A Cutter's Story

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I see many people cutting themselves,driving their ownselves to the deep dungeon.It's not that cutting is just a rut,its terrible.God gave us beautiful bodies to show off, to be proud of.He never gave us the right to hurt ourselves.I feel pukish when people say they get pleasure in cutting themselves.What sort of pleasure is this honey?
Let us grow up.We will sympathise with you through million and zillion ways.Be it a boy or a girl,every wrist matters,every tear counts

Submitted: March 16, 2015

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Submitted: March 16, 2015



A Cutter's Story


Every new day is a vice,

where i wake up and my wrist I slice.

There my foresakenness smiles at me,

Within these four walls,it's 

the pain which I can see.

Enshrouded and concealed behind the makeup,pulled up

in ponytail.

The heart rending and excruciating pain,I boldly bear.

My room is a dungeon,my

peace is lost.

Blood trickles,splashes,plops

and these feelings keep me afloat!

Without pain I feel useless,

with pain I can feel.

Your memories invite me to a 

place and I plan them to kill.

I have been hiding from the love I desire,

I know he's gone,the person I admire.

I continue to weep by cutting

myself very deep.

Emotions try fudging with the pain I create,

Look blade is my friend with which I'm cutting my fate.

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