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Facts and opinions of a loving relationship

Submitted: July 11, 2011

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Submitted: July 11, 2011



You laid eyes on that person, and realized at that point that this is somebody that you took interest in. Many beautiful woman OR handsome guys walked pass you on that day, and every other day before and after seeing this person, yet this specific person was the one you kept thinking about, or even approached, either for a phone number, FaceBook invitation, BBM pin, MXIT number, or whatever contact information that person was willing to give you… and they did. You both smiled at each other when you spoke, and maybe you even scored a hug when you left. At that point when you both went your separate ways, you felt happy at the thought that maybe, just maybe, there was a chance for the two of you to become an item. You couldn’t wait for the next time you saw this person so when you got to wherever you were going, you phoned, BBM’d etc… and when you spoke to this person, the two arranged for the next time you meet. The day came, and as planned, the two of you met (sometimes its even a groupie thing… you bring your friends, il bring mine) and laughed and smiled and spoke for hours without running out of things to say, not even for a second, and at the end of the meeting, if your game was tight then maybe you got lucky and scored a kiss, though in some instances, the girl feels its too soon to be getting all physical (cause we all know that a guy would never NOT kiss a girl cause it’s too soon.. I mean.. really now) which to you wasn’t really an issue because speaking to this person made you realize what it is that you want out of a relationship. Days, weeks, even months went by, and after spending a lot of time in each others company, the two of you decided that you should make it official (girlfriend and boyfriend) and that was probably the most happiest moment you could remember in a long time. You couldn’t wait to tell your friends, and whoever else would listen, because you were now dating somebody who you felt was “ The Right One “ (which although many of you may disagree, I personally feel doesn’t exist) The excitement was intense, and the name you called this person before, suddenly changed to things like sugarplum, nunupie, baba, baby, etc… Everything went fine, and you couldn’t wait to be in each others company every chance you got. The two of you became so accustomed to each other, that you could tell when something wasn’t right (maybe a mood change, or something made the person feel down) and you would try your best to comfort that person. A lot of the time, your efforts were successful and you were able to comfort that person, and things carried on smoothly.

Information for the ladies.. Your guy sees things he finds attractive everyday, and although he might greet her in a way you don’t agree with, or look at her in a way that makes you jealous, by no means does it indicate that he loves you any less, or would leave you for her. The sad truth (and again something you might not agree with)is that temptation is much harder for a guy to resist than a woman, because naturally, woman have a more persuasive nature than men do. Eg. A guy comes and asks another guy for a two rand… for whatever reason.. his chances of getting that two rand is extremely low (unless they know each other, and even then it could be hard) but a lady comes and asks a guy for a two rand and it’s a whole other ball game (you know im right on that one) and this is something that no matter what scenario you put up, nine times out of ten you going to get the same result. Eg. A guy comes up to a girl and wants to sleep with her.. nine times out of ten she I going to say no (Exceptions to some woman) and a lady comes up to a guy and wants to sleep with him, once again it’s a whole other ball game (Exceptions to some guys) Please don’t think that im condoning infidelity by guys just because they are less equipped to resist temptation as girls are, because from any perspective you look at it, be it religious or on moral, that is wrong, but we are human and we make mistakes sometimes

Information for the guys.. Your girl is to you, somebody you wouldn’t intentionally hurt. You might not think her attractive, or beautiful, but trust me there is a guy.. or “guys” out there that are trying their utmost best to be with her and be responsible for her happiness. So all the times you complain about how bad her cooking is, there is a guy who keeps begging her to come over to his place and make dinner for him.. maybe not because he thinks her cooking is great (and I don’t even think im going to need to go into detail about why he wants her to come over and cook for him because if you don’t already know what he really wants from her then you shouldn’t be reading this) Yet night after night, she comes home to YOU. See this is what I was saying about woman being able to resist temptation, because guess what? For all we know, this guy could be more handsome than you are, he could be more mature than you are, he could have everything she wants, that you lack… and more! but because you have a real woman by your side, she does the right thing, and comes home and tells you exactly who tried what with her (which by the way, they only do that to make you agro and see how you will react to that, because I honestly don’t see why else they would) and instead of loving her more, you suspect her of cheating and become despondent towards her. If, or when this happens, and you know you got yourself a REAL LADY, and this is how you react, just bear in mind the guy begging her to come cook for him because you are pushing her right into his arms

In conclusion, and back to relevance…

The thing that you should fear most in your “loving relationship” is the day communication starts fading away, because if he or she is not talking to you, then who are they talking to? When you lie about anything, you are not only affecting that specific moment and the outcome of that ordeal that lead you to lie, but you are affecting every other moment that would follow. Trust me when I say that for some odd reason, the lies you tell are always remembered, and one day that lie will catch up with you. When it does catch up with you (and believe me it will) the trust in your relationship is gone, and that is something you might never ever be able to win back. The only question you need to ask yourself is, was it worth it? Because without trust and communication (besides the other qualities that you should have, like loyalty and endurance, because there will be disagreements, lets not forget snoring in bed and those kinds of things) your relationship is never going to work. Buying a fancy car or an expensive house so that your friends would think higher of you is one thing, but hurting the person you claim to love just for a night of pleasure, or even to show that you still got it, indicates nothing but stupidity because next thing you know you old, alone, miserable and not only did your stupidity affect your life (in a sense that you lost you companion) but it affected your companions life as well. Think long and hard about what it is that you are throwing away before you do something that you know could ruin your relationship, because when the truth does come out, there is no turning back.

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