silence of a nerveless soul

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the most toughest way to come across with the situation when you are struck in some disaster and you can't speak but your inner soul is so fed-up that it needs a revival and urges you to raise voice that you are right...

Submitted: November 24, 2012

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Submitted: November 24, 2012




Silence of a nerveless soul


Mystery remains unresolved questioning what actually was happened, Asking what changed and what did not. Fighting with the inner will to get rid from elusive consequences. Having a physical entity yet not understood this is how things played their roles.

Facing torment being excruciated, asking again what the solution to get rid from efficacious laws drawn by the social creatures of this mankind. Stayed quiet, heard and tolerated the accusations, consoling the soul that you are numb. It asked one day you know what’s right and what’s wrong, why don’t you unveil the truth but I replied no one can judge it’s merely useless, you are with me so am alive again It questioned me, you must vindicate yourself and fight this libel

I replied, I am waiting for the right time some day I may be justified. People took full benefit of this silence but when comes to me I was mortified by every nook and corner. Filling the horizon with clots of blood gave a birth among this universe. Time passed on things were forgotten but when the past remembered on the same dates of calendar, raised the Goosebumps of my arms realizing how tough it was and how I was tried to get ridiculed through the filthy ways

Soul doesn’t needs to give justifications it spoke impeccable cry deep inside and was developing raucous emotions but again I said hey let it go tonight you need to wait to take a stand, I needed a hand to hold me, giving relaxation to slow down the agitation running on these nerves. I heard the voice saying you are not alone yes indeed I was relaxed; I knew how to exercise such intrigues plotted to take dramatic revenge

Hold the ground, admittedly I didn’t want anyone to see the trauma. 

I solemnly declared I am not the one but they said you are welcomed with a lot more.

This was confusing, most probably insensible for any other to understand

Soul couldn’t find one thing and I was the one waiting to know what’s going to happen next. Wanted to face this but couldn’t stop it for tearing it up this burning road as I felt most intractable pain course. Provoking the agony to burst out with flames all i claimed to myself to have one faith. Vengeance of silence, awaiting eyes to see that day which will initiate, hence it gives new creation remarked as grotesque myths of all.


Once again silence never spoke up it was under control by soul. I was ready to take oath not facing disconcerting situations anymore, mechanisms of life are merciless. Silent pains are broken branches of a tree as tomorrow never lie and I cannot change the fate.

Reality is a sour truth that coincides within the race, harder I fall but the faster I came close. Dreadful storms are jokes now because these cause mayhems that are better or worse but strong enough to continue this patience, walking along the storm


I Cant just live this way, breaking out this cage , indeed  so fed up but my mute words doesn’t emote or indicates, am not alone so many reasons lies within, coming up with a new hope and cheer; is life’s next big thing. So I let it go whatever bothers as these are the flames that cannot be quenched. When these imprecations will fall Ill take my turn but phenomena of a silent heart waits for lord make them to suffer the testament.

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