Fun Writing From Class Just for fun

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just a writing i did for fun in class

Submitted: January 10, 2012

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Submitted: January 10, 2012




My hair flies as I cut through the air on my bike. I look all around me and notice the beautiful world. I take one deep breath of the fresh air and continue to bike. After a few more minutes I come to a complete halt only to notice a beautiful field. I slowly get off my bike and flip the kickstand down and immediately start walking towards the field. Bright flowers and magical ponds catch my eye, I appreciate the beauty that god has given to us on this world.  

I collapse on the ground and stare off into the sky trying my best to avoid the bright sun in the sky to save my vision. My eyes slowly start to flutter over time and eventually stop and slowly close shut. I start to dream, about traveling into the sky, seeing the sun, standing on the clouds and looking down at this beautiful land. I began to think I was in heaven, it was a beautiful sight. 

Over time my dream got carried away as a majestic steed appears ready to take me on a journey through the wonderous sky, and maybe even take me up in space. As we glide through the sky I notice the sun is slowly going down as the moon is coming up, we continue towards the moon. After light years of gliding through space we finally reach the huge luminous moon, we land inside a huge crater. 

I get off the horse and look around me, the world is a beautiful place, and the mysteries beyond it make it better. I sit in the crater and lie down, again my eyes slowly start to flutter and eventually come to a complete shut. I fall in a deep sleep and wake up in bed, surprised, only to realize that this was all just on big dream...

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Fun Writing From Class Just for fun

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