a prince of the church

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A religious tale.

Submitted: February 14, 2016

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Submitted: February 14, 2016



The following is based on a true sequence of events, up to a point.

Years ago, a new monsignor came to administrate the Catholic high school I had attended. There had been a librarian who had devoted herself to the school for many years. The school also hired a young nun, whom the monsignor immediately placed in charge of the library, over the faithful librarian. His reasoning was as follows: “It is unconscionable that a lay person should be in a position of authority over an ordained nun.”

My older brother was a good friend of the librarian. She was broken hearted by this turn of events, and was thinking of resigning in protest. But she had nowhere to go.

Many yeas passed. The monsignor went on to become a bishop. Then he died, and was on his way to heaven. He expected to be admitted to a roll of trumpets. But before actually entering heaven, he was received by an admitting angel.

“It seems you still have a serious unconfessed sin on your soul.”

“How could that possibly be?”

“Do you remember what you did to the librarian in that high school?”

Suddenly the whole story came back to the chagrined bishop.

The angel went on, “Let me see. There was certainly serious matter here. And there was also full consent of the will. What helps you is there doesn’t seem to have been a lot of reflection on your part.”

The bishop was totally taken aback. His hopes of a roll of glory were fading fast.

“Three months in purgatory for you, my man!”

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