That's Life Chapter 1

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Mum. Life. Me. Those were the three things that rang into my mind when my parents died in a car crash. I doubt that I would be alive. But it was wrong. I survived and I regretted it. All until I met Sarah.....

Submitted: December 02, 2011

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Submitted: December 02, 2011




Life is a journey. You live and you lived it. For some people, maybe life isn’t such a joy, but in life I tell you, you will find joy even in the smallest amount possible. You will definitely feel that little tinge of happiness when you see something you like and want – most of us would probably feel jealousy. But a life is like a seed. First it stays there as it nurtures to a beautiful flower to blossom, and in some time, it wilts. We have to accept the fact that life is never perfect; you may feel some bumps along the way. Well in my life, I feel a lot of bumps – the bumps that may crash a car, lose your parents, and become an orphan. I could almost imagine that girl with blonde hair and rosy cheeks, looking out the window with a flower stuck to her ear, unhappy and full of sorrow. I was just ten, and I regretted being mad at my parents for not allowing me to hang out with my friends, it was so sad that I could only understand why is this matter until a few minutes later. It was a sharp turn, I could hear the wheels screeching, and all I could think of was my parents. My mum held my hand tight and looked me deep in the eye, as if saying the last goodbye and stare she would ever give me. My father though, tried his best, controlling the car, but it was too late. There and then, I thought I was going to die, and I was quite happy about it, seeing that my parents would also follow my faith. But I was wrong. I didn’t follow their poor faiths. We drop off the sharp cliff and the car landed on a barley field. I could remember being unconscious for a while, thinking this was all a dream and I was still in my bed with my teddy bear in my hands. But the thing was, the only object I could make out in my left hand, was my mother’s lifeless hand. We were tied together. I remembered crying and crying as I tried to bring them back to life. I tried pumping their hearts (How they did in the TV when somebody is about to die) the car was ruined and destroyed. Even the steering wheel is out of shape and bent. I wished the car had caught on fire and that way I would die too, but I wasn’t thinking that foolish. Being the adventurous one, I climbed up back to the road. Cars whizzed past me and I waved my hand for help. In seconds, a truck stopped and the window opened. The driver looked as if he could have been thirty and he was smoking. He had a brown moustache that looked like rodeo shows and a button down shirt; his elbows were on the edge of the windows. Beside him was a woman with a long dress and earrings. She had on heavy make-up; both of them were staring at me. “Hello sir, my name is Abbigail, Abbigail Green, our car had crashed, please help, my parents are probably dead and I don’t know what I should do.” I said with a shaky voice. I swore I was going to break down and cry but I didn’t want to sound like a sissy. The man gave me a stare and slid open the door of his car. He followed me to the barley field and once he saw the shape of the car, his eyes widened a bit. He checked for signs of heart beating of my parents, but none of them are alive. The man was soon followed by the woman in the car. Both of them stared on at the car and me. “Should we keep her?” I heard the woman whisper too loudly to the man. The man turned to me and kneeled down to be the same height as me. “My name’s Johnny, Johnny Lischt, this here is my wife Langley, I guess you should follow us until we get help from the police.” The man advised. I nodded and followed the man to his car. I sat at the backseat, looking out the window. I had wished I was in my mother’s arms, looking at my father’s eyes and hugging my teddy bear that I brought everywhere (Well except for here you might know now).

I didn’t realize I fell asleep until Johnny woke me up. “We’re here.” He said. I didn’t know where he was talking about until I fluttered open my eyes. It was the police station. The place was filled with people in blue uniforms and badges on their chests. Most of them wore a hat while little had on nothing on their heads. I hopped off the car and walked gloomily in the one-floored building. There was a slightly interesting waft of scent. A scent that I will never forget. It was so sharp and familiar, it’s cinnamon. Although I couldn’t see anyone eating cinnamon, I was sure it was some women wearing the perfume. My dreams were disturbed when we approached a lady with a black and white striped blouse and a pencil skirt looking at me. “Hi, my name is Sarah, how may I help you?” The woman that claimed to be Sarah asked. “I’m Johnny Green, we found her, her car crashed, parent’s dead, up on Cambridge Drive.” Johnny explained. The woman took a short glance at me as if to see if I was safe to be with. “We will directly send a team there, in the meantime, what’s your name?” Sarah asked after she dialed a number in her phone. “My name is Abbigail Green.” I replied. “That’s a nice name, why don’t you sit over there and read a few magazines?” Sarah asked generously with a smile. And that was when I realized she was the one wearing the perfume. I smiled at her as she continuing phoning a couple more people, this is a woman who actually cared. I flipped through the fashion magazines nearby and found none of them interesting. My mother would have loved these kinds of magazines, but by the thought of my mother, I cried and sobbed. Sarah rushed towards me and handed me a piece of tissue and rubbed my back. She smiled generously but said nothing. “Mum, she loved these magazines,” I muttered under my breath as I was held onto by Sarah. At that moment, I felt love, and safe. The warmth had made me felt safe. It was the same warmth I will get with mum. “It’s okay my darling, you may cry all you want, but just remember, your mother will always be with you, in here.” Sarah said as she touched my heart. Those words raised my spirits as I wiped my tears. “My mother also passed away, a month ago I guess, but I never feel sad, you know why?” She asked as she grinned at me, also criminal actually. I nudged my chin, waiting for an answer. Sarah took something out of her pocket; it was a necklace with a heart shaped liontin. Sarah opened the liontin and inside was a picture of an older version of Sarah – it was her mother. “I talk to her every night, and it’s as if she answers back.” Sarah explained. “But how will she answer back? It’s a picture.” I said, wiping my eyes as if the thing wasn’t real. “She answer’s back if you just believe in her, I could almost hear her speaking whenever I complain about work, she would probably tell me to stop talking and get doing, and that’s how I got my first promotion.” Sarah explained. I felt comforted and the warmth circled throught my body and in that time, I felt so much better. Sarah’s phone rang and she apologized for taking this call. “You got the car?” I heard her ask somebody. “Okay, good, the girl’s with me.” Sarah said again. She hung up and walked back beside me. “You’re a good girl Abbigail; I can see it in your eyes, make the best out of life and stay tough and strong. Most importantly, stay happy. Here, I got something for you.” Sarah said. She took five dollars from her wallet and handed it to me. The dollar note was old and tattered, as usual it had the face of Abraham Lincoln printed on it. “This dollar is very special, it gives me luck.” Sarah said as she handed it to me. “Really?” I asked. It looked nothing like something magical; it was just an old, unusable, and tattered sheet of dollar note. “Yes, hold on to it when you feel nervous, or sad, overwhelmed might be the best word for that, hold on to it tight.” Sarah said. I felt special back then, Sarah had given me something from her that is valuable upon words. Her eyes sparkle and shine, just like mum’s when she was happy. There was something genuine and believable about her, something that made my heart leap in bounds whenever I speak to her. “Thank you Sarah, for all your help.” I thanked her as I gave her a big hug. Sarah didn’t see it coming, but in the end we were wrapped against each other until a few police officers tapped Sarah on her back. Sarah puts me down and turned towards them, hands on her hips, it was as if she was boss of all of them. “This is the girl?” One of the police officers asked as he pointed towards me. I blushed; I hated the sensation of being pointed at. Sarah nodded and wrapped her arms around me as she brought me closer to the officers. “The bodies are being sent to the nearest hospital, although they’re probably gone, but anyways, what should we do to the girl? And what’s her name anyway?” The officer asked. “I don’t know, her name is Abbigail, Abbigail Green.” Sarah replied. The officer scratched his neck as his kind and concerned face looked at me. He had a scar on his cheeks, but that made him look even more masculine. “Do you have any more family members? Who’s nearest to your mother and father?” The officer asked me. It was an intimidating moment, the moment I will never forget. “My Aunt Lucy sir, but she’s long gone, and my other grandparents passed away when I was very little, my uncle isn’t that close to my father and I doubt that he’ll take good care of me, I don’t know what I should think of.” I replied with a rush. The police officer looked at me with his solemn eyes. “Surely there is somebody you can think of.” He said, full of concern and gratitude. “I don’t know sir, the only person I can think of is my Aunt Maude, my paternal Aunt, but she lives way in Hawaii.” I explained. The officers looked at each other’s faces with surprise. “Are you perfectly sure?” One of the officers asked. I nodded. I wished they could take me to Hawaii, so I can live with my kind and generous Aunt Maude, but how will I ever fly in such a long distance? I’m pretty sure the concords didn’t exist any longer, but surely my parents must have health insurance to get me to cross the border. “But first I think you should stay with Sarah, she’s the closest person you could ever get to in here.” The police officer said. And that’s how I got to know Sarah a little more. She brought me home to the little apartment she and her German shepherd lived in. “Meet Pablo.” She said as her dog licked her fingers. She placed her handbag on the sofa and then walked in the kitchen. “Wait here, I’ll get you something to eat for dinner.” Sarah said. “May I know your full name?” I asked as she slid open the wooden cupboard above the stove, taking the salsa verge out. From the smell of the kitchen, you could tell that she’s a great cook. “Oh, sorry, my name is Sarah Green.” Sarah announced. But she seemed as if she regretted saying that. “Green? Are you somehow related to Johnny? Johnny Green? The man who brought me to you?” I asked her. She was flustered and her cheeks turned bright red as she ignored my question and continued cooking her dish. “Well?” I asked again after a few minutes. “What?” Sarah asked from the kitchen. “You haven’t answered my question.” I remarked. I was feeling quite angry at Sarah, but no way am I going to show it on my face. Sarah sighed and stopped the gas. I heard the china planking against each other as Sarah took them out of the cupboard and placed the food on the plate. “Johnny Green is my brother, he has amnesia, and he doesn’t remember me.” Sarah explained. I was shocked. The man that helped me was Sarah’s brother who didn’t remember her at all. “But you were so believable! It was as if he was one of your customers! He really didn’t recognize you?” I asked. Sarah ran out of the kitchen with her mittens and served her dish onto the dining table. I rushed towards the polished wooden table and ate from the expensive silver ware. Sarah’s Lasagna was amazing. The sauce was perfect and the pasta was magnificent, it made me wonder why Sarah wouldn’t want to go the culinary way. “I don’t talk about him too much, it was sad how he didn’t remember me at all, and we spent most of our childhood basically protecting each other.” Sarah explained as she munched on her Lasagna, her eyes still glued to my face. By then my clothes were tattered and I had a large scar across my arm. I sprained my ankle and the flower on my hair had gone. Though I was sad of my loss, I had to move on. After a sumptuous dinner, Sarah led me to where I am to sleep while I stay with her. The bedroom looked like it was personally made for a girl like me. The wallpaper was painted bright pink and on the single bed was a teddy bear. There was a side table to the bed and on it was a picture which Sarah quickly took away from me as  I was about to grab it and take a closer look. “Whose picture is that?” I asked. Sarah sighed and took another hard stare at the picture. From afar, it looked like there was a woman and a girl in it but I wasn’t that sure. In a flash, Sarah broke down and tears ran out from her eyes as she sat on the fluffy bed beside me. I rubbed her back just as the way she rubbed my back when I broke down in the police headquarters. She placed the picture on her lap as she caressed whoever’s face is on it. I took a closer look. It was Sarah, with loose hair and a glowing smile and a little girl with the same hairstyle and the same cobalt blue eyes Sarah had. From that, I understood immediately who had slept in this room.

“I’m sorry Abby,” Sarah said as she sniffled her nose. I still sat beside her and I took a deep look at her eyes. They transported me into another world, almost like 3D. “It’s okay Sarah, you took the time to rise my spirits up, and now I’ll cheer you up, would you like a cup of hot coco?” I asked. A cup of coco always cheers me up, and I knew it would be a perfect medicine for someone like Sarah. “Thanks, the powder is in the drawer below the sink.” Sarah explained as she wrapped her arms around her body. I nodded and bounded towards the kitchen where I find the coco powder Sarah was talking about. I took a mug beside the dish washer and wiped all the water on it. Then, I filled it with warm water and tipped in the contents of the cocoa powder inside. The water turned to a broad shade of brown and I could’ve sworn I was about to take a sip but I remembered it wasn’t for me but for Sarah. I held the handle of the mug tightly and slowly walked to the room Sarah was in. I was careful not to spill anything on the carpet; I knew it would be a mess if I did. Sarah jolted up from her once laying position and accepted my cup. She blew gently from the edge of the cup and slowly started to drink it. She gulped it slowly and looked at me with a smile. Her eyes were red and her nose was scrunched up. But beneath all that, was a smile that hid every bad detail she had on her face. As my mother had said, you may have crooked teeth, a flat nose and a bulgy waist – but if you think happy and smile all the time, you will glow, and stay like that besides all the bad details you have.

Sarah wrapped her arms around my shoulder and kissed me on my cheeks. She was a stranger but an exception. From now on, I vowed to trust her; anyway, she was my legal guardian as stated in the police office. I went to sleep almost immediately after a little chat with Sarah.

“Abby, wake up.” A voice said. I fluttered my eyes open. There in front of me was the familiar scent of Chamomile tea and the brown hair surrounding her face and elbow. “Mum?” I asked. I jolted upwards and gave her a big hug. She had on everything white, her face was glowing, she looked like an angel, and maybe she is one. “Abby, me and your father miss you, more than anything else, but remember what Sarah said, we will always be in your heart, obey Sarah.” Mum said as she touched the tip of my nose like she always does. It felt so real and so amazing to have the same warmth of safeness back again.

The morning sun blasted through my eyelids as I forced myself to awaken from my lovely dream. All I could think of was mum. Mum? I ran out of the room and left the door behind me ajar. I checked in the living room if mum was there, .but the only person with a mug on her hand was Sarah. She smiled at me. It was different to see her with glasses on; it was like two small frames covering up her beautiful eyes. “What’s wrong Abby?” She asked. She placed the newspaper on her hands and placed it on the chair beside her. “Nothing.” I muttered. Breakfast was already plated on the dining table. It was bacon and eggs – just the way I always liked it. I ate my breakfast gingerly, when suddenly Sarah’s phone rang. She took out her silver Nokia phone and started answering the phone call.  “They found her aunt?” Sarah said as she slid out of the chair and paced back and forth on the wooden floor. I waited as silent as I possibly could. Waiting for news.

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