Cold - So very cold

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

Just made this up off the top of my head from a Facebook post.

The year is 1726
My name? - Malachi. 
The War has been going on for about 2 years now.
My parents have gone missing.
I feel alone, afraid. Cold - so very cold in this blanket.
I must find my parents.
They surely must be worried.
Yesterday was strange. The Queen had royal guards take me to the castle. She was very nice, offered me some tea and a biscuit. I took them without question. After my parents left, I got pulled out of my home. I couldn't pay rent and my parents couldn't either. I hope they come home soon. I'm cold - so very cold.
The earth shook a great magnitude today, Father always called them "Clanks and Shanks", Mother always laughed.
I miss her laugh, and her warm cooking. Cold. So very cold. The cold seems to be hidden, for it is not winter here. It must be coming from my
I did some research today, Mammals aren't cold blooded, so it can't be from within my body.
My nose is red, my fingers blue, my skin pale, and my heart for you. It is cold on the outside.
So very cold.
Whether the cold be of the climates doing or of a frozen shoulder booing, it remains.
The frost within has clogged my veins and has chilled my very bone marrow.
i wait for my parents on the shore, seeking the distant and plentiful 'morrow.
I stand in the back.
I carry your slack.
I wait for the crack.
The whip leave not a scratch.
For my skin is ice and my blood snow.
Cold inside, no where to go.
Cold outside, nothing to show.
So very cold. She holds me close, the snow melts.
She kisses my cheek, the ice thaws.
I wrap my arms around her, she arcs her back.
We move together, when others would give slack.
We join in an embrace.
In this point in cosmic space.
Maroon shades my face.
We danced in this place. The musical stops.
Her heart rate drops.
I run my fingers through her hair.
Her glance changes to a stare.
She moves closer.
As do I.
We finally kiss.
Her lips soft against his.
The blood starts to race.
Their faces both shaded in deep red.
The pull apart for only the school bell.
He leaves her mind first.
He can't get rid of that smell.
The aroma of her perfume.
Its trapped him like a body in a tomb.
His heart is racing.
His head is spinning.
He sees her across the hall.
He offers a call.
She turns to the wall.
His heart shrinks.
Her heart untouched, unscathed.
This is maddening, worthy of rave.
He lets her scent go.
His heart breaks from the window.
Feeling alone, afraid.
He is Cold.
So very cold.

Submitted: November 02, 2014

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