Crimson Lips

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Submitted: April 05, 2016

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Submitted: April 05, 2016



It was dark, cold, I felt some sort of restraint on my hands and feet, as if I was tied up. ''What is this?'' I asked and turned to the side. As I turned my head to the left side I firstly noticed the clinging sound of chains that came from my behind...Was I tied up? Wait what is this, have I been kidnapped? ....I turned and looked around where ever I was, while doing that I noticed a slight glimpse of light that came from my lower field of was a straight line..wait am I blindfolded? I turned some more but upwards and surely confirmed that I was.. Who did this to me.. The questions, so many given and none of them answered. Then it struck me, yesterday I was hanging out with my friend Marc and he mentioned something about a dark dim litted room, Well it was mainly dark, the only light source was a small window on the top wall...Yes, this is exactly it. But...d-does this mean that he too is here? ''Marc, are you here?'' I said quietly just in case. Ahh.. these damn chains, whoever did this, its definitely not for some sort of perverted humiliation immobilization. My hands are tied behind my back and one of my feet has been clasped with one of those chain ball things...tho the ball is apparently missing because I could move freely in the room. After some walking around what seems to be a completely empty room, the walls are normal, the floor is...its all covered by a big rug I assume? its soft. The room however is decently big. I wonder where exactly I am...''Hello? Can anyone hear me? Please this isnt funny...'' I say out loud and sit on the floor again starting to slightly panic because of what my twisted thoughts created in my head right now.

As soon as I lean my back to the wall I hear someone opening a Door...wait there was a door here? How come I didnt feel it while snooping and examinating the room?...''Hhmmm, ah Nathan, So youre finally awake..good'' some mysterious voice said and what it seemed it came from my left side ''Wh-who is this? This isnt funny, please let me go'' I heard footsteps closing in on me ''Please? Oh but Nathan...You wanted this..Didn't you?'' I heard and was quickly pulled up by the person with he mysterious voice. ''W-what? I- what are you talking about?'' I asked and got no response...instead I felt someone pressing onto my private parts and I was quickly pushed to the wall by a quite big arm. ''A-ah, w-what are you doing?'' I said blushing and trembling due to the mixture of both arousal and terror. ''Oh don't worry, we have plenty of time..You told me that yourself... You did get kicked out of the house after all'' Then it stuck me quickly! The only person in the whole world who knew that was Marc. I lifted my head towards the source of sound ''M-MaAARC!'' I quickly lost my control and couldnt breathe because I was pressed tightly onto the wall and bit on the neck ''Ahh you do know who it is...thats good, means I don't have to explain myself'' as soon as I heard those words I moaned because of what was going on downstairs. I felt a wet, big and warm thing touching and twitching onto my already erect dick. ''Ah, Marc what are you doing...'' I asked blushing and turning my head to the side biting my lips trying to not lose control of myself. I shrugged together as soon as I felt his hand touching my member and pressing it onto his..wait is this frotting? Yes, it definitely is. I shut my eyes really tight in response of the pressure and the twitching of his member onto me and bit my lips even harder, so hard that I accidentally teared my lower lip with my fangs ''Ah ah ffuck'' as I said I felt another arm move slowly rubbing through my chest fur and moving towards my face ''Ahh so pretty, I love that stupid face of yours'' I gulped hearing that due to his change of tone. Not even a moment has passed before I could feel Marc closing in on me and already kissing me ''!'' I arched my back because Marc did kiss me, but he is also roughly licking my lower lip and the pain is just as bad as putting sandpaper onto your skin and rubbing it. ''Fhuuck, Nate, whats your secret? are you on a diet? Your blood tastes exotic..I knew you'd be the perfect fit for me'' He pulled me closer with his hand from my hand and squeeze hugged me with his hand whiles the other one actively rubbed our members up and down and I shook in both pleasure and pain as he continued to make out with me and literally rubbing his fang onto my wound on the lip.

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