'Jonie's Horrible Dream'

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A girl realizes a simple mistake..

Submitted: July 15, 2010

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Submitted: July 15, 2010




On my way home from school. A beggar came to me and told me about a secret passage to the ‘Castle Of Love.’ Funny. I just laughed at the beggar and told him
‘Sir, there’s no such thing as castle of love. But, perhaps in the cartoons there are.’
The beggar didn’t mind my ridicule attitude instead, he gave me a big gold key. as big as my fist. I’m only 12 years old but, my fist is as big as the fist of my mother. Big as a cup of coffee. Unconsciously, I grabbed the key from the beggars hand and went home confused.

As soon as I came home my mother was there cleaning the house. I kissed mom and then went straight to my room. I paused for a while I look at the gold key that the beggar gave me. I wonder where this key goes to? I do not know. He said I will find my way to the castle someday. So when is that day? That beggar is too confusing. Because of thinking too much. I haven’t noticed I’m already asleep for 2 any half hours.
‘Jonie, dinner time. Your father’s here from his new job. He have a surprise for you.’ Mother said. So, I went to the dining room. Because of her loud voice I was awaken.

During dinner I still can’t stop thinking about the gold key. I asked dad about that ‘Dad, do you believe in castle of love?’
Dad stopped for a while then answered my question.
‘Why do you ask about the castle of love sweetie?’

‘Nothing.’ I gushed.
‘I just hate being a part of this family.’ I exclaimed. But my parents were just too quiet. Without a word. I finished my dinner and went to bed. Still confused of what the beggar had told me about. I just slept and think of something that will change my mind’s thoughts about the key.

The next day. On my way to school it was 6 o’clock in the morning and I’m still in the clouds. Thinking of the key. How foolish I am to believe the beggar’s illusions.

While walking down the broad street I saw a shimmering light around the oak tree. I was curious so I walked ahead to the tree. And when I came there. I found myself standing in front of a castle. A big wide castle with a printed name on it ‘The Castle Of Love.’ Everything was color red and pink with shaped-hearts.

There are two guard who had opened the gates for me then they led me inside the castle. Inside the castle are heartshaped chairs, sofa’s, tables, cabinets, and clocks. An old man came. I was shocked when I found that the beggar and this old man is only one.

‘Welcome Jonie to Castle of Love. I’ve been expecting you. You’re friends are in the music room waiting for you.’

Shocked, the castle workers led me to the music room. How beautiful it is. The musical instruments are all in heart-shaped and in color red with a mixture of pink. The guitars, the drums, the violins and even the banduria’s etc are in shaped-hearts. Am I dreaming? No. Then I collapsed. Not before long, I found myself lying in a heart-shaped wide bed inside a room. I found so many sticky notes on the wall with written names on it of
my 1st crush down to my future husband’s name.

‘Oh my God this is insane! How does this castle knows my crushes and my gosh even my future husband!’

So this is really my room.

(The heart shaped door opened and the kids came and hugged me.)

‘Welcome to the Company.’ The kids said.

My childhood friend was there too.

‘Hi jon! Glad you have made it! I just came here last week and now. Still craving for more.’

‘Ahuh. So this is true? I thought the beggar was only joking.

‘No he wasn’t. He just wanted us to come.’

Speechless I am. I just played with the other kids and had early dinner with them. I wonder what the gold key does. The other kids were at the music room singing and singing and singing! I’m so happy to be here.’What a lovely castle this is.’ I said in awe. I got tired so I told the old man or should I say the Duke that I wanted to go home. Then he led me to a small locked door. ‘Pick out the gold key and use it to open this door. This door will take you to your room.’

And so, I opened the door with my gold key and entered it. I thanked the Duke for having me stayed here in his castle. As soon as I entered the door I found myself inside my own room. At home. It was still 6 o’clock in the morning. I realized the clock stops when someone’s entering the castle. So, I went to school unrecognized by my parents. And when I came to school. I saw my friends there even my childhood friend was there not knowing I’m already there standing in front of them. I try calling them but, still no reactions from them.

I realized they don’t see me at all. Am I dead? Oh no. That’s why mom and dad aren’t home searching for me. And my classmates faces are worried. I have to go back to the castle. So I ran off the school and hurriedly went to the oak tree. Soon the oak tree changed into a castle. The Duke has tricked me. He’s a wizard. An evil wizard. Not before long I am now inside the castle facing the Duke. ‘So, you were trick into my plan.’

‘You beast! Why do my friends and classmates don’t see me!’
‘Because you had left your physical body and aura in here. Now, you will be staying here forever.’

The Guards and the other castle workers locked all of the doors to outside. Now, Jonie’s completely imprisoned in the castle. Jonie realized all of her mistakes hating her parents for not getting what she wants and for asking more rather than being contented.

The Duke laughed horribly and changed itself to a horrible monster dragon.

Jonie woked up sweating from her forehead down to her cheeks.
‘Thank God it was only a dream.’ Jonie ran to her parents room and hugged them tight and spill kisses to them both. ‘I love you mom and dad. I promise not to hate our family again.

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