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Ezekiel self harms no one knows and he doesn't want anyone to know.....until Aiden finds out and all hell breaks lose.Cane he survive and get the help he needs?Or will this be the end of Ezekial

Submitted: April 25, 2016

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Submitted: April 25, 2016



Prolung:Find Out 


The meek boy stared fixed at his friend wishing so bad he had worn the watch he had on his dresser.The lump in his throat grew ever stronger as he thought of the best excuse he could think of.

He  noticed!!He Noticed!!

The boy shyly tried to cover up the cuts on his wrists mentally crying and screaming at the same time.

"Aiden can't he can't know I cut..."He said to himself.

"Z!Z!Ezekiel!"Aiden said leaning closer to his friend,fixing his eyes intently on the other boy.

He snapped out of his mind."W-what!"

"Dude what happened to your wrists their mangled.

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