goodbye doesn't mean forever

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several weeks past i met enzo my boyfriend i love him when im feeling blue,you calm me down and ease my tension when im reckless and care free you're there to compose me once again,when i am down your there by my side,when i am in my deep moment of solitude youre always offer me a company,youare now my beautiful world.

all my days,i've hang on for your love to to transpire and remain.i was so lucky to have you.yet i've regretted the fact that i've left you just to carry out my own selfish desires.

(previous entries)
may 20,2006(10:30 a.m)

i am going to manila to pursue my studies. but,enzo my boyfriend is wishing that i would change my mind and choose to stay." could you just stay here with me please..." he said.
"please don"t make this hard for both of us,i thought you'd understand. i replied,holding his hands convincing him that every-thing would be fine
im sorry.i know that i should be supporting you but..." he mumbled.
"you don't need to worry.just keep in mind that...i am meant for you and you are meant for me,so have trust.okay?" i told him sweetly.
"okay...goodbye doesn't mean forever,right? he answered."right"i replied.

april 08,2007(6:45 p.m)

life has been incomplete without seeing enzo fir months.i miss him terribly that sometimes it made me think that i was punishing him as well as myself.thank god i have finished this semester and seeing enzo means a lot.sooner,we'll be together again.

april 30,2007(9:30 pm)

i'm on my to see enzo.i should be home.tomorrow is our eleventh monsary.i miss him so much that i can't wait to see him.i have load of stories and surprises for him.i'm excited to be with him again...

may 12,2007(12:30 a.m)
i woke up with a call from enzo...

enzo:surprise...happy monthsary!!!
brookie:i wasn't expecting your call.well,thanks for the greetings..i miss u a lot.
enzo:me too..i love you.
brookie:i love you too...see you tomorrow.
enzo: i love you...i love you...i love you takecare always.and im glad you're coming home,i was right,goodbye doesn't really mean forever.

may,15 2007(7am)

i arrived home after a long bus mom was waiting for me at the living room.

mom:how's your trip?
brookie:it was good,but i got so much drained.

the doorbell rings
brookie:mom told me to open the door! yes mom i replied.
brookie:it was enzo's mom...
brookie:hi are you?just arrived....and where's enzo?
enzo's mom: i"m sorry hija.enzo is gone.he had a car accident.he was found dead before midnight.
brookie:but....that can't be...he called me last night....i talked to him last night.
i was in a panic and nearly collapsed.i was so shock.

(2 weeks later after enzo burial)

from my room that lay awake each day filled with joyful, sadness,and laughter as i open my eyes early in the morning i was murmuring about love.
my question stuck on my head how do they love and hate all the time and same time how do you hide tears inthe eyes that refuse to stop falling? how do you heal a fresh wound..erese an old scars,and mend a broken heart.please tell me or teach me how to hate and turn away coz right now this heart of mine is loving you so much and badly. i dont know how to stop...the feeling of broken hearted hurt me so much,deep down of my heart i love you more than my life,when you leave inside the shadow i cant feel your presence anymore...

but i learned things!
cry as hard as you can but make sure,when you stop crying you'll never cry for the same reason again..."never be sad for what is over just be glad it was once yours...
"i need to smile now,not because i already forgot the pain but because i will accept the things that i just can't changed anymore..

enzo,i really miss you.i am hoping that someday i can hear those words that you've told me i know why goodbye doesn't mean forever.because in my mind,your thoughts will always be remembered and here in my heart,my love for you will stay and shall be kept forever.

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