Confession Of A Teenager

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true confession

Submitted: March 18, 2014

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Submitted: March 18, 2014



And how can i forget ? 

I still remember all those crazy things he said to me, i still remember all those crazy things we did toghether and how we didn't think about it, we just went with it  .. he was always there, but right now he's simply gone.

It's funny how life continues to teach us things, even when we aren't prepared to learn, and i wasn't prepared and still not.

i wanted to be remembered as the girl who made him laugh, smile, and love..i never wanted to be forgotten, but remain in his heart always.Why is it that I would do anything for him, go to the ends of the earth for him.But he took that love and threw it away like it meant nothing to him, Why?The past is sometimes best left in the past!! Revisiting the past will only bring back painful memories of what once was, and create new heartaches and confusion ..
Love is great Sometimes , but most of the time it hurts way more then it should and When something hurts you long enough, a part of you starts to die, bit by bit till there's nothing left and then you walk away ..
You just have to go in your room, Turn out the light, Blast your music and cry. But when you are all done you have to forget and move on.Somewhere along the way he stopped loving me .. I just don't know when, But if I go live with no regrets, I can promise I'll get over this. Just because someone says they love you doesn't always make it true, If they really did, they would do everything they could to prove it to you and not just say it.when you let someone into your life full-time, and they only let you in theirs part-time, its time to move on, and that's what made me thinking, maybe it didn't work out for a reason, to show me that there's better people out there, i wont grieve on the past, i'll be happy for what i have now.

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