flaming dogs try to kill me

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
zack has lived an ordinary life until one night when a nightmear comes trure and decimaes his school, his friends, and his life. can zack save everyone before it is to late.

Submitted: December 08, 2016

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Submitted: December 08, 2016



Flaming Dogs Try to Kill Me

By Finlay Deighan



“Who's there?” I stuttered. As I leaned over and looked under my bed, I gave a huge scream. There was no movement next door because my parents sleep hard and must not have heard me. There it was, the thing that made the strange noises, and it had gruesome facial features, glistening red fur, and the aberration of flaming fur on its back. It looked at me. I could see the pits in its eyes. It looked like a dog, but a dog’s fur doesn’t catch on fire.

The monster spoke to me, in a deep, gruff, and hazy voice. “Sorry, I didn’t want to wake you, but my stomach couldn’t stop gurgling for food.”

Oh, he is hungry. Well, as my parents say, eat healthy, stay healthy.

“Do you want me to get an orange for you?” I offered.

“No, no, I’ll just eat you!” With that, he lunged at me!

I woke with sweat dripping down my face. Still in bed, I asked myself, “There is no such thing as a monster, right?”  

The next morning when I arrived at school, I could tell something was wrong. The steps where as usual covered in graffiti. It was new. The paint was wet and stuck to the sole of the shoe. There was a huge crowd around my locker. (Why is it always my locker?)It was Johnny Mathis, the school bully.

“Hey, punk!” he yells at me “Why you late?  You still owe me 20 bucks for my lunch you stole from me yesterday.”

“Not true”, I stuttered. “You stole my lunch.”

“Dos it lok like I caree?” he said. “Oops, I mean, does it look like I care?” he stuttered in an electronic voice. “Damn it, my mogro fire is falling.”

Suddenly, it wasn’t the school bully standing before me. Every kid looked different, but they all looked the same.

I was surrounded by flaming dogs . Literally their coats of fur were on fire.

“Oops looks like my disguise and voice recognition failed, but who cares”, he casually said to his flaming cronies. “ kill him” he barked.

“AAAHHHHH” I screamed as I ran. “AHHH MONSTERS ARE TRYING TO KILL ME” nobody heard me because they were all monsters too!

I sprinted home and locked the door. I ran up to my bedroom and froze...

There in front of me there was the biggest Fire wolf. I backed up into the bathroom and stopped against the wall. With nowhere to go the wolf bared its teeth and said “Meet your death human”. Suddenly he pounced  but missed and hit a bottle of shaving cream. “AHHHRG” he howled when his paw touched the shaving cream. His fire extinguished and he transformed back into a human.

“Thank you so much, Zack”said larry in a graceful tone.

“What happened to you”

I invited larry, my BFF, to sit on my bed. As he told his story I listened intently. He had touched the leader’s coat which was on Fire which carried a bacteria in it and changed him into a wolf.

“I have a idea to cure the school”

“Tell me, tell me, tell me” I harassed.

“Okay, When you go to school on monday you will walk in the front door with a nerf gun. Instead of firing bullets it will  fire the shaving cream

The next morning I told my parents “Will you please take me to Toys Are Us, so I can buy a nerf gun”

“Sure, what do you need it for” mum said in a suspicious voice.

“Uh,um,for science class. I’m doing a project on air pressure.”I stuttered  

“Okay let’s go.”

I ran out of school screaming, what went wrong I thought. When I got home I went straight up to my room and pulled out a piece of paper. Plan A had failed So Now what do I do? Suddenly I realized I had filled my gun with the wrong stuff. I rushed to the pharmacy and bought 1234 cans of shaving cream. When I got  home I inserted the shaving cream into my guns holsters. The next day I strolled into my school. I got as far as the library before I was confronted by my adversaries. They pounced but I was prepared I stood there firing my shaving cream and watching the wolves change back into my peers. Finally I only had one wolf left. The Master.

“Why hello puny human” he sneered.

“I stopped you, and you can’t do anything about it” I told him.

“O but I can” and with that he lunged at me. My hand only just brushed the fire on his fur, but that was enough. I felt as if I am was on fire. It continued like that for one whole minute.  I couldn’t  move or hear, after what felt 100000000 hours an Ice cold sensation came over me. I was human again. Everyone was looking at me as if they had seen a ghost .

“Dude, how’d you do that?”,one kid said

“Do what” I said

“Dude you just disintegrated the whole school”

Suddenly I blackout.

I wake up to the vision of concrete ceilings and walls.There is a man in a cops uniform, at least I think that is what he is in. Dark blue uniform with a gold badge and a blue hat. Wait where am I?

The man in a cops uniform says to me in a deep hazy voice, “ Welcome to The Juvenile Delinquent Center of Hughestown”


“You're in jail son”,he replied, “For blowing up your school”

Lets just say Jail is 2000000000 times worse than any book or movie has described it. For 1 WHOLE MONTH I had to work long hours, wake up early, go to bed late and eat kale, did I mention that I hate kale. The jail is in the middle of nowhere and today i found out that I will be shot by a firing squad because I killed 2 kids when I “blew up the school” (meaning Half a corridor) really come on! The day of execution arrived. Seemingly my Parent had been brain washed so they thought nothing of this. When I walked outside I got drenched within 4.223 seconds of walking through that door that leads to the courtyard.

“Any last words” the guard asks me.

“Please make it quick” I replied





I woke with sweat dripping down my face. Still in bed, I asked myself, “There is no such thing as a monster, right? I am not dead am I?”  


© Copyright 2020 fdeighan@s.thevillageschool.com. All rights reserved.

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