Crane and the box

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A small thing in response to a crane noticed far away from the college lawn gave me a perspective and something to write about.

Submitted: March 17, 2015

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Submitted: March 17, 2015



Hey there,

Have you ever seen a crane?Duh,I dont mean by crane as in a bird but the machinery.The actual,real machine.Yes,those cranes which are like the giraffes of the machine world.

I have this amazing person in my life as one of my closest pals without which college life would not be as great and entertaining as it is now.This one's for her.

She is thoughtful and contemplates a lot.She has got an imaginative power.I wonder why won't she put it to any use.Well,it was already 12 in the noon and sitting on the viridescent lawn of the college with some patches infested with diminutive ants under the blazing,searing sun,playing UnO cards seemed to be a flop idea.We spotted a nice place under the shade of an unproductive ,fruitful tree(what an oxymoron).But it was comfortable there.We were idly observing the sights when we discern far away something hanging right up in the sky.It seemed as if something was being garrotted or something was trying to break free from that strangling.Something which was hanging very loosely yet had a firmer grip upon which it was suspended through.We noticed that it was a piece of wooden box(i am not sure)-a colossal box trying to get dropped somewhere into the middle of the earth.My pretty friend was enticed by the scene and amidst conversation started contemplating the function of that prolonged crane and the extensive box.She felt like reaching the zenith.A place where the crane was at its highest point.She was contemplating,step by step the possibilities of that crane's movements,the danger of the box being fallen down from such an elevation .She even marked the peculiar way in which that box was being dropped by the giraffe crane.It first took it straight,turned sideways a little and then a full 360 degree and then slowly plundered the middle of the earth with this box as its weapon.She wanted to reach that elevation and wave her hand at us.She wanted us to take a photograph of her.I found that cute and funny.It is great to have a vision at times.But i learnt something.Life is just like a crane and problems are like a box.Yes the box was no doubt colossal but not as prodigious as the crane.This means life is much bigger and better than the problems which come and mess it up.But problems are not as intense as to mess up your whole life.It can definitely mess up,but only a part of it.A Crane has to lift the loads without which it won't be of any use as an equipment.Similarly,problems are a part of life.We have to carry them but it's upto us as to when,where and how to drop them.Turn 360 or not,you always will have a way to go.Life is not smooth,let us make it smooth!

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