Meow(Faye-Fail Version)

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me and my ex in a nut shell

Submitted: January 02, 2012

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Submitted: January 02, 2012




Wow, what a wonderful word. Most people overlook it as just a noise a cat makes.
But to me it means so much more.
It’s not just a noise a cat makes, or something you say to annoy your friends

When I of meow I think back to when we first came up with the code word.
It was our first day together since you asked me out.
I remember having to stop myself from running to you when I saw you that day.
And how I wouldn’t talk to you just to bug  you. And I remember our first real hug
It made my heart race, and my face flush bright red
At that moment I knew I loved you.

I remember the first time you told me you loved me in person, and how we were so say to say it
And I remember how my heart skipped a beat when you said it.
I remember when you left that night, and I remember being sad because you wouldn’t be there
But I knew you’d be back, so I kept my chin up.
At that moment I knew I loved you.

I remember when you brought me the poem you wrote for me, and how it made me feel
I remember tears coming to my eyes, and then you hugged me and said that word
‘Meow’ and I said it back
At that moment I knew I loved you

I can’t help but think forward to the first time we actually held hands.
Just laying down with everyone around, you reached down and clasped your hand with mine.
Butterflies started flying around in my tummy, and I couldn’t help but smile.
We just laid there, and it felt like nothing else existed
At that moment I knew I loved you.

I remember our first kiss ,like it was yesterday .
I remember how it took us a few tries to actually do it.
I remember the feel of your lips on mine, and how it made me feel
And how you were so sweet and never rushed me into anything at all
I remember when you caught me by surprise and kissed me goodbye.
And how you made my tummy feel at the moment.
At that moment I knew I loved you.

I remember the day we broke up, and how it made me feel.
I remember crying, and now knowing what to do.
I remember wanting to hate you but I couldn’t.
I remember you being my friend

When I think of meow, I think of you
I think of all the moments we had, and the memories we shared.
I remember how you made the butterflies in my tummy start to fly.
I remember how long I wished I could forget about you and everything we had.
But I remember not wanting to forget because I knew it was real.
I remember how lucky I was to have you as my boyfriend and I cherish the memories
I also remember how lucky I am to have you as my best friend


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