You cannot afford to be an Atheist

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Neither trying to preach nor humiliate.Just stating the fact.No attack upon any religion,country,caste or creed.Just reminding humanity about its Creator.Yes,we collectively call him by one name-GOD.It's going to be cool.So don't worry.
P.S:I generally write things based upon the incidents or scenes which take place in my daily life.I once heard about God.I took my pen and started writing from that moment.

Hey there,

I generally never preach because i do not like to be preached(fact of my life).In no way am I a theologist,prophet,epistemologist or an ontologist.I am just a simple Literature student who is at the beginning level when it comes to attaining knowledge.But I have ideas which make me a rational being.As I said this article in no way intends to inflict an attack upon anything or anyone.I know the first person to whom I will email this article straight from Booksie will think that I am trying to overtake or showing disrespect to her opinions, but trust me I believe in frankly voicing my opinions.That person is great and great enough to understand my objective behind writing such an article.She will smile and appreciate this----Yes,that's my FAITH.This one's for you(The person whom i adore and respect the most).

Okay, let me not bore you others.I have plans for you too.So where was I?Yes,IDEAS.Ideas come and go but have you ever felt something which is too strong to be denied?Too Strong to negotiate with?As i mentioned the word FAITH earlier in this article-it forms the very basis of my article.The very basis of my existence.Without faith, I would not have been even writing this article.Without faith in you people as my constant supporters,I would not even have uttered a single word let alone writing about God.

YES,we are no one to write about him.I do not even understand that why do we actually have to talk and write about him.In everyday life we believe things which become diurnal and vital.Something which cannot be ignored or overlooked, no matter how hard we try.Can't we just do the same when it comes to God?

Okay,I am a literature student and reading the modern phase of english literature is something customary.I have started loving even the conventional since we have an awesome,rational being who makes it lively and interesting.Our Professor is mindblowing.I never saw what actually happened in England .I don't even know whether the facts or details written in the riotous pages of my thick,bushy History of English literature book are real or just controversial.Ofcourse,I believe it.Someone must had witnessed these phases in the past and today we have a history.If at all I'm reading or studying them is solely because of the existence of a thing called "FAITH" in me.

We all know what love is.Not everyone does really get the actual taste of this fruit in their lives.Reports say people feel betrayed.They are abandoned,deserted,broken,depressed in love.Still taking their example,we all love or atleast dare to love.Long ago ,George Bernard Shaw himself expressed that love is a folly and marriage is a biological necessity to give rise to your future generations.We still find our partners,make life-time commitments,share moments and make love.And why should not we?Why to stop?We just get one life .Why not to make the most out of it?Why not to complete ourselves by achieving a union with our other half?We love,we cry ,we fall,we doubt-----but still stand up and love.When we are not with the person whom we love,we do not think of them being indulged in love overtures with someone else.What keeps our love alive in their absence is the only thing(once again)------FAITH(Tired of using Capslock).

Let's come straight to the point.When we can believe and love with faith.why can't we use the same rationality when it comes to the existence of our Creator?The person who made us,designed us for good and bad,strong and weak,thick and thin.The person who filled us with life without which we all would have been baseless,weltering,vapid,irrational and insipid creatures.If you are progressing with this world ,it's great.You should progress and widen your scopes.But no modernity comes from raising a debate on the existence of your Creator.Oh c'mon!No modernity comes from concluding that "I don't believe in God".In Bible,atheists have simply been described as "fools".

People argue that how to believe in God if they haven't even seen him?I ask,"HAVE YOU SEEN GHOSTS OR EVIL SPIRITS?''Majority answers it with a NO but still believe in the existence of evil spirits.Juss apply the same equation in terms of dealing with divinity.You have not seen him so still believe that he is there just as evil spirits are.Yes,your mind can only believe bad things.Is it?Can't it appreciate anything good?When we can so firmly believe in devils why can't we pay the same faith to the existence of God----why can't we believe something good?

I am not trying to sound harsh.I am saying what I believe.I know many people will still continue to be atheists, even after reading this.But friends now scientific theories(your so called modernity)has also proven the existence of creator logically.Check various articles online.There are many who will tell you not to believe in god since you have not seen him.But you are a human being.You cannot see beyond something.Many people have eyes but still cannot see(blind in simple terms).They are blind this does not mean that the world around them and the activities stop processing or operating.This is what happens to us.In a way,God is special.During the wedding night you cannot make love to your beloved in front of everyone?Why can't you?Yes, you cannot because they are special and sacred-----reserved only for you and your gaze.Not to be displayed to all.Same is with God.He is special, that's why hiddden in those invisible drapes which neither you or I could pull away or separate.

Being pious or atheist is not the question.Every opinion is valuable.We should respect when people have their own ideas and queries.But tagging something as non-existing does not help.Okay,N how many points does one actually have to prove that god does not exist?So thank him for your each and every breath----You owe him this much atleast!

No one is telling you to make idols or be a hermit, completely renouncing the world.No one is telling you to penetrate deep into the forests and meditate for like days and days and seasons and seasons starving yourself just to receive a glimpse of him.He will never appear to you this way.Even I m not pious.I might not pray everytime but I have faith.A strong faith.Even if I put a smile on your face, he will appreciate this.That's what we call worshipping or deifying.

Jusss believe in him as a spirit.A SOURCE OF INTERFERENCE.His activities do make a differece.Okay i am easing your burden.Do not even call him a God okay?Just call him a spirit ------a good spirit.Always feel that you are protected and surrounded by this spirit.This will not swell or hamper your brain.

When you are misguided or do something wrong,a tiny voice in your heart tells you"hey ,stop right there".Its Him.All you need is to identify him,just like you identify your talents and skills.

I hope this helps.A firm atheist can never stop being an atheist until he dies.His death will show him what he never saw throughout his life.But why to wish someone a poor, small life?

Submitted: March 13, 2015

© Copyright 2021 fattycbreezy52. All rights reserved.

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Criss Sole

I thought you made some very excellent points.

Wed, March 25th, 2015 9:51am


Umm I guess yes.It's just what i perceived to be logical.Thanks anyway:)

Wed, March 25th, 2015 7:48am

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