Carol's Diary Of Timeless Love And Courage

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

From friends to lovers..
The Girl got sick with an incurable disease..
The guy broke her heart and left her.. There she found someone else who will truly love her for what she is..

t was our rehearsal for the live band audition at the Greenex polar when Jonard (my bestfriend since the 3rd grade) came and asked me for a date, tonight. At first I was so anxious and speechless but, he was too confident and charming. I never could’ve ask for more. But soon, as I found some words to say I told him I’ll be coming tonight. Then, he held my hand and kissed it gently. He smiled at me and said..

‘Be there. 7 o’clock at the circle park. See ya.’

Then, he went ahead to his school because he had just skipped his classes just to ask me for a date. It’s still 3 o’clock in the afternoon and I can’t wait ‘til 7pm. If only I had the magic to fast forward the time, I will.

During, our band rehearsal I was so not FOCUS. I’m the lead guitarist of the band and I can’t play the adlib portion perfectly due to my unsteadiness in walking or standing. My bandmates are obviously getting tired of my unacceptable attitude. It wasn’t long when one of them came up to me and talked to me concerning the audition.

‘Carol, do you know what you are doing right now?’

‘Yes. I’m playing the guitar. I’m the back-up singer. And I do my tasks correctly.’

‘No you’re not. You see we’ve been noticing you lately. You’re unsteadiness in walking or standing made us thought of your too much erratical behavior. You just keep on falling down haven’t you notice that? You’re actually pushing it.’

I got mad and pushed the guy away from me.

‘I quit. I never meant to do this but, I think this will be a good idea for the rest of us. Good luck on the audition.’

I walked away and went to the park where Jonard and I will meet. There, I cried silently. Tears starting to pour and pour.

And so while I was sitting on the bench with tears on my eyes when a guy sat beside me and handed me a handkerchief. I faced him up and saw him smiling at me.

‘Lady, you can take my handkerchief and wipe-out your tears. I hate seeing crying ladies around just because, they’ve been broken-hearted by their boyfriends.’

I never said a word instead, I just took the handkerchief and wiped-out my tears. It was so embarassing, really. So, I bend down my head so that he would not see me wiping my tears. But, the man continued talking like we’ve been friends for so long.

‘Aren’t you the lead-guitarist of the ‘leaner side band?’

For the first time I talked to the man and answered his question.

‘Yes, I am. How’d you know? Hmm, perhaps you’re a spy.’ (Showing off her intuitive smile with eyebrows moving upward.)

‘Nah. I’m a therapist you know. And I love your music.’

‘My music?’

Strange but, did the man just admired me for my music? Perhaps, he’s just joking.

‘Yes. I’ve heard your music a lot of times. I used to go to the Greenex polar for a walk, you know. And I thought all of the music band there were all metal rock. But, when I heard your music, it was so meaningful. It’s beat rhymes with the lyrics. It’s a music mix with pop and rock.’

‘Actually, I write the songs of our band. But, I already quitted.’

‘From what? The Band?’


‘But, why?’

‘I’m only the back-up singer not the vocalist. Besides, they’ll do good without me.’

Then I told Vince about what happened between me and the band. Why I quit and why I think it’s a good idea.

‘You shouldn’t return to the band if they were too unconcerned about you. Anyway, about your unsteadiness in walking or standing. I suggest that perhaps, you should see a neuro-doctor.’

‘I have no idea about my unsteadiness but, perhaps I might do that someday.’

We talked and talked until I haven’t noticed the time and it was already quarter to 7 o’clock.

‘I’m sorry but I have to say goodbye now. My date is here and I haven’t noticed the time.’

‘It’s alright. But, may I know your name please? We have been talking for hours but, how silly I am for not asking your name.’

‘I’m Carol. ‘bout you?’


‘Oh I almost forgot the handkerchief. Here it is. I’m sorry for messing your handkerchief.’

‘It’s yours now so you won’t forget me. Okay? I should better leave now. You’re date is here.’

(Jonard coming through)


(The man droved away with his car parked near the bench.)

‘Who’s that guy?’

‘A friend.’

‘A friend? I know who your friends are. You already intoduced them all to me. But, that one. I think you just met him somewhere.’

‘I was crying when he stood up and came to me. He gave me his handkerchief to wipe-out my tears.’

But, Jonard did not replied.
There was silence. Mins later. I opened my mouth to say something to Jonard.

‘I quit the band.’

‘Good for you.’

I was offended but quickly moved ahead of my thoughts.

‘Are you mad at me?’

‘No. Just jealous.’

I smiled and hugged him tight to let him know he’s my one and only bestfriend. He hugged me back. After that, he gave me a bouquet of red-roses. I gave him my thank you’s then we talked and talked until he revealed his true feelings for me. I was so happy to what he said. So I also told him my feelings for him. SInce then, he became my boyfriend and we spent the days together like we’ll be lovers forever until one special day.

‘Happy 1st Anniversary, cutie!’

‘Haha am I a cutie to you? Happy 1st Anniversary too mr.bumblebee.’

We kissed. I’m not saying it’s a kiss-on-the-cheeks. But, it’s a total major lip-locked. I admit it. He was my 1st kiss, really.

Later on we go to some place where we can have a great bonding together. We took a walk to the Greenex polar’ when suddenly I stumbled. Instead of him getting worried, he just laughed at me.

‘Hey are you drunk or something?’

‘No I’m not.’

Suddenly, I can’t move my legs the way I wanted them to move until I fell down on the cement floor of the Circle Park. Jonard brought me quickly to the hospital. When I was brought to the hospital they took away some of my blood for the labtests using the injection.

At the hospital..
Room 417..

My former bandmates came and also my parents who flew from Washington to L.a. My dad was too worried and said..

‘We were so worried about you sweetie.’

‘Mom, dad I’m alright. This is only a small wound to my knee but it’ll be fine okay?’

‘Don’t you say that dear. What if you have bruises?’

‘Well, there are no bruises that cannot be cured okay.’

My parents hugged me gently. Then I ended the sweet moments and said..

‘Mom, may I spend some time for a while with my friends. I won’t take no for an answer. Please, please, please. With them only. Please, please, please.’

I made my voice sweeter so that they’ll say Yes. And then they agreed and told my friends if anything goes wrong call the nurses. The nurses will call the doctors’ as soon as anything goes wrong. Then they left my room and stayed at the lobby.
Each of my friends hugged me. Marie and Charlie was the first to speak.

‘Hey gal. How are you?’

‘We missed you so much.’

‘I’m fine. I missed you too guys. I heard the band is getting famous. Your music’s in the radio.’

‘But that’s your music Carol. You wrote all of our songs.’ Riley commented.

I just smiled and said..

‘That was... Great.. Riley, forgive me for what happened the last time we saw each other. I was so moody. I can’t control being like that.’

‘Shhh, hush. It’s okay. We understand. Actually, since you quit the band we felt like were halfway from the fame ’ Joyce interrupted.

‘And it’s like BANG! You are a Good luck to us. You’re songs are great. It made us worldwide famous!’ Joey exclaimed.’

But Joyce reprimanded Charlie for bringing to much noise inside the room.

‘I’m so flattered. This is a highly appreciation from you guys’ I replied.

(Door Opens and the Nurse came by to check my pulse rate and my cardiac rate)

‘Normal’ said by the nurse.

I sighed and thought it was great. Soon afterwards my friends said their goodbyes and promised to send me their new album once it has been sold out from stores.

Meanwhile, Jonard came bringing his another gift for me. It’s a bunch of red-tulips. I smelled the tulips and it was so beautiful and it’s fragrance made me relief. I saw the worried eyes of Jonard. So I held his hand and told him not to worry ‘coz it’s only a small wound on my legs. No bruises at all. He just smiled showing off his white cleaned teeth.

‘Lately, you always stumble when you walk then yesterday you fell down and I haven’t catched you quickly. Maybe, we should stop seeing each other for a while until you’re fully recovered.’

Without a word he held my hand tight and went out of the room like we never knew each other at all.

Tears are starting to fall. I wish I never knew him. I wish we had never been together at all. I have learned something. You can never be sure of a person until you see the true colors behind a beautiful face that everyone can see.

(Door opens)

My parents entered the room with my doctor and sat beside me. The doctor stood up and told me of what should be done for tomorrow.

‘ Tomorrow you will be put inside the M.R.I machine. T The M.R.I is machine in which the patient shall be put inside with no metals on his/her body.’

‘What’s the fuss all about?’ (I interrupted the doctor’s explanation.)

My parents stared at me as if I’ve done something wrong.

‘This can detect the lesions of your body. The lesion is a region in an organ or tissue that has suffered damage through injury or disease, such as wound, ulcer, tumor and abscess.’

I asked the doctor if it’s really necessary for me to do the tests. He said yes, because the results will be his main objective for the right medicines to prescribe.’

Later on, the doctor had left the room and my parents tucked me in to sleep.

‘What is my disease, mother?’

‘Shhh. Hush my darling. You need some rest.’

I saw my mother and father smiled sadly at me. I wonder why I need some rest. It was only seven o’clock in the evening. They weren’t like this before. Why are they too worried.

Meanwhile, the nurse entered the room and told my parents about the M.R.I for tomorrow.

‘Ma’am, Sir. Your daughter’s M.R.I for tomorrow will be at 11:30am. 3hours before the M.R.I shall be no foods eaten. At exactly 8:30 she should be finish with her breakfast and fast for 3hours.’

‘Yes nurse. But, why is it required for her to fast for 3hours?’ Mom asked.

‘Yes nurse, why? Maybe our daughter should be full when the M.R.I starts.’

‘Perhaps to prevent vomitting for she will stay inside the M.R.I for almost 2hours, more or less. The cervical, the brain and the spinal cord will be scanned and that costs for hours.’

‘Okay, thank you nurse.’

The nurse left then I heard my parents talking.

‘She’s our only-daughter. Why did this happen?’

‘Sylvia, maybe the doctor’s wrong.’

Instead of listening to them. I began to sleep.

The next-day came where the time to be put inside the M.R.I machine has begun. The nurses and the M.R.I doctor told me that I will heard the machine’s noise so they needed to put a music on headset sized stethoscope on my ears and also a not-so-large foam covered through it to minimize the machine’s noise on my ears. While, they laid me on the soft bed formed foam they put a small soft sized made out of rubber on my left hand.

‘Carol, this is a buzzer. If anything goes wrong or you feel something painful just press this(Pointing the buzzer on my left-hand) gently. Okay?

‘Okay doctor. Thank you.’

‘You’re very welcome. We’ll be leaving now. Good luck. Don’t be scared. Think of something special in your life.’

The doctor and the nurses left.
There I was.. alone inside the M.R.I machine.
I started hearing noises from the M.R.I machine.
I startled with fear so I accidentally, pressed the buzzer. The machine’s noise had stopped and the door of the M.R.I opened.

The doctor and the two nurses came and asked me if I feel any pain in me. I answered them with
‘No. I just felt scared by the machine’s noise.’ They told me not to be scared. Then they went out of the room. Again, there was a noise again. The machine sounded like it’s blowing off the trigger. Silly thought it is. This machine really creeps me out. Until, I felt so sleepy and I haven’t noticed I fell asleep inside the M.R.I machine. Funny huh. 2 hours had passed by and I was awaken by my father’s voice saying..

‘Wake up dear. It’s done. Let’s get you up.’

Father helped me get up of the foam bed.
The nurses also helped while mom just stared at us with a smile upon her face. The doctor said the results can be pick up by tomorrow.

‘God bless you Carol. Take care of yourself.’

At home..

‘Carol, I think it’s a fine day for tomorrow to start your first appearance on the rehabilitation unit.’

‘But dad? Rehab is only for people who uses drugs.’

Mother grinned.

‘What’s so funny?’

‘Carol, the rehab that I’ve been talking about is all about physical therapies. In your case you need to be in care of the rehab.’

‘Tomorrow, after our followed check-up with your neuro-doctor we’ll be going ahead there to have a check-up with the rehab doctor.’

‘So many doctors. What am I? A disabled?’

Mother frowned.

‘I can still walk a little mom even if I’m on a wheelchair! Why, do you treat me such a kid!’

Before, they could say any words I ran to my bedroom and shut the door with a BANG! I cried and cried. Slowly, I can’t control my legs from shaking even handling objects. My grip is weakening. I can’t write anymore, I can’t take a bath by myself anymore. This is crazy. Way too deep.

The Next day was a blast. Father picked up the M.R.I results at the hospital. Then we went ahead to my neuro-doctor and showed him the results of the M.R.I. The doctor based clinically on my condition and also to the lesions found in my brain according to the M.R.I results.

Then my disease was diagnosed as ‘Multiple Sclerosis.’ It is an incurable disease that is relapse-remitting. Physical therapy reduces the symptoms. He also told me about the symptoms of the disease. At first I was a bit shocked and anxious. But, I learned that life is as easy as you choose to make it.

After my check-up to my neuro-doctor we then went to the rehab doctor for a check-up.

Moments afterwards, the rehab doctor assigned a therapist for me. I was surprised when I saw who my therapist is. Just like me, he also stared at me. Father was befuddled.

‘Carol right?’

‘Yes. You remember? You’re Vince?’

‘Yep. You almost forgot me.’

‘Nope. I’m just not myself right now. Anyway here’s my father.’

‘Hi! Pleasure to meet you Sir Roland. I’m Vince Roeys. I met your daughter at the Circle Park 3 years ago.’

(Shaking hands with each other.)

‘Pleasure to meet you too. Kindly take good care of my daughter. Disregard my daughter’s moody attitude.’(Father looked at me with a twisted smile on his lips that means something. Yes, a mocking smile. Then he proudly looked to Vince.)


‘Just kidding.’

For the first time since I got sick I heard my father’s laugh and that made me relief and happy as he is right now.

3mths had passed since the diagnosis. I’m slowly recovering. Now, I can walk by myself without the use of a wheelchair. I’m also doing Occupational Therapies where my hands can be strengthen from it’s weakness. Slowly, I can do normal things again.

During my physical therapy.

‘Hey concentrate on your therapy.’


‘You’re always befuddled by your thoughts. At first you smile and laugh then tell jokes then after that you become speechless considering you’re thinking of someone.’

‘Look. I just can’t help it. He’s a jerk. He is such a punk! He’s a pain in the ass.’

‘Stop saying ass.’


‘He broke your heart didn’t he?’

‘Huh? What do you mean?’

‘C’mon tell me. I know he became your boyfriend. If you still remember the day we met he was there.’
(Pain crosses through Vince’s heart. He was confuse of why he feels emotional pain)

‘Yeah you’re right. But, he left me since I got the disease. Meanwhile, I just heard the news he got a new girl after he had learned about my disease. Jerk isn’t he?’

A silence laugh from Vince was heard.
And so I smiled too.

‘When can I walk faster and run as fast as I can?’


‘Yeah whatever.’

‘You know, you should do your exercises at home.’

‘I’m already doing this at home.’


As I do my exercises I noticed vince staring at me but, he suddenly looked away when I looked at him. I think I’m getting besotted to him. But, NO NO NO. A big NO for that! I’m not fit for him. Likewise to Jonard. We had broken up. We ended with nothing. 30 mins later. Mom came to fetch me up. She waited me at the lobby until I finished my therapies.

‘You should use a wheelchair after your therapies.’

‘But why? I can walk now right? What’s the use of a wheelchair anymore?’

‘I noticed your actions. You are still lacking in coordination and balance.’

‘That’s because of fatigue. Vince, I’m alright Ok? So, can I go home now?’

‘You’re going out of the rehab by yourself? Nah.’
(Vince found a hospital wheelchair and brought it up to me)

‘A wheelchair? Great. Now I’m old.’

‘Please be seated.’

I was forced to sit on the wheelchair so I sat on it.
Vince droved my wheelchair ahead to the lobby. I imagine myself riding inside a car where Vince is the driver.

One month passed and I’m now discharged from the rehab. My therapies friends said their goodbyes and gave me a big hug.

I remembered Vince saying these words to me.

‘Don’t let your heart get stuck from the past.’

I smiled at the thought of having him as a friend for less than 3 any half years now. He was always there for me. I could never ask for more. Our feelings are mutual. I finally learned to let go of the past. Until, one day. He surprised me on my birthday by showing up at my house.

‘Happy 25th Birthday Carol.’

‘Thank you!’

‘Here’s my gift for you.’

‘Oh thank you, again! What ‘s inside this small box? Hmm, let me guess. A pair of tiny little socks?’(chuckles)

‘Nope. Just open it.’

And when I opened it. It has a dog necklace on it with a printed name of ‘Chie-chie’ with a note from it’s bottom.
‘Can you be my girlfriend? I promise to love you and take care of you with all my heart, soul and mind.’
I startled and ran out of things to say.

But the moment I stared to Vince’s eyes. I saw his truthfulness and the eagerness of his feelings’ for me.

He came closer to me. Unwittingly, he held my hand and said..

‘Please. Give me a chance to prove myself and my feelings for you. I love you for who you are and for what you are right now.’

Instead of giving the answer he’d been waiting for I thrilled him with a silence.

‘I know I’ve never been serious but, from the moment I saw you at the park I felt something deeper than admiration for you. In spite of the fact that you’re already taken. I never gave up on my feelings for you. They say that true love waits and so I wait. And finally the moment came for me to let you know what I feel about you.’

Mins later. I gave him his long-awaited answer.


He was first shocked and speechless.


He carried me off of the ground and said..

‘Finally! I promise not to fail you. I know you’ve been broken-hearted once. And now I give you my promise and I always keep my promises.’

Soon afterwards he went outside for a while to pick up his gift for me inside of his car and went back inside. It was a chihuahua. A brown chihuahua with a pink dress on it, a pink ribbon tied up on it’s head with a matching pair of pink-booties.

We started going out as an official couple. My parents were happy for me when they knew about me and Vince.

Years went by and it was like it was just yesterday when we met at the park.

Vince arranged a dinner party in an expensive restaurant named ‘Rathskeller’s floating restaurant.’ All of my friends were invited, my parents too. Likewise, to Vince’s friends and parents. They all came. I wonder what’s the fuss all about.

The host had spoken at the stage..

‘Before, beginning our dinner. May I call Vince Roeys to come at the stage to sing his song for his one and only woman of her life, Carol.’

(The guests gave a round of applause)

(Vince went up the stage)

‘I’d like to sing this for you, Carol.’

Music started to fill the whole place. The song is titled ‘You.’

What a great voice he got.

(Vince singing ‘You are the one who makes me happy when everything else turns to grey.’)

(‘You are the crowd that sits quiet listening to me.’)

My hear was filled with joy and laughter. I was bewitched by the man singing our song at stage.

(Music Instrumental)
(Vince went to my table and held and sung me his song while holding my hand. I feel like I’m in a dream. Yes, a dream where I won’t be able to get way from the dream.)

(Soon after the song ended.)

A waiter with a small dark box on a tray came up to Vince. And to my horror he picked it up and opened it. It was a ring. A gold ring written with Vince name on it. OMG, he’s gonna propose.

The guests were surprised and sighed in awe.
My heart’s pounding so fast. Then, Vince spoke to the mic ‘Carol, will you marry me?’

The guest chorused a noisy ‘yes.’

I quickly replied with a big YES.

‘Yes, I do. I will marry you Vince. I will.’

The guests were filled with joy and sighed with awe when Vince surprisingly stood me up and kissed me like it was for eternity.
7months later..

Everyone of my relatives, friends came to my wedding. It was a beach wedding. A simple wedding but, has it’s own romantic view. We made our vows. But, not long before, the priest announced us officially husband and wife. After the wedding. We had our honeymoon at the yacht.

A year any half when I gave birth to twins. Vince and I were so proud-to-be-parents.

For me, having Vince was the best day of my life. I couldn’t ask for more than anything with our two newly born babies. They are both girls. Vince named them ‘Carolyn and and Rickavin.’ Even though my disease is relapse-remitting. He loved me for who I am and for what I am and I praise God for giving me a person who will truly love me.

Submitted: July 10, 2010

© Copyright 2022 ferociousvogue. All rights reserved.

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