The Girl With A Tail Instead of Legs

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This is an entry to Interviewing The Authors' contest. The directions were to put a twist on a fairytale classic and I got little mermaid. Hope u enjoy :)

Submitted: March 23, 2013

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Submitted: March 23, 2013



Alright. Look, I've been meaning to tell everyone this because there's this general misconception about me and my lifestyle. I'm here to explain, and excuse me if it's not going to come out sugar-coated. This is real.

Yes, I do have a tail, people did get that part right at least. But the whole birth thing is where I get mad. Okay, so you people honestly think I came out of a supernatural half-being and can breathe under water. You sir, are insane. I wasn't born by someone with a human body from the waist up.

Okay? I was born in Manhattan, at a HOSPITAL, perfectly healthy, in my birthday suit not a skimpy coconut bra. Now, how I got a tail was from humanity. Let's just say I fell into a chemical waste pool. Wala! Few weeks later, I've grown a tail.

I've got to tell ya, being homeschooled is not a walk in the park, it's a pain. My Mom's nagging me about homework constantly and I pretty much have no friends, no fish servant, nothing. Yeah, imagine that, growing a tail and then forced into hiding. 

I was basically trapped in our apartment for the longest. Right, you caught it, WAS. Don't blame me alright, after being in here for so long I kind of went insane. Yeah, cuckoo clock insane.

So I broke throught the lock on the back door and smelled the fresh air of outside. I felt like I was a rat that finally saw the light. Again, I was crazy. I wobbled(remember, still got that tail) of the patio and slid out into the street. 

Bad idea. At that moment, I felt like a rat again, not in the good way, the way where everyone looks at you like you're disgusting. I heard screams and whispers as all the attention was pointed toward me. Obviously, since I was in the street, all the cars stopped in their tracks.

A lady screamed at my slimy body and began to call 911. I looked around and almost cried. No one liked me. I was a freak and was better off in the apartment. I could hear the sirens coming down the street and wanted to drop dead.

The ambulance came into sight and paramedics rushed to me. The carried me into this net and dragged me into the truck were I was hauled off to be observed. I couldn't tell what this place was called but it felt like a prison. The walls were gray and the scientists looked evil. 

In the distance, I could see a boy. He smiled thinly and waved to me. I kept my head down and waited for me to be observed. They laid me on a bed and put a gas mask over my face to drown out the operation. I'm pretty sure most of you know what it's like to have injected laughing gas. You get that woozy feeling and your eyelids grow heavy.

During my peaceful sleep, I was awakened. It was the boy from the before he was saving me. He ran to me and dragged me down the hall. It would be fun if my life didn't depend on it. He scammed the doors and found what he was looking for. He pushed open the door and shoved me into a glass chamber. He pressed some buttons and I began to morph.

Legs. It felt good to see them again. The were long and lean, leading down to my small feet and stubby toes. I laughed, a rush of joy waved over me. The boy opened the chamber and helped me run free. 

Outside, the boy spoke," I'm Alex." He smiled and planted a fiery kiss on my lips. 


I sprang up from my sleep and screamed. I ripped off my covers to see my legs and feet. I sighed. That's it, no more Little Mermaid.

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