Turning the product into dirty cash

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How to turn the product into real cash

Submitted: January 30, 2017

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Submitted: January 30, 2017



Yo, word up with you my drug running mule
$30.00, ok, I've got it right here, don't drool
Put that fuck in your mouth too nigga
Yo get bumped with that shit, yo aren't gonna get any Cuban cigar
Done, another bag of crack, sold
Be on ya way, you've been told.

I'm Skillet and I'm 19, I've been doing this shit since I was 15, man
You've gotta feed yourself 'cos ain't nobody else going to be able to do it, like I can
We grew up without mothers and fathers around us, so you feel me
You've got to be your own father figure and steal you see
Get you're own money out here, however you like
'Cos no one gonna to give it to you, not even brother Mike.

Skillet gets crack on credit, and sells it for $10.00 a rock
After a long day of moving product, back at the trap house, we use a big lock
The real work begins, splitting the take. 1st up, the crew take their cut
Between the 3 of us, we're gonna split a $400 profit off the ounce
It works out at about $13.00 an hour, not bad for a daily rut
We count on volume to make ends meet, for me and my louts.

It's not too much, but it's about the quick flip
We aren't really thinking about making too much money, it's just a real trip
We're worried about getting it in and getting it off
So we can stay with it, you feel me you toff?
The rest of the cash goes up the chain to the crews drug supplier
A regional distributer, that works with the cartel, it's a no brainer.

You have to pay him or you'll be six feet under, you'll be smoke man
Fucking smoking for that account man and his Mexican clan
Where we're from you've gotta keep it with you, not he
Or somebody will run in your trap or something, you feel me?
In 2014 there were over 2,500 shootings in Chicagoland
Everybody out here thirsty, robbers, killers and Alice in fucking wonderland.

You gotta keep your eyes open for the haters you might see
They'll try and take you down, 'cos they ain't eating, you feel me?
It's all out war everywhere, except fucking communist North Vietnam 
That's why we call it Chiraq, because it's so fucked up over here, damn
You don't know where it's coming from, man
Your Homey would cross you for a couple of bucks
That's how it is, yo gotta keep your pistol close, even when you call the fucking waiter
If not, ya gonna get got, sooner than later.

Skillets homeboy Breeze, is always ready with a gun
He's had plenty of practice and not just for fun
I use this all the time. Fuck, if I had to swap with someone, that belong
Fuck be getting hot, you can't keep the hot ones for long
There's my baby though, as McDonalds say, "I'm loving it" 
All we need is that money, man, that's all we care about and horny clit.

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