Do not fear death but do not relax either.I am very complicated.Just read to get the innner meaning!

Sometimes you have to cut through to see the inner reality

Just like the cotyledons of succulent grapes!

Which tears apart and reveals the pulp

For you to consume sensationally!

You cannot have eyes and be blind,

You cannot fully relax!

You have to soar a bit above the earth,

To give way to the poweful vison of imagination to create.

You cannot fear death,It has to come.

You cannot even waste time waiting for it to arrive.

You can only sing songs of it and think about heaven and hell

You can achieve a union by making yourself one with death!

Do not be an escapist,reconcile with your problems.

One day even you will find a repose from your troubles!

Submitted: March 30, 2015

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senti ki dukan

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