No Mouth

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Paul Keant went in for a normal check up, but came out with something much more horrifying.

Submitted: September 10, 2014

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Submitted: September 10, 2014



Hello, my name is Dr. Jonathan Tentol. I was working for the government on a secret project for new chemical warfare methods, and when this opportunity arrived I took a leap of faith in the people who put me into poverty. It was a simple experiment just, get a host, the gas, and somebody willing to try it out. We got the first two just fine, but the last one was harder to find than we thought. So instead we chose to go with a more unethical answer and we pulled a recently discovered diabetic named Paul Keant. Nothing strange in his file, but he did have serious life troubles. He was poor, jobless, unmarried, and spent his leftover money on dirty magazines and movies. He was just wasting away, into the nothingness. He was called into the office and told his exam would start soon. Then we went into action and gave him a sedative through means of syringe. He fell in his chair, slumped over like some big sleeping ape. He was much heavier than we thought so it took four men to get him in and out of the vehicle. Once inside he began to wake up, he was sedated again, this time a larger dose however not big enough to kill him. He stayed asleep throughout the whole operation as I forged papers in his name to show to the chief executive. His mouth sewn shut and covered in a layer of a think, skin like substance known as __________ which has been reported to make huge differences in the mind set of people. He began to awaken after the operation and tried to let out a shout of pain and confusion, but only the muffled sounds of the man could be heard. We watched as we administered the gas to his room. He would rise up, attempt to laugh but fail, and grab a kitchen knife and finally press his hands and face against the one way glass window. I could've sworn he was looking at me, his piercing ice cold eyes still stab into my soul. Three days passed and this activity continued up until the day before the last of this experiment. When I arrived at his "house" we'll call it, using saw blood on the window and all the other doctors dead. A singular stab wound through the side of the neck, slicing the jugular veins. My eyes widened as I noticed him standing next to a doctor he freshly murdered. His still beating heart in Paul's hands. I stood up from my crouched position and started to run. Paul chased after quickly, but I was faster. He tripped on a stair and fell down, staircase after staircase. He layed there on the ground long enough for me to get a mental picture of his face that still haunts me. It was a ghostly white, with just two elongated eyes. They were oval shaped and completely black, he also had no nose or mouth. Just the black empty, lifeless eyes.

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