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Submitted: July 28, 2012

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Submitted: July 28, 2012



Hello everyone, My name is Fayt Hart.

I have started an RPG like fantasy novel that would include various Booksie users in the story. 

Now this story is for fun, and for kicks. So below I will list all the characters needed as of far. Brink of Anguish (prologue) is up. Now yes it is a bit confusing, but which of my stories aren't? Brink of Anguish is a fantasy story about a person who travels through different parts of time and saves the world when that time strays from the tracks. However, given the power of time travel and immortality, he was purged of his memories, therefore making it harder for him to save the world. 


The world itself is called Agonia, which means Agony. It is a planet of suffering, being infested by power hungry humans, and blood thirsty creatures. I'll not spoil the rest of the story. How this works is, I will act as head of storyboarding. COMMENT BELOW ON THIS ARTICLE YOUR CHARACTER NAME, CLASS, AFFILIATION, ETC ETC. The more details the better. This, unlike my other story, has no limit to characters. This will also be treated somewhat like a Role Playing thing. So enjoy! 

Now for the info:


Characters Needed:


Thief - nimble souls with sticky fingers. Unlocking doors is a synch!


Abyss Knight - Knights who blend with the dark. Ripping open a void that banishes a weak soul or consume their life.


Holy Knight - Empowered by the holy light, that is said to be bright enough to blind foes while allies remain in warm care.


Elementalist - Elements of Fire, Water, Earth, and Wind specialists. Becoming more accostumed to the usage, they learn how to combine elements.


Mystic - Supporting roles that can heal or stop foes in their tracks. 


Warrior - Strength is above all, along with very good defense. Well balanced soul.


Tamer - Lover of all things living. A warm soul to touch the hearts of malicious minds to fight alongside them.


Archer/Gunner - hawk eyed souls whose ranged tactics and assaults are unmatched.


Sign up now! More classes and characters will be needed as the story progresses!


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