Almost Lover - A Dramione Fanfic

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fan Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
After fighting against the Dark Lord and defeating him, the 7th year students at Hogwarts, School of Magic… and Wizardry, have been given the chance to come back to Hogwarts to repeat their 7th year. Hermione was absolutely delighted as she received an owl from Professor McGonagal, who was now the new Headmaster of Hogwarts. Harry and Ron on the other hand weren't too excited about this, and had decided not to repeat their last year. They are now off in the world visiting different places. Half of the Slytherin population were forced by the school and their parents to return, due to their horrible grades.?

The ministry has decided to start a new program at hogwarts, where they will take one Slytherin boy and girl and one Gryffindor boy and girl from each grade level, and Put them together. They will have to learn to live in peace. They will share a house, live together, eat together, and have the same classes together. To Hermione, somthing about this new program didn't seem right. They must've been planning something.
But what happens when the Prince of Slytherin, Draco Malfoy, and the Princess of Gryffidnor , Hermione Granger, are put together, and are to live peacefully under one roof?

Submitted: August 19, 2011

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Submitted: August 19, 2011



Chapter 1 - A new beginning

After fighting against the Dark Lord and defeating him, the 7th year students at Hogwarts, School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, have been given the chance to come back to Hogwarts to repeat their 7th year. Hermione was absolutely delighted as she received an owl from Professor McGonagall, who was now the new Headmaster of Hogwarts. Harry and Ron on the other hand weren't too excited about this, and had decided not to repeat their last year. They are now off in the world visiting different places. Half of the Slytherin population were forced by the school and their parents to return, due to their horrible grades.

Hermione smiled brightly, as she walked up the stairs of the big castle and made her way to the Great Hall. She quickly took a seat next to her Gryffindor friends, Ginny Weasley and Lavender Brown.

"Hermione! There you are! McGonagall is about to hold a speech." Lavender chimed.

"Well, I got here right in time then." she laughed, as she took a glance at the blond haired boy on the other side of the room.

Draco grumbled as Pansy clung to him, like someone had superglued them together.

"Bloody hell, Pansy! Get off of me!" He grumbled and shook his arm, accidentaly elbowing the dark haired girl in the boob.

"Smooth, Draco." said Blaise, who was sitting across from him. "Shut it." Pansy hissed at him, as she scooted a little away from Draco.

The room went quiet as Professor McGonagall walked up to the golden owl.

"My dear students, I am so happy to see you all again for another delightful year at Hogwarts."

A few cheers and groans were to be heard.

"I have some great news. From today on, and until the end of the year, We will take one Slytherin boy and girl and one Gryffindor boy and girl from each grade level, and Put them together. They will have to learn to live in peace."

"Are you serious?!"

"This isn't going to work out."

"No way, we're going to kill each other!"

"SILENCE!" McGonagall ordered, and everyone went silent. "You're going to live in a housetogether; we're going to watch you at ALL times. The houses are located right outside of Hogwarts, near Hagrid's hut."

A few elves pulled the Goblet of Fire to the front, for everyone to see.

"Now please, will everyone drop their names into this?"

Pieces of paper and quills appeared on everyone's plates. Once everyone scribbled their names on the papers and dropped it into the goblet, McGonagall mumbled a spell and called out the names.

"Ginny Weasley and Blaise Zabini"

"Parvarti Patil and Vincent Crabbe"

Out of the corner of Hermione's eye, she could see Parvarti gagging, and Ginny gripping her fork in her right hand, ready to stab Blaise.

"Miss Lavender Brown and Greegory Goyle"

"Mister Neville Longbottom and Pansy Parkinson"

Neville cried out in horror, and so did Pansy.

"Now will you look at that, our Prince and Princess of Gryffindor and Slytherin were put together!" McGonagall smiled.

"Mister Draco Malfoy and Miss Hermione Granger!" She cheered.

Hermione and Draco instantly froze.

People started muttering something about "They're going to kill eachother" and "This isnt't going to end well."

Hermione looked up at Seamus, and smiled slightly. "Seamus, may I borrow your fork for a split second?" He slowly reached for his fork, and held it out for her. "Thanks." Hermione grabbed the fork harshly, and stormed off towards the blond ferret.

" Someone stop her!" Luna cried out, and Neville quickly grabbed a hold of her just before she could reach Malfoy. "Neville, Longbottom, let me go, NOW." Hermione ordered, glaring at him.

Neville shook his head.

"Not until you give me that fork. I don't like the Ferret either, but we don't need to get anyone killed after that war."

Hermione huffed, and dropped the fork into Nevilles hand. She glared at Malfoy and returned back to her seat.

. . .

Draco sighed as he got up to see his new house. McGonagall had handed him a piece of Parchment, where his address and the password for their house had been written.

"Let's get this over with." He grumbled at Hermione, as she snatched the piece of parchment out of his hands and hurried down the stairs to the cottage's.

"Phoenix Ave, 35B.... 35B..." she muttered to herself, as she searched through the numbers hanging on the cottages.

Draco followed close behind, his hands in his pockets.

"Here it is." Hermione smiled as she walked up to the door.

"Phoenix Feather." she said clearly, and the door swung open. Hermione folded the pice of paper and pushed it into her pocket as she walked into the cozy cottage, smiling. "This is really nice."

Malfoy walked into the house, having to duck a little while entering.

"I've seen better." he grumbled as he toured through the new house that he'd have to live in for the next year.

Hermione squealed as she entered the big kitchen. "This kitchen is so amazing!" She continued through the house, looking at the bathroom, the living room, their room where they could study, and then the bedroom.

Draco was right behind her, as the girl pushed open the door to their bedroom.

They walked into the bedroom, Hermione surprised. "I want this one." Malfoy muttered, as he dropped onto the bed in the right corner.

"No. This is impossible! Is that old cooch out of her bloody mind?!" Draco hissed, as he threw his hands up in the air.

Hermione stood in the door frame, her eyes locked on her bed.

She couldn't possibly share a room with that ferrett. It was already bad enough that she had to live with him.

But sharing a room with him, was the worst thing she could ever imagine.

"I really do not want to share a damn room with you, Malfoy." Hermione grumbled.

"Yeah, but it's not going to work any other way, you stupid witch. look at the parchment. It says that we have to share a room, or else we'll fail this. Now you don't want that, do you?!" Draco grumbled, as he sat down on the bed.

Hermione stared at him, a little surprised at his comment. "You actually read the parchment?"

He stood up, and slowly cornered her. "What are you trying to say, mudblood?" Malfoy growled at her, pushing her against the wall.

"I-I waas just s-surprised... y-you never seem to p-pay attention in class, a-and now you know h-half the rules..." she stuttered, slightly startled at his reaction.

Draco smirked that famous smirk of his, and gave her shoulder a light push before he walked into the bathroom.

Moments later, Hemione heard the door lock and the sound of running water.

Chapter 2 - Midnight Music

While Hermione was loudly singing in the shower, Draco sat on the edge of his bed, looking out the window as there was a small tap.

"Demon." Draco said smiling, as his dark feathered owl sat outside of the window. He quickly let the owl in, and grabbed the piece of parchment that had been wrapped around his leg.

"Thanks buddy." he stroked the owl's feathers before it flew away again.

Draco opened the letter and sat back down on the bed.

My Dearest Draco;

I have rather good news and bad news for you.

The bad news are that your father had to go back to Azkaban... but he went there willingly. He turned himself in.

The good news are that you will not be sent to Azkaban. I have spoken to the people in charge, and told them that you were returning to Hogwarts to finish your education.

Be safe,


Draco sighed. His mom was alright, and that's all he cared for. He couldn't have cared less when his "father" had been sent to Azkaban to live with all the other Death Eaters and the dementors. They could suck all the live out of him for all he cared.

The sounds of water cut off, and a few minutes later Hermione walked out of the bathroom in her silk pajamas. She gave Draco a weak smile, and sat down on Draco's bed.

"Is that a letter from your mum?" she pointed at the piece of parchment in his hands.

Draco looked down and then at her. "What's it to you?" he hissed as he walked into the bathroom to change.

Hermione looked at him in discust, like he was some insect that had to be crushed.

"Stupid ferret." She grumbled as she shuffled over to her bed, quickly slipping under the covers..

Draco opened the door and dropped his clothes next to his bed.

Malfoy slipped under the blanket and turned to face the window, not wanting Hermione to notice the sadness in his eyes.

"Night." Hermione mumbled, already half asleep.

"Uh.. night." he replied and closed his eyes.

He couldn't sleep.

"For fuck's sake... why can't I fall asleep?!" Draco hissed quietly, as he walked into the kitchen to get some butter beer. He toured through the house again, looking at everything in more detail.

That's when he noticed the black Grand Piano standing in the study room.

He slowly approached it, set his cup of butterbeer on top of it and pressed a few keys.

"Now that's good music.." he grinned to himself, sitting down.

Hermione slowly opened her eyes as she heard a beautiful tune coming from the other side of the bedroom door.

"What on earth is that ferrett doing?" Granger muttered, as she slipped into her pink bunny slippers and shuffled towards the music.

"Draco what are you doing? It's nearly midnight." she complained, sitting down next to him on the piano bench.

He kept playing, not listening to her.


"Shh." he looked at her, and noted for her to follow his lead.

"Play the same notes that I'm playing... just lower."

Hermione nodded, and placed her fingers on the keys.

She messed up quite a few times, but everytime she did, Draco would help her out.

He'd tell her to play softer, or show her what key she'd pressed wrong.

"Who taught you to play piano?" Hermione looked at him.

"I taught myself... my parents never had any time for me throughout the years..." He stopped.

"My father was always busy with the Dark Lord; they wanted me to be like him. That's why my middle name is Lucius... And my mother... the most loving creature on earth.... was busy with my father raising his voice and throwing things after her. She cried almost every night when I was at home..." The blond haired boy looked at Hermione, tears in his eyes.

"I'm sorry.." she muttered, placing her hand on his back.

He looked at her, a weak smile crossing both of their faces.

"Let's go back to bed. We've got plenty to do tomorrow..." Hermione muttered dragging Draco back to the bedroom.

Chapter 3 - Nightmares

Draco looked at the sleeping girl next to him, as he brushed a loose curl out of her face.

"She's so beautiful..." he muttered quitely, trying not to wake her. He knew that once she'd wake up, she'd probably bitch slap him across the face.

His hand softly rested on her perfect face; her breathing slow and even.

"What on earth..." Hermione thought, as she felt a rather cold hand on her cheek.

"Draco.. what are you do--?" she opened her eyes, to find his grey eyes staring at her.

He placed his finger over her delicate lips. "Shh."

Hermione stared at him, a bit scared of what was going to happen next.

Automatically, they both leaned into a passionate kiss.

'What the hell are you doing, Hermione?!?!?!?' she screamed at herself in her mind.

She couldn't control her body anymore, like Draco was in complete charge of it.


Her body had felt like fire when they had kissed.

Hermione deepened the kiss, as they both responded. He wrapped his arms around her waist, bringing her as close to his body as possible. Hermione twirled her arms around his neck, and her fingers tightened in his hair as her breasts brushed up against his chest.

Draco grinned down at her as she let out a moan.

His cold hands slowly brushed along her soft body.Her body was screaming for me, she pressed herself against him, begging for him to touch her. His hands found her breasts, and he squeezed and pulled them. He wanted her. No, he NEEDED her. Draco quickly climbed ontop of her.

He felt so good. Draco started to slowly kiss down her neck, and to her breasts.

Hermione slighlty moaned as she felt him start to suck on them.

The pleasure it gave her was indescribable. Her hands slowly made their way down to Draco's green boxers. Hermione slowly grabbed them, and pulled them down. Quickly, they both undressed each other and in merely two minutes all of their clothing items were on the carpet. Draco grinned, he softly kissed her below the ear as he felt her body arch under him.

Hermione ran her hands down his chest, and Draco moaned a little as he felt Hermione's warm fingers wrapped around his length.

Draco slowly sat back, and gently parted her legs.

Hermione held onto his neck, as he enterd her. She quickly squeezed her eyes shut as a small sharp pain shot through her body. Draco kissed her, as he slowly began to move inside her.

The pleasure was indescribable.

Draco thrust into her, and shee moaned loudly as she was close to climaxing;Draco cumming just a few seconds behind her.

He collapsed on the bed next to her. "Wow." He breathed out, as he leaned in to kiss her once again.


Draco sat up straight in the bed. "Fucking... What was all that about?!" Draco screamed, as he noticed that it was nothing but a dream.

Hermione rubbed her head as she looked at him, confused.

"What are you talking about, Malfoy? Go back to sleep." she grumbled as she turned back over on her side.

"I.. don't think that I'm ever going to be able to sleep again."Malfoy said as his eyes grew wide, the vivid images of the dream running through his head.

Hermione was already sleeping again.

Draco brought his knees up to his face and hugged them.

'What has gotten into me? That bloody witch must have cursed me or something.' He thought as he stared out the window, wide eyed.


The next morning, Draco was awfully tired as he had gotten no sleep after that... horrible dream.

"Hey, by the way, what was up with you screaming last night?" Hermione asked him as she fixed them both some breakfast.

"Er... nightmare." He chuckled and grabbed the piece of parchment lying on the kitchen counter.

"We're supposed to design a room.. " He muttered. "I think that's what the empty room is for, Draco." Hermione pointed to an old door, which was definately NOT there last night.

"Magic." he muttered to himself as he slowly walked towards the old door, which looked like it could fall apart as soon as you opened it.

Malfoy carefully pushed it open, and behind the door, a old, rotten room appeared. The windows were smashed, there was no carpet and no wooden boards in the floor, and the wallpaper was slowly peeling off the walls.

"Oh, we can't use magic, by the way." Hermione called from the kitchen.

"Great." Draco grumbled, and felt the door crumble apart as he slammed it shut.

Chapter 4 - Dawn

Draco sat down at the table, brushing pieces of wood off his shirt.

"What'd you make for breakfast?" he looked up at her, slightly tilting his head and raising an eyebrow.

Hermione softly put the plate down in front of him, and then sat down next to Draco.

"Pancakes." she said soflty, as she poured a little bit of syrup over her pancakes, before handing the bottle over to Draco.

They both ate their breakfast in silence. Once they were done, Draco grabbed the empty plates and cleaned them off in the sink.

"What are you doing, Draco?" Hermione asked, slightly surprised at his actions.

"Cleaning the dishes." he smiled over at her, finished up the two plates. "You wanna go to Hogsmeade today?"

Hermione nodded with a weak smile on her face. "That'd be nice. We can go visit Fred and George in their shop that they opened a while ago. I think they called it Weasley's Wizard Wheezes or something like that."


Draco put the dishes into the cabinet. "Don't we need permission to go to Hogsmeade?" he leaned against the fridge, crossing his arms.

Hermione nodded. "Yes. But it's the weekend, and it says on the parchment that the 7th year students may go to Hogsmeade whenever they'd like." she grinned, waving the parchment in the air.

He rolled his eyes with a laugh. "Well, then let's go."

They reached Hogsmeade just a couple of minutes later.

Hermione pointed at a store just ahead.

Just above the entrtance,was a large head, which looked like Fred and George or both if you'd like to put it that way, wearing a Hat. A hand held onto that hat, pulling the hat up and down off the head, revealing a white bunny.

Hermione grabbed Draco's arm as he hesitated to walk in.

A small bell rang; though she doubted that they heard it since the store was filled with people.

Draco stood in the door way for a few seconds, staring at the large store with his jaw hanging open.

"Oh come on." Hermione laughed, as she lightly pushed his mouth closed and dragged him around the shop.

"Well will you look at that? Hermione's got a boyfriend!"Fred and George said at once.

"Oh will you two just shut it? He's NOT my boyfriend. We were forced to live together by professor McGonagall." she rolled her eyes.

"You're making it sound like a bad thing." Draco walked up from behind, smiling down at her.

"It isn't..." she said quietly, hoping that the twins didn't hear her.

But of course; they did.

"Did you hear that, Georgie?"

"I believe I did, Freddie."

Hermione rolled her eyes, and grabbed Draco's arm as she stuck her tongue out at them and walked away from the two.

"Oh my god, they're so cute!!" she heard a Hufflepuff squeal. They both walked over to see what it is.

"Draco, look at this!" Hermione picked a puppy out of a box. "Fred, George, since when do you guys sell these?!" She said with joy, holding the small pup in her arms.

Fred shrugged.

"Our dog Kayley had pups. Mum didn't want them in the house, so George said that we should sell them to Hogwarts students."

Hermione looked up at Draco, who was fascinated by one little pup in his arms, which was biting his finger playfully.

She quickly pulled out some money from her pocket, and dropped it into Fred's hand.

"Thank youuu." Fred chimed, watching them leave the store.

Draco started to slowly stroll towards the castle, as Hermione grabbed a hold of his arm. "Mal-- err Draco, we've got to get supplies for her."

He rolled his eyes. "Whatever." he grumbled, as he walked off towards the "Store of Requirements"

Back home, Hermione set up her food bowl and everything.

"You've got a name for her yet?" Hermione muttered slightly, as she sat down next to Draco on the couch, who hand't helped her at all.

"Dawn." he smiled at the pup.


Alright, so I've decided to make Draco a "little" meaner ;)


Chapter 5

Draco sighed as he put Dawn onto the floor. "I'll be back later."
Hermione turned to look at him.
"Malfoy, where do you think you're going?" she said coldly as she crossed her arms, blocking the door.
Draco groaned and pulled on his jacket.
"I'm goin' out to drink with my boys. Problem?"
She shook her head.
"You are staying here."
Draco looked down at her with his icy grey eyes.
"You don't tell me what to do, mudblood." he hissed and Hermione gave him a blank, but cold stare as he roughly pushed her aside and stormed out of the house.
Hermione frantically bit down on her lip. Quickly, she grabber her coat and pulled it on, chasing after Draco.
"Malfoy, wait up" she called after him. "I'm coming with you."
Draco groaned as he kept on walking. "Fine. under one condition, though."
He stopped to look at her.
"If I tell you to shut your bloody mouth, you'll obey me."
Hermione nodded, following him to The Hog's Head.


Draco grinned as he saw Blaise Zabini and Crabbe sitting at a table in a corner by the window.
A few old wizard were sitting at the bar, chatting and drinking.
Over in the corner was an older man or woman, no one could tell the difference, screaming at her pet rat. They must've been drunk.
"Aye Mate! over here!" Zabini called, waving them over to the table.
Crabbe looked up at Draco, slightly puzzled.
"What's the mudblood doing here, Draco?"
Hermione glared at Crabbe as she silently took a seat next to Draco, who shook his head.
"Don't call her that. I don#t want to have to listen to her whining about it again."
Crabbe stared at him. "Are you starting to care for her?"
Draco clenched his fists together. "If you don't stuff that blood hole of yours, Crabbe, I'll shove my foot so far up your arse that you won't be able to sit and walk for the next decade."
Crabbe and Blaise instantly shut up, Hermione giggled at their expressions.
After a few minutes of chatting, the waitress appeared.
"Five fire whiskeys." Blaise said, and the girl left to the bar again.
"Five? But Draco, I--"
"Shut it, Granger. You're gonna drink with us. That was one of the damn conditions." he snapped into her ear.
"It was not!" Hermione bellowed, and the whole bar turned to look at her. She instantly went birght red, trying to hid her face.
"Draco looked down at Hermione, as the waitress placed the drinks infront of them.
They all rose their glass, looking at each other.
"Cheers!" Everyone but Hermione shouted.
Of course, the boys took the drink pretty well after they chugged it.
Hermione, on the other hand, quickly raced to the bathroom.
"Stupid mudblood." Draco scoffed.

Chapter 6

After that, Draco pretty much forced Hermione to drink until she didn't hurl it all back up anymore.
The waitress returned to pick up the empty glassed.
"I believe you should tak her home, she's had too much fire whiskey. And so did you." she looked at Hermione worriedly, and then at the boys.
"Why don't you join us, baba? Have a good shag." Blaise suggested with a slur.
The girl looked at him in shock. "Get. Out." she growled through her teeth, pointing a finger to the door.
They all groaned, as Draco grabbed Hermione by the waist, to make sure that she wouldn't fall over on the walk home.
"Daaaaaamn, Granger. You're wasted!" Draco laughed on the way back to their houses; Blaise and Crabbe were screathing a song.
"Yhur pwetty..." Hermione giggled, as they sat down on a bench to rest for a bit.
Draco looked down at her for a second, his arm still around her.
"Granger, you're drunk." he chuckled, as she slowly started to rub up against him, which slightly turned him on.
"Pshhhh! 'Mione no dwunk!" she squealed in a child- like voice as she wrapped her arms around his chest.
Blaise looked down at the two, almost falling over.
"Bet you 50 galleons that Drao's gonna shag her tonight."
Crabbe joined them as he finished hurling into a bush, placing a hand on Blaise's shoulder.
"Deal." He slurred.
Hermione smiled up at Blaise, and then at Draco with a slight giggle.
"Uhm... lets.. get her home." Draco suggested. He helped Hermione up, carrying her home on his back.
Crabbe didn't bother following them into Draco and Hermione's ccottage, for he knew exactly that Draco would shag Hermione. Compared to Draco, Hermione was wasted, and had no idea of what she was doing.
Draco gently put Hermione into the armchair, and Blaise automaticall started to massage her shoulders.
"Teeehheee, what are you two doing?" Hermione giggled as Draco slipped off her shoes, getting a good look up her skirt.
"Just relaaaax." Blaise breathed into her ear.
Hermion did as she was told.
"This feels good." she moaned slightly as Draco massaged her feet and laise her shoulders.
Blaise's hands moved down to her breasts, as Hermione laid her head back and enjoyed it. Draco, too, was trying to do a little more than just massaging her feet.
He softly kissed up her right leg, and Hermione quickly grew hot.
Blaise's hands were now tugging at her boobs, and boy, did she enjoy this. Draco looked at Blaise, slightly warning him that he alone would shag Hermione. he wasn't into a threesome with his best friend.
Blaise kept on massaging her boobs, unbuttoning her shirt and slowly pulling her perfect round breasts out of her bra.
She turned slightly red, and looked down at Drao, whose kisses came closer and closer to her ctoch. Hermione felt him tug at her stocking and panties, almost tearing them off her.
She bit her llip and slightly moaned again as Blaise took her boobs into his mouth.
'This feels so good!' Hermione thought to her self, as Draco's tongue licked her inner thigh.
(I know.... i've written two short chapters in a rowwwww.. i suck. .-.)

Chapter 7

Just a small warning. If you don't like sexual content or anything, just... skip this chapter. (:
Don't say I didn't warn you.

Hermione felt a wetness between her legs, grabbing Draco's blonde hair as he started to eat her out.
"Oh my god, Draco!" She moaned loudly with pleasure.
Draco glanced up at Blaise, who was getting a bit too carried away. "Blaise... I believe it's time for you to go."
"But Draco, Pansy's going to murder me if she notices that I'm drunk!" Blaise whined, but Draco gave him a cold icy stare.
With that, Blaise vanishd out the door.
Hermione giggled and stood up from the armchair. "Come here." she said, slightly slurring as she grabbed Draco's shirt and pulled her closer to him.
Draco looked down into her brown eyes, smiling softly. "What do you need, Granger?" he said with a chuckle.
She quickly pulled his face down to her face, and pressed her lips onto his. Draco smiled as they kissed each other, wrapping his arms around her waist to pull her even closer than she already was.
Hermione started to lick his bottom lip, begging for entrance. "I like this.." Draco mumbled, as she pushed her tongue into his mouth.
They stood in the room making out for a few more minutes, until Draco started to push her up against a wall.
Hermione giggled softly, as Draco placed his hands on her ass and lifted her up, and she wrapped her legs around his waist.
She moaned lightly as she slowly moved her hands up his back, and into his hair.
Draco unbuttoned her blouse and slowly took it off of her.
Both moaned slightly together, undressing each other while kissing.
Once they were both naked down to their underwear, Hermione was only wearing her panties, Draco carried her to the bedroom and softly placed her on his bed. Hermione's body was screaming for more, screaming for Draco to be inside of her.
Quickly she took off his boxers, exposing his large cock. (i giggle at that word, i have to admit.) Hermione gasped at it for a second.
"What?" Draco said, as he broke off the kissing to look down at her.
She grinned brightly at him. "Nothing. Just never seen a penis this large." Hermione admitted with a smile.
He laughed slightly. "No worries, I won't hurt you." he promised her as he kissed her nose and then her lips, pulling down her wet panties.
Draco slowly thrusted into her, Hermione gasping slightly at the stinging pain. "Sorry.." he whispered into her ear, kissing the tears that had escaped her eyes away.
He thrust into her faster and faster, and the pleasure slowly started to rise.
Hermione moaned loudly, but Draco quickly pressed his lips against hers to hush her. "Shhh... Don't be so loud, or else well have the whole neighborhood standing on our front porch.." he whispered with a laugh.
They made love 3 more times that night.
On the couch.
In both beds.
And on the kitchen counter.
Draco carried her into the bedroom again, and placed her on his bed. Both still naked, he laid down behind her and pulled the covers over them.
"Goodnight." Hermione mumbled with a yawn, as Draco put his arm around her waist and puled her closer.
"Goodnight." he whispered, and fell asleep.

(( I know this chapter is VERY short. ))

Chapter 8

There was a loud banging on the door at around 10 AM.
"Mr. Malfoy, Miss Granger, open up this door right now!" McGonagall screeched.
After minutes of no answer and only the banging on the door, she broke down the door and stormed into the cottage with the minister of magic, Ron, Harry, and Ginny.
"They're probably still sleeping" Ginny muttered, as the all stormed towards the bedroom.
"HERMIONE!" Harry and Ron screamed as they saw a complete naked Hermione and Draco sleeping in one bed together.
Draco slowly opened his eyes, rubbing his aching head. "Wha... WOAH!" he screamed, as he noticed all the people standing in the room, surrounding the bed.
Hermione now woke up, too. "Whats going on..." she muttered, looking up at the shocked faces of the professor and her friends.
"Ron! Harry!" she squealed. "What are you doing here?"
They both looked at her as she still hadn't noticed Draco next to her.
"What the bloody hell?!" Draco screamed, as he looked at Hermione.
She screamed bloody murder, pulling the blanket over her chest.
"NO!" she screamed, looking at everyone in terror.
"I believe we should give them some privacy so that they can get dressed." Ginny suggested and pulled Ron and Harry out of the room.
McGonagall followed close behind; she looked furious.
Draco stared into space.
"This is all your fault, Malfoy!" Hermione screamed at him.
"My fault?!" He sat up. "You're the one who got drunk! Not me!"
"for your information, we both did, but if you hand't forced me to drink, maybe we wouldn't be in this position right now!" she quickly grabbed the blanket and wrapped it around herself like a towel, and then disappeared into the bathroom without another word.
"Stupid mudblood." Draco grumbled, as he got up to put on some clothes.
A few minutes later they were all gathered in the living room.
"Mr. Malfoy, I am deeply disappointed in you. And you too, Miss Granger. This project was for you to learn together in peace, not to make love to each other. And getting drunk during school is unbelievable, especially for you Miss Granger. I will take 50 points from each house, and you will serve detention in the library for 3 weeks." Professor McGonagall slowly got up from the armchair, and walked towards the door. "This project will be stopped until further notice. Grab your belongings and your dog, and get back to your dorms."
With that she stomped out the door and walked up to the castle.
"Harry, Ron, what are you guys doing here?" Hermione said, approaching them. "I thought you didn't want to come back?"
Ronald shrugged. "Figured we'd come visit you, Harry here wants to stay for a while. I'm off next week though."
She pulled the two into a hug, as Draco glared up at them, and Ginny glared at Draco.
"How did McGonagall find out about ... this anyway?" Hermione sat down next to Ginny, and quickly glanced over at Draco.
Ginny smiled. "They've got camera's and everything in here. Invisible, y'know?"
Draco looked up from the floor. "Bet you Potty and Weasel were peepin' in on us and snitched." Ron and Harry looked at him.
"Malfoy, we were in London last night when this happened. Plus we wouldn't 'peep' in on our best friend." Harry hissed at Draco, who did nothing but roll his eyes. "I'm out of here." he groaned, as he walked into the bedroom to pack his clothes.
"Filthy little git." Ginny said, slightly disgusted by Draco.
Hermione leaned her head back against the sofa, closing her eyes. "Ronald, could you get me some pain medicine? Its up in the cupboard over there." she said pointing towards the kitchen.
Ron quickly jumped up and got the medicine, for he knew that a moody Hermione was never a good Hermione.
"I hate him. So much." she said, almost close to tears. "I can't believe I lost my virginity to that... git!! "
Ginny put an arm around her.
"Yeah, why did you let him shag you in the first place?" Ron asked as he started to eat a muffin that was sitting next to the fridge.
"He filled me up! With fire whiskey!" Hermione screamed at him, and hid her face in her hands.
"Ronald you're an arse!" Ginny said. "You know exactly that Hermione would never have sex with him! Would you, Hermione?"
"NO!" Hermione screamed.
Draco walked out of the bedroom. "That's why you had sex with me. Mudblood." he grumbled.
"Oh piss off, Malfoy!" Harry exclaimed, as he sat down next to Hermione to comfort her.
"Fine, but i'm taking the dog with me." Draco said as he pulled his suitcase behind him and put a collar and leash on Dawn.
"You stay away from her." Ron said to him, watching Draco walk out of the door.

Chapter 9

Hermione sighed as she handed McGonagall the key to the cottage. "I hope you learned your lesson, Miss Granger." The old lady said, a stern look on her face.

Hermione nodded, and walked down to the Great hall to eat lunch. As she entered the Great Hall, though, everyone turned to stare at her. There were a few cheers coming from the Slytherin table, she figured; but other than that no one said anything.

Quietly, she sat down next to Ginny and Harry. She whispered a quick Hey to them, and then looked up at McGonagall.

"As many of you know, we have stopped the 7th year project, due to Sexual activities." Everyone looked at Hermione. She quickly glanced over at Draco, who was smirking to himself. He must've told someone, and it spread. "The project will not be continued until further notice. You may eat." McGonagall stepped back to the table and sat down.

The food appeared on everyone's golden plates infront of them, and they all immediately digged into their food.

Harry and Ron looked at Hermione worriedly. She hadn't touched her food. "Hermione, aren't you going to eat?" Ron asked, as he took a bite out of his chicken wing. Hermione rolled her eyes, as she hissed a small no and walked out of the Great Hall.

Draco looked up as Hermione left, and quickly chased after her with a sigh as he noticed that she was crying.

"Hermione..." He muttered, as she sat on the stairs, her face buried in her hands.

She looked up at him. "What do you want?" Hermione hissed. "You've already ruined everything!"

Draco sighed, sitting down next to her. "Why are you so upset? You got laid. By me. And lost your virginity. To me." He laughed. "You should be honored!"

Hermione was furious at him, and stood up.

"You foul little git!" She screamed, as she slapped him across the face, and stood there frozen.

"Oh you went to far, Granger. Now, I'm not going to harm a girl. That'd be weak." Draco chuckled, as he covered her mouth with his hand and pulled her down to the Slytherin common room.

"Sit." he hissed, pushing her towards the couch.

"You're not going to get away with this." She said in a trembling voice, as Draco opened another door that led down to a private study room.

"Oh yes I will." Draco said and pulled her down the stairs, locking the door behind him. "Muffliato" he whispered, just to make sure that no one would hear what happened next.

Hermione started to breathe faster as Draco closed in on her, slightly scared. But she didn't let him see that she was scared; she had to show her Gryffindor pride.




"Get away from me, Malfoy." she demanded, pushing him away from her. Draco chuckled, as he closed in on her again and pushed her up against the wall. "You're going to obey me, Granger." he muttered into her ear, reaching up her skirt and slowly massaging her clit through her panties.

"Stop... Please.." Hermione begged, gasping through the moans as she realized what he was doing to her.

Draco shook his head, as he pulled down his pants and pushed her hand down his boxers. "You know what to do.." he whispered into her ear with a slight grin on his face. His tongue flicked out, licking and nomming on her ear.

"No." She said, trembling. She honestly had no idea of what she had to do. But she knew that she didn't want too.

"Rub it... " he whispered, his lips still on her ear. Hermione shook her head. "I don't want to, Draco." she said nearly crying, but he ignored her. "I don't care. You will do as I tell you." And with that, he crushed his lips against hers.

Unwillingly, she kissed back, like she was taken over by a spell.

'Wandless magic! He's using wandless magic on me!' Hermione thought when she couldnt seem to pull back.

His hands trailed down her body again, and up her skirt. This time, he pushed her wet panties away and directly massaged her clit. Hermione moaned through the kissing, feeling Draco's tongue enter her mouth.

"I still don't feel you rubbing... aren't you in the mood yet, darling?" he chuckled.

Hermione tried to hold the tears back, as she slowly started to rub his penis. "Please.. why are you doing this to me?" she sobbed.

Draco didn't answer, tearing her skirt off of her, making her cry even more. "You have a hot body.. can't let that get to waste..." he muttered, as he slowly pulled down his green silky boxers, exposing his throbbing dick.

"I believe you already know how this part is going to work." he laughed, as he pushed her down onto the ground and began to thrust into her. Hermione cried out for help, but thanks to the muffliato spell, no one could hear her. No one but that filthy git Draco, who was raping her.

He pressed his palms down on hers as she started trying to get loose. "Stop, please, Draco! Stop!" she moaned with cries in between, but Draco didn't stop until he was completely worn out.

"Let's try something new, eh?" He said slightly panting, and got up off the floor, standing up infront of her.

"Sit up, Granger!" he hissed as he quickly grabbed her by the hair and pulled her up to his dick.

"I assume you know what a blow job is?" Draco said still holding onto her hair. Hermione nodded, as she slowly started to give him a blow job.

Draco came shortly after that; her face covered in cum. Hermione sat there, sobbing on the floor.

"Why, Draco? Why?" she looked up at him, begging for an answer. Draco shook his head and bent down.

"Love, you're not going to tell anyone about what happened tonight. You understand me?" He held her face in his hands, looking into her eyes.

Hermione nodded, and Draco walked out of the room, leaving a sobbing, half naked girl on the floor.

Chapter 10

Hermione quickly pulled on her skirt and panties, rushing over to the sink in the corner to ash her face. She tried her best not to show her tears as she raced up to the Gryffindor common room.

"Hermione! Where've you been?" asked Harry, as he and Ron tried hugging her. "Don't... please... don't touch me... leave me alone.." she muttered, as she quickl backed up, bumping into the cold stone wall.

"What's wrong, Herms? Are you feeling okay?" Ron reached out his hand, but Hermione slapped it away. "I said DON'T TOUCH ME! Don't boys ever understand that?!"She screamed at them, quickly racing up to the stairs to the dormatories as everyone stared at her.

"What's wrong with her?" Ginny asked Ron and Harry, slightly worried.

"We don't know either....." Harry muttered. "Maybe you can go talk to her?" He said, giving Ginny's hand a light squeeze. Before she darted off the the girls dormatories.

"Hermione?" Ginny opened the door to see Hermione sobbing on her bed. "Hermione what's wrong?" She asked, walking to Hermione's bed.

"Go away..." Hermione sobbed through her pillow as she felt Ginny place a hand on her back.

"I'm not leaving until you tell me what happened. You're my friend, Hermione."

Hermione turned around onto her back, and sat up, hugging her knees.

She thought for a moment. She knew, that she couldn't tell Ginny the truth, so she had to come up with a good lie. "I... People are just always calling me nasty stuff because of the Draco thing.." she lied, looking down at her hands.

"Oh Hermione... " Ginny muttered, hugging her friend. "Don't listen to them. They're jealous, almost every girl here wants to get laid by him."

Hermione squeezed her eyes shut. "That's exactly what he said... You should be honored, Hermione..." she sobbed again as the memories flashed infront of her.

Ginny sighed. "C'mon... let's get you cleaned up. We'll go down to the lake for a swim, how bout that?" she suggested, looking at Hermione who nodded. "Alright..."

After Hermione and Ginny changed into their bikinis, they raced down to the common room to tell Harry and Ron to change, too.

"You guys ready?" Ginny asked, holding onto Hermione's hands as the boys returned in a shirt and their swim trunks, towels hanging down their shoulders.

"Yeah." They said, and walked down to the lake.


"C'mon, Ronald!" Ginny giggled, as her and Harry dove head first into the water.

"Uh, Coming!" Ron said, as he looked down at Hermione. "You sure that you're okay, Hermione?" Hermione nodded, forcing a smile on her face. "I'm fine, don't worry about it. You should go swim with them, I'll catch up in a little bit."

Ron nodded, and jumped off into the water. "Bloody hell this is cold!" he complained.

Hermione placed her towel in the grass, and laid down, looking up at the sky. She couldn't believe what happened earlier,and she was surprised that she wasn't crying again. Did this mean... that... she liked him? No, she couldn't ever like that filthy git.

"Lookin' very sexy in that bikini, Granger." Hermione froze as a hand brushed along her cheek, and her eyes flung open. Draco was hovering over her.

"Don't act so surprised." Draco chuckled, as he sat down next to her in only his swim shorts.

"What do you want, Malfoy? Don't you think you've already done enough harm?" Hermione trembled as she noticed that Ron Harry and Ginny were too far away to hear her scream.

He shrugged, and placed his hand on hers. "I wanted to apologize for what happened earlier."

"Apologize?" Hermione hissed at him. " You raped me, Draco! You can't just expect for me to forgive you like that!"

Draco sighed. "Look, Hermione, I know I've made all the wrong choices, but I feel like I need to apologize to you. Maybe it's because I've learned to get along with you, or maybe even because I can't live without you anymore. I'm sorry for raping you, Hermione, I honestly didn't know what I was doing...."

Hermione suddenly felt this strong urge to forgive him; she didn't care about it anymore, she just wanted to be with him...

'Hermione! Snap out of it!' She told herself, but the thoughts continued to roll.

"Malfoy, what are you doing?!" Ron yelled, rushing out of the water as he saw Draco's hand on Hermione's.

"That's none of your business, Weasel!" Draco got up, face to face with Ron.

"Yes it is, Hermione's my best friend. Why was your hand on hers?" Ron spat as his chest bumped up against Draco's.

"Piss off, Weasel, maybe Hermione's my friend too!" He growled as he pushed Ron back, almost making him knock into a tree.

Ron completely lost it, and pushed Draco too. Hermione screamed for them to stop; but neither one of them listened.

"How dare you push me?" Draco hissed, pushing Ron once again. "You've gone too far, Malfoy."

Ron threw Draco to the ground, as they started to beat in on each other. "You ferret!!! How dare you touch Hermione!" Ron screeched, repeatedly punching him in the jaw.

"Piss off Weasel! You're just jealous because I shagged her, and you can't even kiss her!" Draco growled, as he flipped them over and placed his hand on Ron's throat, punching him in the face.

"STOP! YOU TWO! STOP IT!" Hermione screamed, as she pulled out her wand from a bag, pointing it at the two. "Petrificus Totalus!"

The boys instantly stood still.

"Once I undo this, you'll stand up and stand on each side of me. You understand that?" She hissed, and pointed her wand at them again. "Finite Incantatem"

Draco quickly got off of Ron, and stood next to Hermione. Ron grumbled something under his breath as he wiped dirt off his arm.

"Ron, what's gotten into you?" Hermione asked, looking at him. "You guys were practically holding hands! After what that ferret's done to you!" Draco gave her a 'you told him?' look, and she shook her head. "Ronald, maybe things have changed. Maybe Draco didn't even tell anyone." she said. "But I don't care, he apologized, and I forgave him. Nothing for you to worry about."

Ron brushed his hand through his wet hair, a confused expression on his face as Draco grinned at Hermione... and she smiled back weakly.

"Alright, but I came here to swim, not to fight." Draco said, as he picked Hermione up, walking towards the water.

"No no no no no! Draco, stop it!" she squealed, struggling to get loose.

He laughed, and jumped into the water with her, sending a big splash up in the air. Ron still stood there, dumbstruck.

"You ass!" Hermione giggled, as she pushed her wet hair out of her face, punching Draco's shoulder lightly. Draco grinned at her, diving back under water.

"Uhm, Hermione? What..." Ginny muttered, swimming over to her side. "Oh we're just having a little fun.." Hermione shrugged.

Hermione was confused too, it was like all her hate for Draco had disappeared. A strange, warm, fuzzy feeling took over all the hatred. Was she really in love with Draco Malfoy, the sex objects of Hogwarts?

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