Be Mine

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I just was listening to some music and I really love this song. I got this idea from an absolutely amazing writer - Phoebe Gardens. This short story is based on the song called Mine- By Taylor Swift. Her new single.. I really hope you guys like it, please PLEASE let me know :)

Submitted: September 07, 2010

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Submitted: September 07, 2010



Be Mine

I was fresh out of highschool starting my first year of college. Ihad wandered around town and found this cute little cafe on one of the side streets. Stepping inside of the cafe and instantly being overwhelmed with the smell of coffee and fresh baked breads. I could see the tea cups lined up neatly on the shelf and smiled at the sight of the fresh biscotti lined out for sale.

I sat down at a small little table in the corner by the window, when the waitor came up to me to take my order. I smiled warmly up at him and he instantly returned the favour.

"Hey, I'm Tyler. What can I get for you today?"

"Um I think I'll have a black coffee with a double chocolate biscotti please."

"A girl after my own heart." He winked.

Laughing and lightly throwing my head back I responded a slight laugh still in my voice.

"Well what can I say?" A mischievous twinkle flitted through my eyes.

"I'll be right out with that order."

We made small talk as he brought me my order asI found out he had already started his first year at college. At Brundzden, which wasn't to far from the area I lived around.

A couple of weeks later we had our first date and he made me blush silly and laugh like it was my last day here. I knew I was already falling for him, falling hard. It scared the shit out of me. I mean my parents marriage was a straight up failure, so why bother with putting your heart out on your sleeve for a chance at love, when even if you succeed it won't even last?

He smiled down at me warmly as he slowly lowered his head and pressed his warm lips against my cold and chapped ones. My lips parts slightly as his tongue slightly darted out touching my lips sending a rush of heat down my spine before he pulled away and grinned at me.

"I had an amazing time...I'll call you tomorrow." And with that he bounded down the steps.

Six months later I had my own drawer of stuff in his wooden dresser as we're lying on his couch with the television playing softly in the backround set on a show that no one is really watching entirely. I sighed happily as I closed my eyes and imagined our future, getting married, having kids, falling even deeper in love. I had fallen for this boy and most definitely quite hard.

Later that night as I was sitting in my room and I read the sweetest text from Tyler it made me re-think all our times together. It read:

To: Taylor

You are the best thing, that has ever been mine.

sleep well.

From: Tyler.

I remember exactly how I was feeling that one day when we sat on the beach just talking, near the water. It was the first time Tyler ever put his arm around me. I laughed thinking of how cautious and careful I had always been around boys. How sheltered I was from everything, even great things. Great things like love. He made a rebel of careless man's careful daughter.

I remember the day after I had claimed my own drawer for my things and Tyler could read everything through my eyes. Reading my emotions almost like an open book. That was the night I broke down, the night I told him everyhting.

"My parents used to fight all the time... I would always have to witness it. I don't what's harder always hearing your parents argue, or watching their marriage fall apart until they file for divorce. None of the time are they considering their little girl, how it could possibly even affect her!" My voice cracked at the end and one single tear slipped down my cheek as Tyler quickly cupped my face wiping the tear away.

"That will never happen with us. I promise you. We won't ever make those mistakes." He whispered, his voice coming at rough and his deep blue eyes penetrating deep into mine as he cupped my face with both hands. Pulling me closer and he lowered a gently kiss to my lips.

"Okay?" he whispered hoarsely. I nodded my head tightly before pulling him back to me for another deep kiss, hoping he understood my new tears were ones of happiness, happiness at how much he loved me and how much I loved him. Nothing would ever come between us.


6 months later.

"This lake is beautiful Tyler! I can't believer we're actually out here... and sitting in this old canoe!" I gushed as I looked around taking in my surroundings.

The water was crystal blue with lily pads floating in it and when you looked down you could see various fish swimming about. The trees and plants that lined the lake were full and colourful. Many different bushes of flowers with different bursts of colours lay low to the soft green grass.

"Look over there!" Tyler chirped gesturing frantically and pointing to behind me. Confused I quickly turned around seeing nothing but the stillwater. Opening my mouth to question him I turned around only to let out a loud gasp as my hand flew over my mouth.

There sitting in Tyler's hand was a black velvet box with a ring in it, a single diamond sitting on the gold band.

"Will you marry me Taylor?" He whispered staring at me intently.

I nodded my head vigioursly as I threw my arms around his neck.

"Yes! Oh my gosh, yes Tyler! I love you!" I pulled back letting him tug gently at my left hand.

He slowly slid the ring on my fourth finger and he leaned down to kiss my hand and murmur.

"I love you too Taylor."

A couple months after we got engaged we fled the small town we lived in and moved into a house of our own, completely and blindly in love. We didn't have anything figured out yet, but whenever times started to get rough I thought back to that day when we were by the water asI realized you truly are the best thing that's ever been mine.

It had been months since that fight but I still remember it clearly. It had been not long after we had moved into the house.

It was 2:30 am and we had been screaming at each other loudly. Things started to get out of hand as you told me that things we're slipping right out of our hands. I ran into the street crying, not realizing you were trailing right behind me.

I was bracing myself for the goodbye, but it never came. You took me by the arm and spun me around as you pressed your forehead tightly against mine.

"I'm not ever going to leave you alone. Because when it gets tough all I have to do is think of that night by the water and I know it's all gonna be okay because-"

But I cut you off with a kiss as I whispered.

"You the best thing that's ever been mine."

He shook his head back and forth and he lowered his mouth beside my ear and whispered.

"Because you're the best things that's ever been mine."

Than you kissed me breathless in the street while the rain hit our skins.

You were truly mine.

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