Clarise chapter 1

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
Clarise is a bouncer in the club Clutch. She is a fairy that left her world in search of adventure in the human world. What she discovered was disappointing and she is ready to return to the fairy realm. The only question is will they except her back and will she be willing to except the price?

Submitted: February 26, 2016

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Submitted: February 26, 2016



The smell of sweat surely had to deaden my sense of smell. I can't believe I gotten myself into this mess.

When I left fairy I wanted to see if all the stories of the human world which we called the real word were true. I should have stayed home. Now I got myself stuck here at Clutch as a bouncer and I regret every minute of it.

Your probably thinking I why don't I use some fairy magic to get me out of this. Here is the joke, are you ready? Once I left fairy I lost my magic. I may have burned a few bridges I shouldn't have and my magic was taken away by the Queen herself.

Being out here made me realize that home was not so bad. Ah man Mitch at the bar just signaled me to get this guy out of here.

The club was packed and wading through them took a little time.

"Hey you.Would you like to step out side?"

The guy turned around and got a good look at me. I knew what he was thinking and I will definitely wipe that look off his face once we get outside.

"Yeah lets go. Wait a minute, I'm not paying for this."

Man he thinks I'm a hooker.

"No this is for free. Are you coming or what?" I started to walk through the crowd making sure he was following me. I got the asshole out side and I felt sorry for him. He looked like he was in his mid thirties and never caught on to modern day fashion.

"This is were you go and I stay."

"Hey what is this? You wanted this honey. You came for me. Not the other way around."

"Listen walk away while you can still walk."

"You bitch, I gonna teach you not to mess with me."

This is were things unusually goes the same way.

He staggers up to me and throws a right. I lean back missing the punch. He swings wild with his left. I catch him by the wrist and punch him in the center of his chest. He flies back about a foot in the air and lands of the side walk.

Walking up to him seems rehearsed as well.

"Listen go home and sober up. Next time I'll make sure you end up in the hospital. I'm positive that that will teach you a lesson."

I stood up and walked back to the club. I've had it. I'm going home.


The night could not end fast enough. I walked into Paul's office and he was in the middle of annie's legs but I didn't care.

"Paul I'm leaving for good. I full filled my end of the bargain."

He rose off of annie and she covered herself.

"The deal was until you worked for me a month."

"Paul it's over a month. I stayed longer than needed. I'm gone."

"Where are you going?"

"Home. By the way, I don't think you were getting her off. She may look innocent but there is definatly a dangerous streak in her. Try being more.... aggressive. You'll both like it better."

Men could never read the signs. She was practically shoving her cunt down his throat for more pressure.

Walking into the night and looking around. I will definatly not miss this.



Queen Vernel I have word that Clarise is on her way back to fairy."

The Queen smiled remembering Clarise.

"Let her come. But she will not just walk back in here as if she never turned her back on us. She will have to go threw the tests. "

"As you wish my queen."

"We all have a destiny to forfill and she ran away from hers No one  can run forever."


It's been years since I stepped foot in fairy. The smell, the sight and even the sound is home. I have to get to the crossing. There I will see how much time has change things.

The crossing is the tavern deep in the woods. All that is magically goes through there at least once in there lifetime.

Walking into the tarvern I was welcomed with a comforting sight of Butchan at the bar and Sanai walking around serving food.

"Is it you Clarise? I thought you were never coming back."

"Sanai I was wrong. How are things?"

"The same. Nothing much changes but the peace treaty with the dragon's."

"What, we are at peace with them? That is monumental."

"Monumental? You've been with the human's too long. Come and eat, you lost too much w eight."

"Sanai I can not gain weight. I'm just cursed to be born this way."

I gave her a hug knowing it caught her off guard.

"Get off my woman, Clarise. She's spoken for."

Butchen called across the tavern.

"Ah Butchen no man can beat me at anything I want. But sadly it's not a woman,at least not for now,"

We laughed, ate and caught me up with what is going on.

"Can I get a room for the night. Tomorrow I make may way to the queen. I need to be accepted back.

"There is a room up top. Yu can have it for the night. Is there any thing else?"

I looked around and caught a glimpse of a man in the corner. I could use a good tumble.

"No I can get what I need."

I walked over to the guy and it was like I was not even there.

"Hey can I sit?"

He waved his hand to the seat.

"Listen I just came back and I want to get laid. You seem suitable enough."

He finally looked up and I recognized the eye's. I just propositioned a dragon. Shit.

"You fairies think your irresistible. My dick is not for your use. Go find someone else to warm your bed with."

His voice had a timber to it that made me uncomfortable. I know there is a treaty but I don't trust dragons.

"Sorry my mistake. I didn't know what I was speaking with.'

His eyes landed on my breasts since I loved wearing low cut form fitting clothes.

"So now I'm not good enough for you?"

"I didn't imply that. I'm leaving."

I could feel him watch me walk away. Why did I have to hit on a dragon?"As I got into the room I took off my clothes and showered. They modernized the place since I was last here.

That shower was from heaven. I went to bed after I dried myself off and started to fall asleep.

"Nice ass you have there." A voice coming from the corner said.

I jumped up and pulled a long knife from underneath my pillow. It was the dragon from earlier.

"Why are you here? I took back the offer."

"I had second thoughts." He walked out more revealing he was wearing only his pants. His chest had hair and his stomach was toned.

"Well I hadn't. Just leave."

"Your scared. A fairy scared of a dragon, what has the world come too." He chuckled

"Get out. now."

He came closer and I tried to slash him but he was quicker than me grabbing my hand.

"I will not force you but I will make you crave me." He blew a cloud of smoke and I felt as if I was somewhere else.

I was laying down and I felt something warm glide up the slit of my pussy. I tried to close my legs but couldn't.

"Relax, this is all happening in your mind"

He suckled on my clit as if he wanted to take it all in. I tried not to moan but it felt amazing. Then his tongue glided back down. licking my ass then delved into my wet pussy. His tongue went in deep and he with drew it. Continuously he entered and with drew bring me close.

"Oh please bring relief."

He pushed in harder and pinched my clit and I came screaming. Coating his tongue and drenching his chin.

I awakened from the dream with him standing in the corner once again.

"You were incredible with you complete surrender. You made me long to take you as you dreamed but I can never do that."

I was still panting coming down from the high.

"What is your name dragon?"


He walked to the door and left with even looking back. What he did with his mouth was amazing. I wonder if he could make it feel like that in reality?

I laid back and fell asleep thinking about this dragon, Caleb.

© Copyright 2020 Fia Naturie. All rights reserved.

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