strike.

Aura tried to summon the energy to shoot the creature as it closed in. But she found herself distracted by its eyes. They seemed to glow, even though it was pitch dark. She focused her gaze on its eyes, a piercing light flashing from her stave.

The creature was thrown back in the blink of an eye and landed on its feet. Craven raised his spear in one hand and the shield in the other. "Well, you sure are one powerful beast! It was enough to put me on the defensive!"

The creature made another attempt to lunge, but Craven deflected its arm with ease. He was being pushed back now. The creature had the advantage. Aura was now close enough to use her powers on the creature, but not enough to destroy it.

"Focus!" her mind screamed. She lifted her left hand, bracelets charged with energy.

"Watch out!" She cried. Aura unleashed her powers. The creature roared in pain, a blue energy surged through its body. Its head disintegrated.

"Well done," said Craven. "Well done indeed."

Aura, still shocked at her victory, smiled. The creature lay in two parts.

"What now?"

"I believe that is your responsibility, young lady." said Craven. He turned to her. "Your gift as a sorceress is powerful, but even the strongest has its limits. I have a suggestion. I have a weapon that may be more to your liking."

Aura took a deep breath and followed Craven out of the cave.

"Wait. What's this about? What kind of weapon are you talking about?"

"A lightning-spear. It was owned by my grandfather when he protected the Dawn Refuge from the Ice-Wolf fifty years ago. As you were the one to bring the beast down, it should be passed on to you."

They stopped for a moment at the cave's entrance. Night was falling.

"We should talk more on this when we reach the Refuge."


They headed back down the mountain to bring news of their triumph to their commander. After such a victory, nothing could stop them now.

Submitted: October 16, 2022

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Excellent to and fro dialogue and plenty of action. Nice job!

Mon, October 17th, 2022 6:15pm


Thank you!

Mon, October 17th, 2022 1:40pm

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