(13) The Silence

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From Feelings In A Box Called Heart [2005]
Street Date: 06/12/2006

I thought everything would be fine
We thought this would be the best choice
We thought love would be enough
Now we see this is not so right
I wonder how can things go so wrong?
We were just too young
And now I’m giving back this ring with our memories and dreams
Maybe we aren’t meant to be

I know we hope so much to be together
But sometimes love stories has no perfect end
If things are not meant to last
It’s better keeps like good friends
I know we tried so hard
But let’s stop before one of us get hurt
There’s no spark, just the silence
Between us...

There are so much I wanna say
I see you feel the same
Distance came and took love's place
Leavin’ a huge blank
And there were those days without end
Of tense touches and cold smiles
All I want is have you in me again
Feeling ur love touches me all night

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