Little Melody (Part2)

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Scene 2
Right before the birthday dinner takes place... hope you like it. Please read in order :) and comment!!!

Submitted: October 19, 2014

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Submitted: October 19, 2014



Scene Two

Scene starts with the sound of laughter from the dining room, as David walks down the stairs looking as though he was still rather annoyed. He sits on the bottom step as he listens to the conversation between his siblings and mother as they get ready for dinner.

Carol- "No, forks go on the right. Come on Randall, you know this by now." She says strictly, as she looks up quickly as she cut the pizza.

Randall- Looks across the table at Felicity who was placing the plates at each setting, "Yes mother." He says fast, as the two of them smile. "You excited? It's almost gift time." He adds as Felicity, blushes happily.

Felicity- She nods her head yes, as she places the next plate down while Randall turns to the counter to grab the cups that needed to now be added to the place settings. "Yes, yes I am." She admits softly a second later as she lens on the table gently, "Anything else mother?" She asks quickly as she turns back and enters the kitchen.

Carol- Looks up smiling widely, "No my child. Please, go get washed up and dressed for dinner." She says as she looks at Felicity with care and joy in her eyes, as well as her tone.

Felicity- Just smiles as she walks into the living room to see David on the stairs, "Excuse me." She says as she approaches, he eyes focused on the floor.

David- "There is no excuse for you." He whispers as he grabs the railing, pulling himself up as he growls "You are such a waste of space." Before he walks to the couch and throws him self down on it, laying with his face on the pillow and cellphone in hand. He looks at it as she just stands there., "You better get up the stairs since you made me move, Golden One." He barks fast as he looks back to see her standing there with her head down.

Felicity- Clasps her hands together, as she avoids crying. "I'm sorry." She says in a shakey, yet sad voice. She places the hand on the railing and looks at him for a second as she says "I'm sorry I was ever born, and that I ruined your life." Before she makes her way quickly up the stairs.

David- Gets up and heads to the kitchen, "Need any help mother?" He asks as he places his chin gently on her shoulder, sounding rather caring and sincere now.

Randall- Walks into the kitchen from the dining room, "Yeah."

Carol- "Yes." She corrects as she shoots him a quick glare.

Randall- "Sorry mother. Yes, can you please not ruin her birthday again." He says quickly, as he tries to say is as calmly as he can. "It is her day."

David- Throws his hands in the air, "Everything is about her. I'm so fucking sick of it."

Carol- Stops what she is doing and looks up with rage across her red face. "Get upstairs to your room, you are grounded for a week. I warned you to watch the language." She barks as she wipes her hands on a hand towel hanging on the stove.

David- Turns quickly towards her, "It's not fair. Why do you love that little thing more?" He snaps back, as he slams his hands on the counter top. "What because she is adopted? So, what? Shouldn't she be treated equal then?" He asks, voice still raised and harsh.

Carol- Shakes her head as she holds her eyebrows with her thumb and pinter finger, "David, you need to keep your voice down. If she hears you I swear I will lock you up until I can ship you off to military school in the fall." She says quickly as she slowly looks up, crossing her arms across her chest. "I trusted you with the truth and you are showing me you aren't mature enough to handle anything that important. If she finds out she will be crushed, ask a bunch of questions and I... I.. I just am not ready to tell her about it. So keep your mouth shut, didn't I say got to your room?" She says as her eyes bore into him with pure anger and rage.

David- Glares at her for a second more, before walking past her to the living room where he ran up the stairs and past Felicity rooms to his room. He slams the door, and literally sits on his bed eyes narrow with his rage.


Felicity is laying across her bed on her side with her face barried in the beller of her favorite teddy bear (a pure white bear that has her name on the left foot) as she sobs softly, so soft that you couldn't tell she was upset unless you were in the room near her. Suddenly there was a knock at the door, which made Felicity jump. 

Felicity- Sits up and wipes her eyes, "Yes?" She calls out as she tries to stop herself from crying as she scoots to the edge of the bed.

Randall- "Birthday dinner set up, presents awaiting. Are you ready?" He calls through the door happily.

Felicity- Wipes her eyes again, yet allows her hair to fall down the sides of her face as she looks down at her hands as she says "No, I.. I, uh, am not hungry." weakly.

Randall- "Are you dressed?"

Felicity- "Yes." She answers as she keeps her head down.

Randall- "Okay, I'm coming in." He says as he opens the door and joins her on the end of her bed. "What did he do now, Fe?" He asks as he rubs her back gently.

Felicity- She shakes her head side to side as she hides her face in her hair.

Randall- "Fe, what did he do?" He asks as he pushes her hair behind her ear. "Please talk to me." He says as he reaches over and wipes the tear from her cheek.

Felicity- Looks up at him, her eyes red and puffy from crying so hard. "He hates me, and I just can't figure what I did to make him hate me. We used to be so close, remember?" She suddenly breaks out, with more tears and fast shakey speech before she leans over wrapping her arms around him tightly; sobbing into his chest.

Randall- He shakes his head side to side, "No. He don't hate you, he hates himself. He is angry at the world, and that's his problem. Don't let him bring you down, please, it's your birthday." He says trying to sound positive and happy.

Felicity- "Why is he so mad?" She asks as she looks up at weakly.

Randall- "He's the middle child, he is awkward and gets bullied at school by most everybody for thinking he's the next Kurt Cobain. Like he really should be looking up to a druggie who commited suicide, anyways. Don't let him ruin you birthday again."

Felicity- "I guess I just wish I knew what turned everything around, we were best friends. All three of us, we did everything together and honestly since he stopped hanging out with me I have a lot less freedom on the outside of the house because mother works a lot and you have your football. It's just sad, we used to have fun doing nothing but walking and talking. I miss that, I miss him." She says as she turns more on the bed to face Randall, "Don't you?"

Randall- "I do, but he isn't the same Davie we knew." He says as he looks at the door, noticing David was leaning against the door frame.

David- He crosses his arms, as he says "Oh, no don't stop talking about me like I'm not here." With a cocky smile.

Felicity- Looks at him and says "Why do you hate me?" In a curious voice and sad eyes.

David- He looks off to the side of her room as he answers, "I don't hate you. I just don't like how you are so spoiled rotten and I get forgotten all the damn time. Most of the time it is because of you mother misses important things at school or even Randy's games." He turns his glare back at her.

Felicity- She gets up, wipes her eyes and walks to her bathroom. She closes the door as she starts crying again, you can hear the lock turn.

Randall- Stands up and walks over to the bookshelf next to her bathroom door, he looks at the pictures she has of the three of them before he says "You aren't the same Davie we knew, he wan't a liar and he didn't sneak around with the wrong crowd behind mother's back. She thinks you are best friends with Jamie still, she don't even know where you really go when you say you are going to hang out with him." He turns to look at David who's standing there looking rather nervous at this point. "Yeah, I know the truth. Remember we go to school together, Jamie is on my football team and you hang out with the stoners. I've caught you behind the parking garage with major burn out Aaron and his goons, I even saw you take a hit out of the glass bowl he packed-"

David- "You stalked me?" He said fast, as he took a step closer looking even more worried.

Randall- He smiled confidently, "No. Unlike you I have a part time job, remember? I was walking home after working and I saw you, I watched for a moment. But, it was only because I couldn't believe my eyes. What happened to you?" He says sounding concerned as they hear the door unlock beside him.

David- "Great. The Golden girl knows I smoke and hang with Aaron and lie, thanks. Thanks alot. Now mother is going to ship me off to miliatry school, why did you do that?" He snaps, as he began pacing side to sideas he spoke with his hands like most italians do.

Felicity- Opens the door slowly, and walks out. "How long have you been lying?" She asks blankly.

David- Shrugs his shoulders, "Why? You need more ammo for mother?" He asks defensively.

Felicity- "No." She respond monotone.

David- He rolls his eyes, as if he couldn't believe he was trusting her with this information. "Fine, it's been awhile." He answers as he sits on her bed, while Randall closes the bedroom door.

Felicity- "Do you really smoke weed?" She asks as she sits beside him, facing him still with a blank look upon her puffy pink face; from all the cry earlier.

David- He turns to her and blurts out "Why?"

Felicity- "Please, just tell me the truth for once." She says as she places her hand upon his gently, "I'm your sister, I deserve to know the truth."

David- "But, you're just a kid." He says looking her in her eyes, then up at Randall who is leaning against the door looking down at the ground. "Ugh, fine. (he falls to his side on the bed, and adds) Yes, I smoke."

Felicity- "Why?" She questions next, innocently looking at him, her eyes show curiousity.

David- He says as he sits back up facing forawrd this time, "I... I just like feeling high I guess. It numbs the pain from all the name calling and put downs. So, are you going to run and tell on me?" He asks suddenly, and coldly.

Randall- Looks up, and lets out a deep sigh as he shakes his head. "She has never tattled and you know it." He says fast in defense of Felicity.

Felicity- Turns forward and places her hand neatly on her dress, "If I tell on you then that means I want you to get sent away... if mother heard all that she would send you to the academy down south until you were however old. I'm not losing my big brother. I love you too much, even if you hate me." She says as she gets up and walks over to her vanity where she brushed her cutrly hair back so she could put it up in a high ponytail.

David- Gets up and walks over to her, kneeling beside her as he turns her in her seat. "I don't hate you, I swear. I'm sorry for all of the mean things I've said to you today. I just want you to have a happy birthday, can we go down to eat now?"

Felicity- Nods her head 'yes and she smiles at him, they stand at the same time. She hugs him tightly, as he does it back.

David- "I'm so sorry, I love you so much, Felicity." He whipsers in her ear again, "I wish I could take back everything I've been doing these past few years, I just felt so alone and like everyone was against me." He says as the three of them look at one another by the door.

Randall- "Siblings always are suppose to have each other's back no matter what." He says as he opens the door, letting the two of them exit first.

Felicity- "And, we do." She laughs as she takes off out the door in a hurry. "Presents." She yells as she rushes down the stairs first.

Scene closes...

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