unanswerable truth

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some questions that are raised but never answered in return as in this nation, humans are equal but their ideology underestimates every next human from any territory but why? understand and think once..

Submitted: November 17, 2012

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Submitted: November 17, 2012



I have seen many blogs, questioning or pointing at religion Islam but no one has ever tried to emphasize deeply to get answer and to conclude all garboils raised in our societies or in different nook or corner of the world

Today I thought to focus this issue as I have seen many blogs written against Islam and one was named “high price of telling the truth of Islam”. I was truly offended after looking this blog and therein; series of conversations among different people. As am a Muslim, I have to stand for the truth against the lies or oppositions by not underestimating anyone’s teaching but to talk about the mentality which is drawn by the people. Today I stand for it with a peaceful message to all of those people who made misconceptions and acted as mindless or more convenient to say those who are marked by lack of intellectual acuity.

Alright first of all, I have seen question” why Muslims doesn’t seem here debating in such forum”

Firstly Islam doesn’t teaches to debate on the religion issues neither it is weak to point on other religions to feel unprotective by them perhaps it is totally wrong to comment on others beliefs or moral values. No religion teaches a person to talk about others beliefs or its religious laws. Neither not only Islam is there in the word to suffer imprecations of different people in several parts of this earth.

The highlighting fact is that; no body has a right to discriminate anyone’s religion without knowing any inch of its teaching. I believe a person grace is through this way that he follows to his own teaching not bothering or cussing words on to other religion.

So, i want to question one thing from those people “have they saw any one disgracing their specific religion? Each religion has got the right and freedom for their actions.

The basic thing to be understood is that we all are humans but religions are different due to several nations which were present in this mankind, thousands of years ago. Each ancestor plus teachings prescribed within the people of their era whether Christianity, Buddhism, Jerusalem. Islam doesn’t enforce people to accept it as this is the pure religion embraced with a heart’s willingness. So again I ask those people why they blame this religion and those people who converted into Islam when that person’s heart has asked him to follow its circle without any enforcement. There will be no answer I know...

I just wanted to make people realize that, we should respect others with their heart rather to talk about the religious issues that are sensitive and creates disgraceful atmosphere. Every country or people are situated with good or bad people again I question “when something happens at their side due to one person; are theirs citizens also accused for doing that wrong act? Then why always Muslims blamed and suffer due to some persons that neither belong to Islam nor any of the religion but are in the mission to create disunity among this mankind or more specifically to spoil and eradicate the existence of Muslims so they may get target in front of the world.

if you talk so likely about Muslims then just like other countries or nation here are also good and bad people. Islam doesn’t teach about the bad deeds and again I question to those people “does any religion teaches about bad verdicts? Of course not...

This is an eye witnessed truth that crime happens all over the world. What about those people who are committing it on their place? All of the people of their community are part of it? Or the blame is just focused on Muslim though he belongs to their territory?

We should acknowledge the fact that Not every person is in the race of doing evil it’s just a way of presenting things in to a peak height for gaining publicity and point out only Muslims rather to point others unmerciful activity . I always wonder how much free those people are, who don’t have any other task to do but got time to talk about religions stuff. Each person dies with its own deed, no one comes with you in the day of judgment so why should we just spread love and humanity rather to talk about argument that will never end but always burn fire?

Those who desire to make fun and hurt the sentiments of Muslims through pathetic ways, I must tell you the perspectives about our Prophet Muhammad (SAW) of one of the famous personalities that are remembered in this world

Mahatma Gandhi, “I become more than ever convinced that it was not the sword that won a place for Islam in those days. It was the rigid simplicity, the utter self-effacement of the Prophet, the scrupulous regard for pledges, his intense devotion to his friends and followers and his intrepidity, his fearlessness, his absolute trust in God and in his own mission. These and not the sword carried everything before them and surmounted every obstacle.

George Bernard Shaw wrote,” I believe if a man like him were to assume the dictatorship of the modern world, he would succeed in solving the problems in a way that would bring the much needed peace and happiness.”

Lamartine praised the Prophet (SAW) writing: “if greatness of purpose, smallness of means and astounding results are the three criteria of human genius, who could claim to compare any great man in modern history with Muhammad?

Questions are many to ask those who place questions for Islam. I want to ask them that have they ever saw Muslims making fun about their teachings and important figures of their religion through drawing their paintings or cartoons? Sorry people but with all my respect Islam doesn’t imputes any person’s feeling or ask to commit that act which will straightly hurt a human being. We deliver message of love, peace and divinity/

Talking about a religion, its not suitable or good, no one has the right to talk it as if you will point other, that person may point you in return on the same extreme topic touched by you, so what will be the outcome? As both will be arguing and there will be disrespectful exchange of conversations? Thus it’s wastage of time and people, who have no time for other things, do such silly and immature act as if they are in complex and more right to say they are renowned as belligerent nation.

Many Sociologists say that, we people cannot change the world if now crimes happen; is only due to us as we are the people who creates society. if no human will understand any other human nothing can bring change to any of the country, nation or any community . I totally agree with their analogical deductions. Rather to discriminate others the best thing is to judge yourself first that what are we and what role we playing, are we able to stand onto such issues? a best human is that who see others with equality not writing or discriminating on my religion because no one has the right to do so. It says, if people is continuously doing wrong stop him or try to resolve. Back biting and going too extreme, results nothing but disgraces your own self. Even if the person committing wrong, love him for even a little of his good habit .Praise him so that he realizes that people appreciates due to his good habit and conception not from his outrageous behavior, so he may encouraged to be righteous...

I’m very much affronted as i am a Muslim and we people never interfere in other religions if some do wrong whole are not responsible for that... why everyone is after this thing? Can’t we just live with unity peace and harmony? So many questions but I hear no positive response that’s merely sad that a human cannot understand other human. All are against of each other and targets none but only Islam. I feel sorry for those who can fall down so much through their shameful evil plotting but again we people are suffering and raising our voice against those who hurt our feelings as we respect every person beliefs but alas! It’s a sour truth that nobody can ever understand the reality for these chaos happening in our society as others see but we are the one suffering suicide bomb attacks and target killing and through this many innocent people have lost their fathers, brothers or uncles. Till today their voices are unheard and some are still moaning in pain. I question who ill-fated wants to harm the people of their own territory by doing bloodshed almost every day? These are not Muslims but using the name of Islam but in real they are animals that have no religion or courage to confess openly that from where they belong but are in the mission to demolish Islamic nation. I feel pity that they are too afraid to show their faces and so much weak that they need a Muslim identity first to do any attack. People, open your eyes and see the truths, who are committing and who actually suffering,

think once….and awake others conscience as people need youth support against bloodshed and unfair impositions

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