(12) Alive

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From Feelings In A Box Called Heart [2005]
Street Date: 03/27/2006

Submitted: April 22, 2013

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Submitted: April 22, 2013



I’m the same no more
I’ve been changed by the way
Today I can see I’m stronger than yesterday
Maybe even smarter
If you can see I've learnt with my mistakes
But I didn’t deny my past
I've just became my way, makin’ it best

I had everything
From the best to the worst
I saw goin’ down my whole world
And that wasn’t time to be weak (no)
All the love, close friends and my father’d gone
But I couldn't give up
I should go on, I had to survive
So today you see I won

I didn’t fall in the hell
But I haven’t been in paradise
I only count on myself
For fight and survive
Maybe all could be easier
But in the end this let me stronger
Teaching me how to be wiser
Keepin’ me still alive

I've played by your rules
And you understood
I’m more than you thought
I lost my innocence when I've taken my choice
I left my wonderland
Throwed in real world
Leavin’ behind my dreams and hopes
I only had one chance

I was pretended, used and cheated
My rage fed my will to live
I found my strength in their weakness
I reached the top by only own
Risin’ through the darkness
Without your help or even anyone


You thought you could leave me
Locked down here underneath ur eyes
Coverin’ me with this heavy
Skin of your own foolish
But now I see above it all
I see above your lies
I can see the truth
U tried to kill my dreams ‘n feelings
You tried to kill me inside
Chokin’ me with my own tears
But I’m still alive


Thought you got that
So wrong, I've never been better...
Thought I’d be dead
You're wrong, I've never been better...
Never better

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