Questions of a kindergarten

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic

A kindergarten girl who keeps
on asking questions to her mother
while preparing for school..

‘Mommy can I ask you something?’

‘Yes dear?’

‘Why, do you kiss daddy?’

‘Because, I have an affection for your daddy.’

‘What kind of affection?’

‘Let’s say you have a crush and you wanted to kiss
your crush because of you’re affection for him.’

‘Hmm, mommy can I kiss my crush?’

‘Yes, ofcourse dear.’ (Mother Chuckles)

‘Can I bring my crush at home?’

The Mother stopped for a while.
The girl waits for her mother’s answer.

‘You can bring your crush here, anytime. But, just make
sure your crush is a boy.’

A twisted smile from her mother’s face.
‘Sure mommy. But, mommy can I kiss everyone?’

‘No. You can’t kiss someone with the same sex. Okay?
That’s forbidden.’

‘Okay mommy. Oopz, I’m gonna be late for school. It’s
almost quarter to 9am. Gotta go.’

The girl had hasten to go to school. Before, she had
stepped out of their house. Her mom called her.

‘Aren’t you gonna kiss mommy, goodbye?’
The girl refused and fearlessly answered her mom.

‘No mom. I won’t kiss you because,
we have the same sex. Bye mommy.’

Submitted: July 12, 2010

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