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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Caroline Ventura is kidnapped one night to a secret compound. She is trained, tortured and learns she can control fire. But when her powers and an army on the verge bring her closer to the breaking point, she finds hope in a boy named Stark. Even love can't hold out when her troubled past comes back to haunt her. In a story of betrayal, new love, discovery, and sorrow, Caroline Ventura tells her story.

Table of Contents


I was dreaming of running. I was sprinting through a field, trying to escapee something unseen. Normally, this would be easy, only my leg... Read Chapter


I could vaguely feel myself moving, being lifted, and thrown elsewhere. I struggled to pull myself back to conciousness, but the weight w... Read Chapter


The van/car/truck was on a dirt road, and was bumping in every direction. We went over a rock. I jolted toward the cealing of the van/car... Read Chapter


An hour later, the tears began to slow. I had no reason left to cry. My heart had become stone, every last hope I had drained over the co... Read Chapter


My heart sped up. I wondered, just briefly, if I could run with my feet tied. Human instinct, I suppose. Fight or flight. I couldn't do e... Read Chapter


I forced myself to open my eyes. Oh. Jesus, of all the things to get worked up about. The man had simply cut my bindings. "Get out alread... Read Chapter


The man shoved me through the gate. Ouch. That was going to leave a bruise. My arm was also bleeding from the fiasco with the pocket knif... Read Chapter


Mr.Dansro shoved me in. "I have more people to pick up, so get there yourself. Go down the hallway, all the way, and take a left." I snid... Read Chapter


"Come in." A suave voice carried out into the hallway. One word blended into another. Recognition arose. This seemed to be the voice from... Read Chapter


This man made it sound like I was dangerous or something. That's me, Caroline Ventura, cold-blooded murderer and master of sarcasm."What ... Read Chapter


I snorted. "You expect me to belive this shiz?" I was sceptical, as if you hadn't figured that out by now. The man was glaring at me with... Read Chapter


I pulled up more courage I didn't know I had. "No, I can't, and I won't. I won't walk away from this life I love living for some hypothet... Read Chapter


Bright light filtered through the thin fabric of the bandana. The heavy smell of chemical cleaners and something metallic filled the air.... Read Chapter


An internal burning filled me. I had passed out, only to land in Hell. What had I done to deserve this?I couldn't be dead, not like this,... Read Chapter


It was an uncomfortable feeling, this not knowing, not remembering thing. You know, uncomfortable on top of the whole, 'endless moment of... Read Chapter


 He motioned for me to come forward. He took a couple alkward steps, and the doors slid open. Again. Stupid advanced technology. "In... Read Chapter