Little Melody (Part 3)

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Scene 3
The big birthday scene... happiness and joy all around.

Submitted: October 21, 2014

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Submitted: October 21, 2014



Scene Three

Soft classic rock music playing in the room made the setting calm and warming, as everyone looked so happy and content as they talked about dinner. Felicity is sitting at the table, across from David, smiling ear to ear as she shakes one of the gifts she had behind her on the buffet. Randall is across from Carol, eating his slice of pizza as he laughs at Felicity.

Carol- Shakes her head as she smiles, "Young lady, you can wait long enough to eat dinner. Stop that." She laughs light heartedly, before sipping her ice tea.

David- Reaches over the table to hand Felicity a small box, "You have to wait, but this is my second gift. I forgot to put it with everything else." He said softly, as she takes it.

Felicity- Giggles happily, "Okay." She says as she turns to add the gifts to the table of boxes, bags and card she had been recieveing all week from family members as well as her brothers and mother.

David- "You made out like a fat rat, didn't you, Fe?" He says as he covers his mouth with his hand as he finishes chewing.

Carol- Reaches over and touches his hand, as she looks at him with pride in her eyes. "Thank you." She whispers, before asking him to "Can you put another piece of pizza on my plate as I go get her cake set up?" He does just that, as she exits the room.

Felicity- Nods her head as she keeps eating, and looking back at the gifts. She looks so anxious as she taps her left leg on the leg of her chairs, "There's just so many." She says sounding excited and happy at the same time.

Randall- Laughs sounding entertains, "Well, you are 13 years old. In our family that is a big deal, but to me you'll always be my little Tink." He says winking at her as he sips his pepsi.

David- "Tinker Bell. That's been her nickname for years now. (He pauses to sip his pepsi) Hasn't she outgrown it yet?" He asks to Randall curiously, as Felicity reaches over and grabs another piece of pizza; while rolling her eyes.

Randall- Looks over at David, with his brows up before pointing with his eyes at Felicity. Yet, when David didn't take the hint he blurts out "She's wearing the Tinker Bell necklace and earring set mother got her two years ago fro Christmas." He says softly as Felicity blushes, nodding yes in agreement.

David-  Laughs loudly, nodding his head as he says "Yeah, yeah. You're right."

Carol- Walks back in as she says, "So, what if she still like Tinker Bell? I see nothing wrong with that." As she sits back in her seat smiling at Felicity who's sipping her drink then finishes her piece of pizza.

Felicity- Looks at her mother calmly, but contently happy as she says "I'm done, mother. Can I open my gifts now?" Before she bats her eyes and sticks out her bottom lip looking as though she was pouting. "Please." She adds as she puts her hands together like she was pleading.

Carol- Shakes her head, as she chuckles. "What do you think boys?" She says looking at Randall then David, slyly.

David- Looks at his mother, then at his brother with a wide smile on his face as he says "No, I think we should make her wait. What do you think Randy?" Before he looks back at the anxiously waiting with the pleading look still upon her face.

Randall- "Hm. What about cake time?" He asks Felicity, as he pulls out his cellphone and pulls his camera up. "Say cheese birthday girl." He laughs as he snaps the picture before she can.

Felicity- "Please." She cries out, with her hands in the air slightly. "We can do cake after, I'm full. Please!" She begs all of them, but her gaze falls upon Carol.

Carol- Laughs, as she reaches out touching her daughter's hand lovingly. "You can open a few of them, now. The rest after we have cake, but we've got to finish eating before you do so. Alright?" She says softly, Felicity nods her head in agreement as she gets up and hugs her tightly before taking her plate to the kitchen. "Don't you look at that cake young lady, or I'll make you wait until tomorrow for you're gifts. " She laughs as she lightly slaps her sons arm, hinting him with her eyes to go into the kitchen. "Can you get me more tea please?"

David- Laughs, "Yes, mother." Before getting up and heading into the kitchen, (camera fallows David) he goes to the counter by the sink, setting her cup down as Felicity cleans her plate up before putting it in the dishwasher. He gets the pitcher out of the refrigerator as he says, "Open mine first." To Felicity as she walks past him, stopping to smile at him. 

Felicity- "Why?" She asks as she leans against the island, holding he iPod as she takes a picture of him. "Gotchya." She laughs as he closes the refrigerator, and grabs for the device. She swipes it away and rushes to the other side, laughing as she asks again, "Why open the little on first?" As she fixes her bangs, and leans on the counter top with her arms crossed in front of her.; trying to catch her breath from laughing.

David- Grabs ahold the glass and says, "I just want you to." As he heads back into the dining room with Felicity behind him, she jumps up and wraps an arm around him making him stop instantly so he didn't spill Carol's tea. She snaps a shot of the two of them together, before she lets him go. "Warn me, goofball." He laughs as he sets the cup by his mother. "Here."

Carol- "Thank you." She says looking up from her cellphone. "I've got to work tonight." She sighs as she, sets the phone beside her empty plate. 

Felicity- Sits down, with a sadden look upon her face and with her body- slouches in chair and has her head down as she says, "When do you have to leave?"

Carol- "In an hour. I've got to go shower, can you two clean up the kitchen while I'm gone?" She says getting up to take her plate into the kitchen. "But, that just means you will have to open all your gifts before I go. Can we do cake tomorrow?" She asks as she re-enters the room looking as though she was trying to sound pleasant, but she showed anguish in her eyes sleepy eyes.

Felicity- Looks up, slightly happy. "Yes, mother. That is fine, I really wish you didn't have to work tonight." She says sadly, before looking up at her with tears welling in her eyes, frustration hit her and suddenly she blurts out, "You worked this lastnight, to this morning. We were supposed to watch a movie as a family." Before she could stop herself., she covers her mouth for a second as Carol looks at her clearly distraught her daughter felt that way. "I'm sorry, mother. I'm so sorry." She said as she got up and walked out the room to the kitchen, trying to hide her tears. (Camera fallows)

Felicity walks into the kitchen and stops at the sink, tears rolling down her face. Yet, as Randall walks into the room instead of turning to talk to him she storms out the front door and leaps off the back steps. She runs to the back of thier fence and opens the gate, she rushes out it. It slams behind her, as she takes off to where she goes when she is really upset and don't know how to handle it. She arrives at a small pond a block away, it's just at the enterance of the park across from the mini-mart. She sits at the edge of it, knees pulled up to her chest as she sobs sadly. A few moments later her brothers show up, jogging next to one another. They come up beside her and plop down on the ground, looking around as she just stares at the fish swiming around the edge.

Randall- Sighs a second later, "You made mom freak out." He says as he turns to look at her finally.

David- "Yeah, she worries about you if you leave the house alone, you know that." David scolds, rudely. "Plus we get yelled at for letting you get out the house without us by your side." He adds as he pulls out a cigarette, and lights it.

Randall- "Dude, don't smoke that around, Fe. She's a kid." He says quickly as he waves the smoke from blowing in not just his face but her's as well. "You smoke those as well, huh? I knew it." He adds as he gets up, and dusts off his clothes. "Want me to push you on the swing?" He asks Felicity calmly, as he holds out his hand.

David- Looks up at him, "Stop babying her. She is 13 years old, she is old enough to swing on her own dammit." He practically yells at Randall as he too stands up and brushes his jeans off, "I'm heading back to tell mother that we found her. Get home, she'll want you to open the gifts with her there." He barks rudely, as he tosses his cigarette on the ground before he jogs away.

Randall- Kneels down beside her, "I get it. Trust me, I'm sick of her working all the damn time. She misses out on a lot of things with all three of us, Fe. So, please don't make her miss out on you opening your gifts, she got you two really important things she has to be there for you to open." He pleads with her as he takes her hand and helps her up, he pulls her into a hug and whispers, "It'll be okay. We can make the most of the night, ourselfs." Before walking with her back to the house.

Felicity and  Randall show up to the back gate a few minutes later, laughing and joking about what they wanted to do for fun that evening. They find David on the back poor scowling as he texts on his cellphone, they walk up to him slowly and stop at the edge of the steps.

Felicity- "I'm sorry." She says softly, "Let's go inside, we can play games and watch movies all night." She adds as she sits beside him, he looks at her and cracks a slight smile.

David- "What kind of games?" He says as he puts his hands down, resting his elbows on his legs- cellphone still in hand.

Randall- Puts his hand on the railing as he says, "She wants to play Monopoly. I want to play something on the Wii, what about you?" With intent of good clearing his motive, and expression upon his face.

Felicity- After a few seconds she taps his arm lightly with her elbow, "Well?" She asks curiously.

David- Looks up at the sky, then at Randall before focusing on Felicity. "I'd like to play Just Dance." He says, watching Felicity's face light up with excitement, before she grabs him pulling him into a bear hug. "Happy?"

Felicity- "Yes, yes I am. I love you guys. My favorite games, both of them. Wait, we are playing both right?" She says hugging David tightly, then jumping up and into Randall's arms. She dangles there for a second before dropping to her feet adjusting herself, calmly. "Sorry, got excited." She says as she noticed Carol at the back door.

Carol- Opens the screen down and holds it as she asks, "Felicity, can I please speak with you?"

Felicity- Walks up the steps and into the house, leaving the boys sitting on the back steps chatting softly. She walks in and sits on the stools at the edge of the island. "I'm sorry, mother. I know I wasn't supposed to leave the house without the boys, I really and sorry. Please don't ground me." She pleads quickly, panic in her voice Carol closes the back door to have privacy.

Carol- "No, my child. You aren't in trouble, I understand for once why you did it. The boys explianed it to me, and I am the one who is sorry." She says as she walks over and hugs Felicity tightly, "I didn't realize I am missing everything that is important, I just try to make sure you three have all you need as well as good college funds." She adds as she holds back tears, "I guess it just didn't dawn on me how much time I was wasting do that thought." She joins her, sitting on the stool beside her.

Felicity- Turns towards Carol, "When do you have time off?" She questions quickly. "So, I know when we can watch a movie like you promised we would for a birthday gift. I love spending time with all of you, together. It won't be the same without you tonight, mother." She adds softly, sadden but still smiling slightly.

Carol- Puts her head down and sighs, "I know, my precious girl, I know. Well, I was supposed to have tonight off. So, I truly don't know the answer to that question, right now." She answers the best she can. "I will talk to the supervisor for my unit tomorrow morning before I leave and let you know when I come home tomorrow." She says with a slight smile upon her sad face. "Can you open at least my gifts before I have to go in ten minutes, please?" She gets up and pushes the stool back in.

Felicity- Jumps off the stool happily and rushes to the back door, while Carol pushes the stool in. "I'm opening gifts." She calls to the boys as she opens the back door.

Scene moves forward...

Felicity is on the couch in the living room while Carol in the recliner, and David is on her left, Randall on her right. All the gifts now in front of her on the coffee table, yet her mother's are the ones on her lap. Carol is holding her cellphone up ready to take pictures of the event.

Felicity- Rips open the rectangular box first, it's a cellphone. Her eyes get big as she squeels with excitement. "Really, my own cellphone mother?" She asks as she looks over at her, a smile booming across her face.

Carol-  "Yes, I believe you are responsible enough to have one. You are a teenager, now. You'll need it if you want to be able to leave the house without one of those two with you, just don't give the number out to just anyone. Your friends are fine, but I will be checking it from time to time to make sure you are aking the right choices and such. Okay?" She says as she takes a few phones of the overly happy Felicity as she takes the phone out of the box. "It's all set up, you have unlimited everything."

Felicity- "Everything?" She asks as she looks at her, puzzled.

Carol- Nods her heads, "Yes, everything. Talk, text and web." She says as she takes another picture of Felicity's reaction to the news.

Felicity- "I'm allowed to go online?" She asks quickly, her eys showing pure happiness.

Carol- "I trust you to make the right choices, just no chatrooms or anything perverted. Oh, your brother's said they will help you make a private facebook pge if you want them to. You can't add anyone you don't personally know, and it has to be comepletely private. They'll explain all that to you. Open the other one, I've got to get going here in a minute." She says rushing Felicity to open the larger, thinner box.

Felicity- Rips open that next present, "No way. No freaking way. My own laptop, really mother? I love you so much, thank you. Thank you so much I love the gift and the fact you trust me with the responsibilities they bother endure. I swear I will fallow all your rules. Oh my goodness, thank you." She says as she gets up and squeezes Carol tightly, "I love you."

Carol- Smiles contently, "That made my night, knowing you love your presents. Now, be a good girl for your brothers and listen to them as they explain how they both work. I love you. I've got to go, see you all later." She says as she hugs each of them, "I love you all." She says as she rushes out the door.

Felicity- "I can't believe I got a laptop and cellphone. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world right now." She says as she sets them both on the floor under the table. "Okay, time for you're gifts." She adds as she looks for the ones from them.

(Soft music starts playing, drowning out the conversation and noise) Felicity grabs the small box and rips it open, pulling out a beautiful silver necklace with a lone wolf charm on it then she grabs for the gift back he too had gotten for her. She lifts a beautiful black sweater dress with a white leather belt that goes with it. She hugs him tightly and looks for the gifts from Randall, opening the biggest one first, it's a new bed set- she lights up with each gift. Scene fades into darkness, and comes back with Felicity alone in her bedroom.

Felicity- Laying on her belly on the couch, with her lap top n front of her screen showing she is on her newly made facebook. "Randy, can you come here?" She calls out as Randy is in the kitchen making them popcorn for their movie marathon, David is upstairs- grabbing Monopoly from the hall closet.

Randy- Walks in holding a big bowl of popcorn and 3 glasses of soda on a silver tray, "What's up?" He asks as she sits up, he sits beside her after setting the tray on the coffee table.

Felicity- "How do I attach the camera to the computer so I can upload them to facebook?" She asks, as she holds the digital camera, Randall had gotten her for his second gift. "I want to post the pictures the three of us took earlier, and the few I took just now." She adds as he takes it and attaches the cord to the computer then the camera.

Randall- Smiles at her as he sets her laptopn back on her lap, "Glad you like the camera. You're computer has a camera as well, just don't use it for online chatting with anyone without knowing them or mother's permission. Okay?" He says sternly, as he gets back up heading to the front door. "Now, I forgot the movies so I'm running to the video store. I'll be back in fifteen minutes, listen to David. He's in charge." He says with a smirk before walking out.

Felicity- Grabs a hand full of popcorn, and uploads the picture to her computer before posting them on facebook under a new album (camera zooms in on the screen) 13th Birthday. She makes sure it is private before uploading the pics, "Can you make sure I have the album under private?" She asks David as he comes down the stair.

David- Laughs, "Sure. Can you clear off the table while I do so?" He asks as he sets the game on the couch and takes her computer. "I can see you are happy, oh look you already have 6 friends." He says quickly.

Felicity- Puts the food and drinks on a tv tray, before hopping back on the couch leaning in to see the screen. (Camera zooms in on the screen) "Look, mother added me. Hey, so did you and Randy. Who are the- oh.. (pauses) Mya, Lidy and Eda added me." She says happily as she takes the computer back.

(Camera moves out as) David sets up the game on the table and Felicity plays on her new Facebook page. Randall comes back into the house holding 4 movies, (Camera fades out) with them all sitting on the couch looking at the movies, smiling and laughing.

Scene closes...

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