The Golden Fox

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic
Ikanaw was always the.. Different of her siblings. Yes, she was clever. But she was, and still is, eager to explore. From the first paw from the den, it's been like that. While out hunting, Ikanaw hears some animals speaking about the golden eagle. He was a powerful one, said to have lived for many years.
Ikanaw, being adventurous, just had to find out who he was.

Submitted: May 19, 2016

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Submitted: May 19, 2016



Ikanaw pranced around, chasing a vole. To be honest, she wasn't the best hunter of the kits. She remembered her first hunt, the one where the fox laughed and cried at her. She shook her head and continued.

The leaves spun and twirled in the wind, she laughed as she leapt into a pile of leaves that fluttered in reaction. Her ears flicked and she stopped, letting the vole scramble off. Those.. Voices...


Her eyes flicked to the bush and she padded forth, ignoring the wind. She then spotted Falcon, Chipmunk, and Bear.

Their names were Winlash, Wooq and Trew. Winlash was the master of gossip. Although Ikanaw didn't like the falcon, she had to admit she was rather mean.

"..the golden eagle lives..! They had screeched to me with their ugly voices. If hadn't gotten out of there, then I'd lose my hearing!"

"U-uh Winlash, the golden eagle died.."

"Quiet Trew!

The falcon turned to the bushed where Ikanaw sat.

"We have a visitor.."

"Wooq and Trew, get it!" At that moment Ikanaw shot off. She heard the two noisy mammals running up closer and closer. She changed directions swiftly, turning to the old gorge. It was rather dangerous. The furless put up a sign with one of their own, a picture of one falling in.


Ikanaw heard the gruff voice.

"You can't run forever, Fox!"

Shutting out the noise completely, she allowed her small black paws to lift from the ground, as she closed her green eyes. At that moment, time seemed to stop, the wind slowly rushing by her. She could hear the heavy paws slow down behind her, as she opened her eyes.


Then, time went back. It was only a matter of seconds before the fox was hanging for dear life. She heard the steps fade away and she started to pull herself up, only to see the paws of her litter mate..


Kryo. Kryo chuckled.


"Getting into trouble, Ikanaw-ka?"

"Cut it out.. Kryo-ka!"

"You know what happens to foxes that don't listen?" Kryo pushed her closer to the edge.

"They go into the gorge."

With a roar, fury climbed her neck and escapes through contact as the fox pinned Kyro down. The large male shook her off with ease. He laughed, before leaping to the trees, and he'd be gone.

"Stupid, stupid, Kryo." The young female muttered and walked to he favourite rock spot, where she'd see above the trees. She scanned the area, before spotting a plume of smoke.

"What the.."

Her eyes widened, and she felt her muscles tense. Her heart beat faster than ever, and she got up fast as lightning.

"MOM!"Ikanaw yelled into the woods, dashing off to find her mother. She'd also has alerted half of the forest, many animals peering out and slowly following.

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