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My Language is the Best

Submitted: May 07, 2008

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Submitted: May 07, 2008




Language is very important in any society as it is not only a fundamental of culture but the very vehicle of culture. It’s relevance cannot be over-emphasized. Any society that does not want to lose its cultural values must continually cherish its language.

But what do have in this part of the world. People no longer want to associate with their language. Even in higher institutions where we have state associations that afford students to meet people from the same town and then interact in there local language, most students still do not go and as such our cultural values is gradually going into oblivion.

All situations of imperialism is replete with the imposition of the imperialist language. It is obvious that if there is to be any cultural liberation, people subjected to imperialism must re-assert themselves by redefining themselves in their own language as it is one of the best preservers and custodian of cultures and traditions of a society.

Far long before the birth of technological media of communication, language has been a potent medium that has helped to preserve our traditions, values and the history of ancestors. It has kept them unaltered and undistorted. It is a monument speaking what heritage were.

Any society that does not want to lose its sense origin is meant to jealously guard ands shield their language from contamination and distortion. We are to keep it from being flooded by other neighboring language or cultural influx.

Therefore, in less years to come so that we might not found ourselves to have lost our identity, our heritage, our root, it is necessary to make our indigenous languages relevant

I was chatting with my youngest brother in our living room and all through we were communicating in English language. I later asked him to get me food from the kitchen which I said in our local language, he just kept starring at me and I now realized he never understood what I said. I repeated in English language and quickly he went. And so I began to wonder that what’s happening to our local languages, I realized it’s gradually going into extinction



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