A few random thoughts of the human mind

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These are articles written from the view of a human mind expressing her random thoughts about the world.

Submitted: November 22, 2009

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Submitted: November 22, 2009



A Few Random Thoughts Of The Human Mind.

There was a time when imagination was beautiful but even that is taken away from us. The purity of things fade, the age of materialism has taken over. When was the last time we bought our selves a sketch book to draw or to even learn? When was the last time we wanted to listen to an old fashioned radio and dance in the backyard? The one click away has dominated our lives, we are captive by the internet. Its "clicks" away and the fact they forgot to mention that there is a catch.

Time. My time, your time and everyone's time has been stolen.That is the catch my friends. I have realized I have been on face book for many hours. That was not it. I decided to play a game online. Pay my bill online, and reply to my friends online. However when I called my friend, it was much more beautiful. When I play a game of twister on the floor, it was much more fun. When I actually visited my gas company, I understood more things. Catch the drift? I can still admire the beauty of the internet yet not get consumed by it. Balance was what I needed.

People forget that they can breathe and sit outside looking at what has been given to them. When the world ends, what will you hold on to? Hands of your loved ones or your most precious items? That question is debatable to some people. Sad isn’t it? In the end, when your are buried. What will be yours is a tombstone with your name on it and your legacy that will be spread by the people whom you've made a change in their lives.

The more we are given things, the more we take them for granted. I took many things for granted but now that they're gone, reality took the liberty of constantly reminding of what I have lost. As time passes, I have grown and still growing. Life in high school was about impression, attention and self actualization but life now as we are leaving the "Teen" days has changed. Life is all about you and how you see yourself. People are too busy in their own lives to see what you are accomplishing! That is a fact. The more you believe in yourself, the more others start to believe in you and perhaps admire. We don't have to be labeled as heroes but the top figures. We can be a hero to anyone. A doctor who has made you cancer free. A father who has given you love, shelter and a promise of a beautiful life. Can't those people be heroes excluding the capes and logos?

Look at life differently, you may realize how much you actually  have and that could change your world entirely.

"The miracle is not to fly in the air, or to walk on the water, but to walk on the earth"

 ~Chinese Proverb

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