our relationship

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it's about one of my closest true friend in school when I suffer from deppression

Submitted: April 27, 2016

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Submitted: April 27, 2016



There was this time when i was really deppressed with myself i was a very reserved person by nature i use to not like all . there was this slut in our school called called abha "ADORABLE BITCH HARTLESS ASS." THAT'S WHAT I NAMED HER . then i complained to my dad that she is taking sessions with me and i don't want session with a slutt. so we complained she went and then there was a new councelor who was appointed in our school for the middle school. i actually never liked a person in school. but when i started having sessions with her my thoughts started expanding i started thinking .she was the only friend i ever ever had then we started coming closer and closer we became so close that our relationship started being the closest ever in the whole school. we kept on having sessions and sessions before i always use to feellike i have no friend but she was the only friend whom i started liking in school . she later started becoming really busy and i started going more often then my class teacher scolded me that why do i pressurise her just like that i thought that day that it was end of our relationships and i wattssaped her which i should'nt have then i had 8 soda cans 2 redbull cans ahe was so caring that she told me not to drink more of sodas . then i called her told her sorry i thought she betrayed me  . but she did'nt . then we became friends back we got so addicted to each other that we keep  whatsapping till night.and we name it as true friendship the only friend i had in school. 

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our relationship

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