Rise Into the Heavens

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A poem

Submitted: October 04, 2012

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Submitted: October 04, 2012



Why must this life be this way?

It obvious I cannot stay.

People do not accept me here.

I walk this Earth with pain and fear.

Earth is filled with too much hate.

It seems for me death cannot wait.

I walk home alone one rainy day.

I stare at the ground the whole way.

Some older guys walk up to me.

Immediately I wish I was free.

Away from the world, out of sight.

Show me the way into the light.

The guys surround me like a pack.

One guy grabs me from the back.

I try to break free and run away.

I did not know this was my last day.

The whole five of them beat me down.

Then suddenly I hit the ground.

They had begun kicking me.

How I wished my soul was free.

Blood seeped out from my nose.

My head took several deadly blows.

The last thing I see is the guys flee.

An ambulance comes to to save me.

Above my body i begin to soar.

I am full of life no more.

I begin to cry then all goes black.

I awake lying on my back.

The blood has vanished out of my clothes.

I no longer feel the painfrom the blows.

I lookup andI see.

A familiar guy towers over me.

I've seen his picture hung up on a wall.

It was in a church, the worship hall.

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