"Don't Cry Joni"

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A story about a 15 year old girl who falls in love with a 21 year old man. Regrets later came when they realized they're torn apart. Destiny unravels the truth.


“Don’t Cry Joni”

Joni and Jimmy we’re bestfriends until they came to the point where they can’t be friends anymore.

It was the 3rd spring of July when Joni just turned 15 and all of his friends came to her place where she threw a birthday party.

‘Joni, are you sure you’ll be okay if I leave you for a week? I’ll just pack a few things and then head to ‘springing jains.’

‘It’s okay mom. Besides, I have my friends with me now to keep me company.’

‘Yes, and we promise you ma’am we won’t let your daughter sober.’ (giggles)

‘Oh well then. Okay. I’ll be going now Joni. I’ll be back soon tomorrow night. I promise to buy you your new favorite doll.’ (Joni maked face>sneered<)

Her mom just smiled then kissed Joni on the cheeks.

‘Bye, dear. I know that even though you are now 15, you still admire dolls. Right? Okay. Gotta go. Bye kids.’

(Joni’s mom drove away with her car)

(friends giggling) (Jimmy coming through the gate)

‘Hey, is this a garage birthday party?’

‘Shut up Jimmy.’

‘Hey, I’m just joking. Here’s my gift for you by the way. Happy Birthday!’ (Jimmy showing off the gift.)

‘Why, thank you Jim.’

Then the rest of the day came so exciting for Joni. Seeing Jimmy makes her jump merrily. She doesn’t even care if she have so many guest on her birthday. What she all cares about is to have Jimmy as her guest on her birthday party.

Suddenly, the phone rang. Joni picked up the phone.

‘Hello?’ ‘May I speak to Joni?’ ‘Speaking. Who’s this?’

‘Hmm.’ ‘Hey!’ ‘Try guessing game.’ ‘What?’ ‘Are you out of your mind? I’m not in the mood for games right now. I’m expecting someone to call but he ain’t calling me ‘til now.’

‘Booh! Jimmy here.’ ‘Nerd! Why didn’t u tell me earlier?’ (Jimmy laughing through the phone)

‘I was just trying to annoy you.’

‘Well, now I’m annoyed. Goodbye then.’ ‘Joni, don’t hang up the phone. Joni, Joni!’

Then Joni hung up the phone. She was surprised of Jimmy calling him in this boring night of hers. She admits. She’s happy of the thought of she means something special for Jimmy. She’s annoyed of Jimmy but, at the same time she’s madly in love. Yes inlove. To who? To Jimmy.

The Next Day came and yet Joni’s mom didn’t came home.

‘I wonder what’s up with mom.’

(Angie coming through.)

‘Joni! Joni! Wait up!’

(Angie running through Joni.) (Grasping her breath when she catch Joni.)

‘Hey, what’s with the running?’ ‘I just saw your mom dating your neighborhood next door.’ ‘What! Hey, is that a joke?’ ‘No, I’m not. I just saw them at a fancy restaurant. Kinda cheap though. The guy is creepy. He gives me the creep.’ (Angie shiveringly maked face)

They went to school together. Joni didn’t get her mom out of her mind. Thinking that she will be having a new father ever since her father died. And having the thought of a monster father. She shivered at the thought. Then she just sudden found herself in the middle of the class being called by her terror teacher Ms. Mccallissen.

‘Joni! You’re not paying attention! Out! Now!’

But Joni was speechless and was paused at the moment. Then, she was made fun by her classmates by laughing at her embarrasment. She then, packed her things and ran off through the exit.

Jimmy’s outside the school when Joni ran off outside.

‘Joni, what’s with the hurry?’

‘I got kicked out of the room. Don’t Ask.’

(Jimmy just smiled and lend his hand over Joni’s shoulder.)

They both stared deeply into each one’s eyes. It wasn’t that long before they recovered from the deep staring they did.

After that.. they went to their special place at the forest where they keep a not so small bottle of whom their names we’re both written on parchment papers.

‘So, how’s your classes? Lately, I’ve been noticing you having lower grades at school. Is there something bothering you?’

‘Nothing. Joni, I just had this huge crush on this girl whom younger than me for few years.’

(Joni smiled at the thought then she began thinking that may be her.)

‘Hey, Joni. Woohoo.’

Joni returned to the normal state of thinking.

‘Ahmm. What we’re you saying Jim?’

Jimmy sadly smiled.

‘Nothing. It’s not that worthy to talk about anymore.’

‘Oh..’(Joni paused) ‘Ok Jim.’

Suddenly, the clouds piled up and began to dim. Not too long, the rain poured down heavily.

‘Oh no! I’m wet!’

Jimmy then took off his jacket then wore it to Joni’s body.

‘Hey, thanks bud.’

‘You’re always welcome Jon.’

Later on..

At Jimmy’s place.

‘I wonder why no one’s in here Jim.’

‘My parents’ we’re out of town. They went for a honeymoon I think.’

(Joni suddenly collapsed on the ground.)


Jimmy carried her over the sofa then checked her forehead.

‘You got fever. I think you should stay here for the time being until your fever lows down.’


‘No but’s. Don’t worry I’ll call your mom that you’re here at my place. Anyway, last earlier you’re mom called. She says she’ll be away for a week and she also says she left you some money on your coin purse over the kitchen refrigerator.’

‘Ohh. Thanks for letting me know.’

Then Joni just laid down the sofa and closed her eyes.



‘What if there’s someone who’s older than you suddenly gets attracted to you? What would you do? Will you allow him to court you?’

‘Woh, woh. Seriously, it depends.’

The following months had gone by and Joni and Jimmy we’re still enjoying each other’s company. Until one day.

‘Hey what’s with the grimace?’

(No spoken word.)

‘Angie, I know that we became bestfriends since the 3rd grade but, I know that you’ll only laugh at me once I tell you what kind of burden I’m going through.’

‘Cmon tell me. I’m your bestfriend. I won’t be like that.’

‘Okay, since it’s already our breaktime lets have a chit-chat.’

‘Great. I promise to be a good listener.’

‘Hmm, here’s the thing that’s bothering me. It’s about Jimmy. He just turned 21 last week and I came to his birthday party.’

‘Hmm, and?’

‘I just realized that I’m really madly falling for him.’

‘Really? So, did u tell him about it? Or....... Let me guess. You’re going to tell him that through a letter?’

‘How’d you know?’

‘Good guess, I think.’

‘Hmm, will you stay at my place for a day? I mean come and sleep to my place.’

‘Sure sister. Good thing it’s satuday tomorrow. No school.’

Near then classes are done. Joni asked Angie’s mom permission to let her daughter stay for the night to her place. Angie’s mom agreed. So, they went off to her place and spend tht night together.

‘Funny you should mention mom’s look on her face like she’s so proud of me cuz we’re about to do our school projects.’

‘Well, nice lie, white lie, undeniably a lie.’

(Both laughed together)

Joni picked up a paper with red hearts designed on it.

‘Hey whats that?’


‘Don’t tell me you’re really writing a love letter for Jimmy!’

‘I guess so.’

Mins later..

‘Now it’s done.’

‘Can I read it?’

‘Yeah sure. I hope Jimmy’s gonna fall for this one.’

Angie read the letter.. Then after..

‘Wow, I’m sure Jimmy’s fall for this Jon. I’m so excited and so happy for you.’

‘I do hope so.’

Jimmy received a letter on his mailbox at home and went in of his room. He started reading the letter when he saw to whom the letter is from.

Written from Joni Saunders

Dear Jimmy,

I know you dont like young girls like me but.... Please say you’ll wait for me. I know this might sound crazy but, Jimmy I fell in love with you the first time I saw you. I know I’ll grow up someday you’ll see. I promise to save all my kisses just for you. And now I Signed this with love forever true.


After reading the short letter. Jimmy’s confused. He dont want to get involved with Joni for she is too young for her yet he felt the same for her. So he decided to hurriedly went to school but he didnt catch Joni.

He learned that Joni’s already on her way home. On the other side.

‘Jimmy, Jimmy!’

(Door knocks on Jimmy’s place.)

Yet no one answered.

Later on Jimmy came.

He went across Joni.

‘Joni I read your letter.......’

‘Yes! Yes! Jimmy I love you. I know I’m still young for you. But pls do wait.’

(Silence for a long time. Both speechless with the same thing.)

SIlence was break when Jimmy spoke. ‘Joni..’

Joni’s frowned face began to face Jimmy’s head swung.

Joni began to cry. Her teardrops fell like rain that made Jimmy paused for a while.

‘Joni please don’t cry. You’ll forget me by and by.’

‘What do you mean? Jimmy. Jimmy.... please..... Don’t.’

‘Joni, I just can’t wait for you.’

That day was the most terrible day that Joni and Jimmy had. Since then, Jimmy left their little hometown and tried to settle down.

Years had gone by and yet, Joni’s words kept haunting his memory. So slowly he read Joni’s note once more.

Written from Joni Saunders:

Dear Jimmy,

I know you don’t like young girls like me but.... Please say you’ll wait for me. I know this might sound crazy but, Jimmy I fell in love with you the first time I saw you. I know I’ll grow up someday you’ll see. I promise to save all my kisses just for you. And now,

I signed this with love forever true.


Soon, Jimmy realized he really love Joni and so he packed up his clothes and caught a plane. Thinking he had to see Joni and had to explain how his heart was filled with Joni’s memory and the willingness of asking Joni to marry him.

Jimmy was filled with anxiousness and joyfulness of seeing Joni again.

After an hour.

Jimmy came to his old hometown and ran all the way to the house next door.

But sadly, things weren’t like they were before. His teardrops fell like rain that day when he heard what Joni had to say.

‘Jimmy please dont cry. You’ll forget me by and by. Its been five years since you’ve been gone. Jimmy, I married your bestfriend John.’

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