Sins of Our Fathers

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Humanity as an entirety realizes the cost of their arrogance, and their strife.

Submitted: September 15, 2014

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Submitted: September 15, 2014



In this new age, technology was expanding at a rate that we could hardly comprehend. At the turn of a new decade, we ventured into space once more. By half a century, we had expanded beyond our Mother Earths loving arms, into the cold and foreboding expanse of our solar system. Luna Novis was prospering. Aries One was establishing a foothold on the blood-red sands of Mars. Eyes settled on asteroids, and on Jupiter. Wealths of knowledge and resources lay in wait. Our greed, and our ignorance was immeasurable. Humanity established new industries, and individuals rose into great power.

In all of our prosperity, and all of our progress, we could not free ourselves from the shackles of belief. There were those that opposed the progress. They warned against returning to the void beyond our world. They spoke out against our settlement of foreign worlds. We did not listen. We shunned these malcontent individuals. We blissfully exploited our home solar system for decades. We had no idea...

We had no idea how wrong we were, to ignore the warnings of our brothers. No idea at all.

At the turn of the century, progress began to stabilize. We established the first actual cities on Mars, and had spread across most of our Moon, as well as Ganymede and Titan. Our society was as united as it had ever been. War was a thing of the past. The last conflict had been settled early in the previous century. We grew complacent. We truly believed we had ascended beyond conflict entirely. We fancied ourselves a generation of scholars. We could not comprehend the magnitude of our folly. Nobody could predict that the reality that we had created for ourselves was so fragile.

In the second decade of this new century, we received a signal unlike any we had ever received, save for one, late in a previous century, for a mere moment. It was directed, sustained, and clear. We were being observed. We had always been observed. These forces beyond comprehension settled eyes on us. We expected tides of praise, of commendation for our progress towards peace, and prosperity. These hopes were shattered. These observers condemned us. They damned us for all of our faults. Our strife, our hatred of old. Our abuse of the mother that so thanklessly gave us life, and held us up. They spat upon our feeble veil of progress. We pleaded for answers, but all words fell upon unhearing ears.

One final transmission came to us. It came in the form of a single sentence. And that one, solitary sentence was delivered to all men, and all women, and all children. No eyes failed to see this message. They delivered this unto us, and brought down all that we worked so hard for. 

"Your time has come to an end."

Our panic was like no panic before. We knew not how long we had. We knew not how we would prepare. We awoke a beast within ourselves that had long been slumbering, deep in our psyche. That brotherhood of prophets that had warned us, pleaded to us to forgo the stars, rose up once more. They heralded the end of us. They spoke down upon us and damned us, and gave us no forgiveness. We smote them from the soil, and the sky, and the void. We removed them utterly. We erupted into a broiling projection of desperation. We constructed machines of strife. Factories that lay dormant for generations were stirred. We forged the instruments of death once again.

For ten decades, we prepared. We were directed, and determined. We were furious, that some entity shall so easily dismiss everything we worked towards. We made ready, for generations. All of our progress was directed into a speartip, ready to be thrust into the heart of this beast that was now at our doorstep. We massed these vessels of our anger. All souls capable were enlisted, and all those prepared did lead. These armies of Man marched towards the gates of Oblivion, to meet their judgment.

And lo did these Men march, in their ships, and with their weapons in hand. They would meet this force that made itself their enemy, and would dash them from the very universe. And so meet them they did, these Judges, in the space between Giants, in the far reaches of our solar system. They met them with teeth bared, and weapons made ready. They borne unto them stars of solar fury, and lances of broiling hatred, and rattling flames of absolute wrath. They spilled upon this enemy their discontent. For days, they did do battle with these Judges, and for days, it would appear that they were to be victorious.

On the first and second day, they met them in space. They barraged those dark vessels, and those reaching tendrils of doom with nuclear detestation, and ionized beams of abhorrence. They smote them from the void with such ease. Surely these cannot be those who damned them a century ago. With great eagerness, they drove their campaign on, and such this enemy crashed at their gates without relent.

On the third and fourth day, they met them aboard their ships, and on the surface of moons, as this enemy began to gain foothold on our beloved solar system. They did battle furiously, bringing devastation upon this crepuscular foe in great volumes, fearing nothing as they did battle. Surely they can deliver their fellows from this great nightmare that seethed at them. With no amount of trepidation, they committed these acts of strife.

On the fifth and sixth day, they wove among the tumbling boulders between Mars and Jupiter. Surely this force of Mankinds greatest power shall not be defeated by this foreign foe, this tenebrous animal which thrusts itself against the spear of the warriors. Ships were dashed upon the rocks, and lives vanished among debris without a trace. This great nebulous foe was upon us. Our greatest warriors failed us utterly. Hulls of ships spun in the void of space, smoldering wrecks a testament to our arrogance. Blood of men was spread across a dozen worlds, and across millions of miles of void. Billions of eyes gazed into the sky, and saw the billowing shade that was their reckoning.

On the seventh day, our greatest downfall was upon us. Inky tendrils grasped out towards our worlds, first to Mars. As the dark tentacle reached this crimson planet, the sky flared red, burning away as the surface was cleansed of the lives that had called it home for nearly two centuries. Two billion lives cried out in fear, as their world was scoured by this great evil. This beast consumed the world utterly, sheathing it in a seething blackness for a day. When it passed on, the red planet was dead once more, its surface scorched and black as the force that had consumed it.

As the billowing shade approached humanities last bastion, our leaders cried and pleaded and begged to it for forgiveness. There was no reply. They threatened with nuclear fury, and once again, there was no reply. Finally they begged for an answer. What were they. Their Judge replied to them at last, solemnly "We are your hatred. We are the sins of your fathers."

In our final moments, we gaze upon our finality. We see with our own eyes the true price of our arrogance, and our ignorance, and our strife. All of our crimes against our fellow man led to this moment of great annihilation. As our sky burned away, and one by one our lives were torn from this plane, and as our mortal forms were extinguished, we truly know the cost of Sin. In our transience, we truly know retribution.

The Sins of our Fathers, are visited upon their Sons.

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