People are like pebbles...pebbles that fall down the mountain called life...most of them get lost and lay forgotten among thousand others...but there are some, some that start an avalanche, to leave their deep marks on the mountain itself...they are the keys the world revolves around....for the better or for worse... Five elements there were....five terrible elements....five elements which when brought together could change the very concept of life or...of death... To start an avalanche of chaos and madness, of glory and avalanche brought about by one man, a man who was a Legend, a God, a Demon and most of all a Monster...but before he was all that, he was just a boy, a terrified boy !!!

Table of Contents

Prologue - The Boy

A boy against a dragon?
It must be a joke !!! Read Chapter

Prologue - The Battle

Prologue The Battle Dragons… He was descending rapidly, within minutes he would meet the ground. It was said that the f... Read Chapter