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We are humans.We all have a common tendency to pine for something which doesn't even exist.But one day,all of us will realise that in the quest for something distant or non-existing ,we forget about somethings which are with us.Somethings which crave for our attention.Life's not that bad.Let's just look around and discover like Emma did.
P.S:The content in no way is related to me(the writer)or any other person in my life.It's solely about Emma-the character which I have created(Emma's monopoly you see)

Submitted: March 10, 2015

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Submitted: March 10, 2015



She entered the classroom with an apprehension .She had to locate her seat number which itself was challenging and exasperating.She kept on looking at the last benches thinking these suit her position.She was wrong,miserably wrong when she saw that her seat was in the very first row and the first bench.Shocking?Yes,for her it was.She sat timidly and her face lightened up seeing her best friend sitting just beside her in the next row.They exchanged smiles.She was not alone.She had her best friend beside her .A familiar face.One by one,familiar faces poured into the classroom adding to a sense of hypnotic relaxation in her.The invigilators were familiar to her.They were ready to help her with whatever queries she had.She kept on asking herself numerous questions.She had not believed in a world where even kindness could exist.She was not familiar with this world.She left behind that brutal world a long time ago.She was living a happy life but with emptiness.She did not have a strong sodality to support her.No one to indemnify her.She was all alone while fighting for herself.But today was a different day.She never met the love of her life.The people upon whom she placed her trust just abandoned her.They have now become unfamiliar faces.To add to that,she doesnt even have a buttressing family upon whom she can rely in the times of distress.Its not possible to share everything with mom and dad.Her world had fallen apart.Losing the love of life is not the only distress in the life of a young person.There are many other things which eat him/her up from inside.She kept on contemplating until a loud,familiar sound drew her back to the reality.She was still sitting on that rustic,antique bench with her answerscript in hand.She saw people ready to help her.Ready to catch her whenever and wherever she was falling.She caught some familiar eyes and faces smiling at her,not out of sympathy,but smiling with her.They were showing her the world around.They were hinting at the positive aspect.They were the embodiments of those things which craved for her attention.All this while,she had been pining for some things.Things which were neither solid,nor liquid or gaseous.Things which simply did not have any existence.Things which were delusional,far away from reality.You can admire stars but cannot really catch them.This was her condition.But in the quest of touching a star ,she forgot all about its existence.She had forgotten its brightness altogether.May be she never got a sun who could actually point out to her the brightness of those other diminutive stars.People came to her asking whether she wants to ask anything or how was her paper going so far.She was shocked.Out of so many people how did she become that eye -catching element?She smiled.She felt happy from inside.After so many days,after so many days.All this while she had been thinking that she was not even noticed by people.She was wrong,extremely wrong.She realised her own faults.She was already happy but may be never gave way to the happiness bouncing inside her pear-shaped organ.She never allowed that Brobdingnagian creature to come out and kept it compressed as a lilliput all these years.How could she be so oblivious?She underestimated her surroundings and never noticed that how people were longing for her,longing to be with her ,just as she was pining for things non-existing.She was all afraid of facing a new world,a new activity,She was behaving like a severe mentally retarded person inspite of having an above average level of IQ.She was indulged in living a vacuous lifestyle.Life was there but less too which made it -Lifeless.

Her spirits have now risen.Good morrow to her!

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