Avenged Sevenfold

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Song Lyrics  |  House: Booksie Classic

Some of my favorite A7X lyrics...

Table of Contents


Some of my favorite A7X lyrics... Read Chapter

A Little Piece Of Heaven

Before the story begins, is it such a sin, for me to take what's mine, until the end of time? We were more than friends, before the s... Read Chapter

Beast And The Harlot

This shining city built of gold A far cry from innocence There's more than meets the eye 'round here Look to the waters of the deep... Read Chapter

Almost Easy

I feel insane every single time I'm asked to compromise ?Cause I'm afraid and stuck in my ways And that?s the way it stays So ... Read Chapter

Bat Country

He who makes a beast out of himself Gets rid of the pain of being a man Caught here in a fiery blaze, won't lose my will to stay ... Read Chapter

Brompton Cocktail

(Out of time) Doc, I'm dying, I'm feeling compromised (Feeling compromised) And so dehumanized (And so dehumanized) I lost m... Read Chapter

Buried Alive

Take the time just to listen When the voices screamin' are much to loud Take a look in the distance Try and see it all Chances... Read Chapter