My legacy to all

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The recalling of an old mans regrets of his life.

Submitted: August 31, 2012

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Submitted: August 31, 2012



My life has gone to waste. Meaningless and shallow, I worked and worked obtaining as much wealth as I possibly could. And for what? For my choice of the most beautiful women around me? For the trophy wife that all of my peers envied? For our children? Ah yes, the children; cold, greedy, self centered shells of humans. Oh at first they were sweet and innocent as most children are, I gave them everything they could ever want and more. I made sure they had the best education and all of the opportunities so that they could become successful in life. I even made sure some doors were opened up for them.

But what has that gotten me? Nothing but whiny, bitter adults who ended up leeching off of me and my lifes work, just like their mother! I never had any friends, not even as a boy, my father always told me to concentrate on the future and to keep my eyes on the world and not the fools who merely crawled all over it. So now here I am, old and decrepit; alone with no one at my death bed. My legacy gone to waste, I leave nothing but parasites in this world.

Don't be like me, make sure to live life. Not just with money or material things, nor with fantastic trips to exotic locations. Live, make friends and laugh. Create memories to last your lifetime. Don't be a fool as I was.

Make your legacy something to be remembered with a smile.....

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