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Add on to The Broken Promise. What are the letter about? Who sent them. Is Trixi safe or not find out by reading this!?!

Submitted: October 13, 2016

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Submitted: October 13, 2016



I sat up looking around my room still scattered with photo albums of my past. 
Still half asleep I slowly get up and walk towards the photo albums. One picture alone catches my eye... 
I slowly kneel down and pick up the photo.
"It's a picture of Laurance, Dimitri and I when we where younger" tears start to roll down my face.
"I remember this... It was when we were kids and went to the zoo for the first time"
My vision blurs with tears " Laurance what happened to you where'd you go..?" 
The closer the day come the more I have this dream. This dream that will never come true. 
Well that's not completely true my parents are gone and Laurance broke his promise but no ones seen him for years not even his own parents have. But I guess I'm more worried for him then mad at him. It's not his fault he went missing years ago....
" Laurance what happened to you?Are you still out there?" 
I head to work still lost it thought about my dream and wondering if he'll ever return...
I return home after a long day at work to find a note stuck to my door 
I slowly reach out and grab the note. 
It read.....
Dear Trixi,
He will return don't worry. I seen him a month ago and he's fine. But you better stay away from him he's mine not yours. If you even think of talking to him your dead....
From Anonymous 
My hands start to shake as  I hurriedly unlock and open the door.
Who was the note from? Is he Laurance? 
As I start to think of Laurance a pain hits my chest like a stab of sadness.  He made that promise and never kept it but now he's coming home? Does that mean he's been fine this whole time?
I think about this all night tell sleep finally falls over me. 
I wake to the sound of the door bell. 
"Who could that be?"
I get out of bed still half asleep and head downstairs. Again the door bell rings. I open the door to see a familiar face.  I can't believe it.
"Hi Trixi"
"Dimitri you're back!"
I ran up and hugged him as joy rushes over me. In return he gently raps his arms around me and return the hug. Stepping back again I look at him smiling.
"What are you doing here...?"
"I came so you wouldn't be alone when the day come" he said this with a smile.
Then his face turned serious " but I can not return to my house so I was wondering if I could stay here please"
"Sure! But why can't you go home" 
He pulls a note out of his pocket and handed it to me. I slowly unfolded it and begin to read it.
The note read.....
Dear Dimitri, 
I already warned her to stay away from you and I expect you to stay away from her. If you go near Trixi I will kill her when you are gone. You are mine and mine only so I will wait for you at your house for 3 days..... If you do not return I will hunt you down....
From anonymous  
I tremble in fear with the thought that someone is out to get me. I began to feel dizzy and my vision is getting blurry. 
"Dimitri I need....... "
Everything goes black and I feel myself falling but I black out before hitting the floor.

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