Shooting Star

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A little romance story between two girls in a hospital. One is a visitor, the other is the patient. One is the bully, the other is her victim.

Submitted: February 15, 2015

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Submitted: February 15, 2015



A/N: This was a story I wrote to upload on valentines day (yesterday) but I wasn't able to, so it's a day late.  I'm not good at writing romance stories but I wanted to try to write one (and finish it). I hope you enjoy this.


The halls echo with the sounds of their foot steps. Two people, an old doctor dawning a snow white coat, and a young girl with long, black hair that seeps over her eyes and parts into a long braid on the left side. The sides of glasses hang over her ears. She walks, with both hands behind her back.

"Visiting hours end in ten minutes." The doctor breaks the silence between them. His soft, baritone voice reverberates within the silent hallway.

"That's OK. Ten minutes is all I need." The girl responds. Her voice betrays her. She's not as meek and shy as her voice inquires. Normally she is, but for an occasion such as this, if she's not prepared a head of time, she won't be ready at all. "Is this the room?" The girl asks. She peaks her head into the room.

"Yes. I'll return when the time is up." The doctor walks away. It's apparent in his speech that he's confused, or somewhat curious as to why a girl would come to the hospital at 9:50 pm, alone none the less, to visit one person. He chuckles though, silently to himself, as he answers his own question with a quick glance behind him. "It is that time of the year I suppose." He says, checking his watch.

The girl takes one deep breath before walking into the room. Her body wants to run away. It wants to fail her, but she does her upmost to refuse such an action. After all the time she's put in, after all the thought, running away now would be a crime against all sins, she thinks to herself. After exhaling, she grips what resides in her hands and takes steps into the room. Her eyes gaze across the space. It's a small room, only big enough for one person and a few visitors. There's no other bed, no other soul in the room aside from the two of them. Her shoes, brown, worn out sneakers echo in the room.

Staring out towards the night sky, a girl sits upright in her bed, slouched forward only slightly. In the window's reflection, the girl spots her visitor. The moonlight casts a dim, blue ray to which her visitor stands in, but only partly. The girl pays no mind to her guest, continuing to stare off into the sky.

"Long time no see." The guest speaks up. Her voice, again, meek and shy like, portrays her nervous feelings of the situation. Despite being brave just moments before, now that she's where she needs to be, the girl can't help but feel regret and worry. She swallows both fear and courage. She calms herself in the silence that gathers between the two. They both wait, quietly waiting for the other to speak up.

Frustrated at this bland stalemate, the hospitalized girl speaks up. "Ugh. What the hell do you want," Her tongue is sharp, more so than a knife. It would be an understatement to say that she's merely unhappy at her visitor's presence. It would be more accurately to say that she's abruptly bothered by it. As if staring at the moon, at the star filled night sky was a task she hadn't the desire to be interrupted from. "Lin." She states the girls name. An under growl in her voice adds to her apparent distaste of her. Her eyes scale up and down what's visible of her guest, the girl named Lin. Her figure, not the skinniest of the bunch, but not fat either. She was quite normal. Not a lot of body fat, but just enough to 'figure' her out. Her clothes where nothing to gawk at either. Typical Lin style outfit the girl thought to herself. An old, worn out black sweater, to which her breast made no real attempt to stand out from, and a pair of navy blue sweat pants. Nothing much to stare at there either. "Plain and boring" the girl couldn't help but have these words slip from her mouth.

"Nice too see you're doing well, Sana." Lin's words, they're different then before, only moments ago. They're resolved and fill with conviction. Lin will take no pleasure in turning back at this point. She hardens her heart as much as she can, already predicting what to expect. "Don't sound so unhappy to see me." The more she speaks, the harsher her words become. She can't stop them. Lin can't stop the words from coming out the way they are. She wants to be prepared, mentally, but she doesn't want to speak as if she's above the girl in front of her, as if Sana's beneath her. "It's nice to know that in all that's happened, that cocky attitude of your is still unbroken." Stop it. She yells to herself. This time, her body betrays her own thoughts.

"What do you want? Revenge?" Sana waste no time in abruptly attempting to kill her courage. She speaks as if she no longer cares about what could happen next. Her voice is drawn out, weary and rough. Her eyes even more so frightening. They project no sign of a threat, but rather nothing at all. The light that hits her pale, blue eyes gets devoured by a darkness encasing her heart.

Looking at her from the light, Lin can tell. She understands the feeling that Sana has all too well. Resting on her left arm, the upper portion before the elbow, are bandages that are wrapped so tight that Lin felt as if by running her fingers across it, she would tell immediately where the bandage ends, and where the skin begins, simple by the immense shift in altitude. To tight. Those words come to her as her arm naturally moves to grab that area on her own body. "It looks like you got messed up badly." Again, her mouth fails to speak as she wishes. That's not what she wanted to say, not even close. "Multiple lacerations, a concussion, a broken leg and a fractured arm. Karma really does come back to hit hard. But I guess you already know that." Her mind goes blank. Lin doesn't want to speak. She can't explain it. Did I over prepare? A headache starts to encroach from the deep recesses of her mind.

Sana bites her lips at the words she hears. Wanting to scream, wanting to get mad, but she can't. Lin's right. She admits to herself. She knows it. No matter how badly she wishes she didn't, she knows it all to well. She licks her lips in hope that it does something. "Is that what you wanted to say?" She's struggling to contain her emotions. The dead look in her eyes makes it seem as if she has no anger left, but her words depict a different story entirely, one itching with the same motive she believes Lin to have, revenge.

"Being on the other end of the stick sucks." Lin gives up. She can't stop herself anymore. She's already spoken to much. There's no point in going back. She'll just let this arrogant tone talk all it wants. "For a bully to get bullied by bullies. The irony is so uncanny it's amusing to say the least." Lin smiles "It's pathetic."

"Shut up!" Sana's throat roars. Her voice tares into the air. "Is that all you wanted to say, huh? Are you just going to rub it in like the other girls? Is that what you want-" She can't speak anymore, interrupted by a coughing fit to strong to breath.

"Sana!" Shudder and fear runs though Lin's body. She rushes to Sana's side. She's concerned. Sana, a bully to say the least, is a strong girl. She's fearless, prideful, and most of all, apathetic to things around her. Crushing those who she hates, who she loathes, are nothing but swatting flies to her. This girl, who's usually at the top of the food chain, is weak and vulnerable. Coughing over again multiple times. Lin, one of Sana's many victims, can't help but feel genuine concern over the girl who once struck fear into her soul. Her feelings are matched by Sana, who's unmanaged rage fills her entire being. A sharp stinging runs through Lin's left cheek. It's red, and a tad swollen. Sana's left arm is extended   far from her body. A smack!? Lin tosses that thought away. She knows it wasn't a smack, but something more dreadful. A hybrid attack per say. A backhand smack with enough vigor to be a dead on punch. Tears swell up in Lin's eyes, something she's use to when being faced by Sana, but her tears aren't for her. They're for something else. It was only a glimpse, but Lin saw something that put straight fear into her body, allowing her to act as she wants again. That being said, she doesn't move. She knows that taking one step forward could be dangerous for her. Failing to play her cards right, she too, might end up in this hospital. No. She knows she will, but cannot fathom how bad she'll end up. Her eyes are met by Sana's. A look she's never once seen before in the years they've known each other, in the years of bully and victim, it's a glare she never thought she'd see. Desperation? Lin grasps what she hold in her hands even tighter. "I'm sorry." Lin says. Finally, something she wants to say. "I didn't mean to say any of that."

Sana slowly lowers her hand. Her eyes downcast to the white blanket with a slight stain over where she coughed. She stares at it, mesmerized by it. "No, you're right." Like last time, her voice is weary, drown out and rough, but there's something different this time. The desperation in her eyes fades back to what it was, shear apathy. A type of apathy that can only be obtained once you've been stripped of everything the world has to offer, and then some. "I really did get what I deserved." She smiles a meek, weak smile. "A bully get's just that, bullied." A strange sound resonates with Sana. Metal upon tiles. She doesn't care though. There's simply no reason to.

"Revenge." Lin whispers in a light tone. She's leaned forward on a chair, but she sits on it while it's backwards. The back faces Sana, so she can hide what's behind her back. "Saying I came here for that...You're not wrong." Lin watches Sana closely for any signs of emotion. None. Silence is what met her. She continues, speaking as though she's treading on ice thinner than paper. "Eleven. Did you know what that number means?" Sana gives no response. "It's the years we've known each other. Can you believe it? We've been like this for eleven long years. Eleven long years you've tortured me in different ways. Spreading rumors, used your elite photoshopping skills to place me in photos I've never partaken in, steal the favorite parts of my lunch, steal my clothes, barrettes, necklaces, and even money. There was even a time you put gum in my hair and I had to cut most of it off. I was crying for week straight. Then there was that time you got mud over my new dress, or when you pulled my hair during contests to distract me. So yeah, I do want revenge." Lin slowly drops her hands to her sides. Both are still out of Sana's view.

"Then do what you want." Sana responds. She glances at Lin's arms. Sana couldn't care any less about everything then she does right now.

"I want revenge...I really do." Lin's body begins to shake. The tears she's been holding back fall. Like rain, they bounce off the rim of the chair.

A small glimmer sparks in Sana's eyes. Why? She wonders. Sana can't understand why the girl she's bullied the longest is shedding tears in front of her when she's not being bullied, when they're just talking, arguable causally at that.

"But-" She continues. "But I can't get revenge for things that bring joy to my life." Lin shakes even more. A thud is heard coming from the ground. Whatever she had in her hands drops. She folds her arms on top of the chair, and buries her face in them. Something starts to unravel inside of Sana. A feeling she can't explain. "M-Maybe," her voice is teary. "Maybe to others, memories like these are painful. Maybe to others, these memories are things they want to forget...But I'm not like the others." She picks her head up. Lin smiles. Her eyes are puffy and red. Snot runs down her nose. It's a smile, that despite the current circumstances, isn't forced in the the least. "I don't ever want to forget these memories."

"Why?" Sana's voice is teary as well. She's made tons of girls and boys cry, and Lin isn't an exception by any means, but for some reason, her apathetic eyes come to life a little. "Why are you crying? You wanted to hurt me right? So why aren't you? You wanted to rub it in my face about how I got what I deserved...Right?" Lin is silent. "H-Hey...Answer me. Right? That is what you wanted? Right?" The more she talks, the greater she comes to crying. Her feelings aren't suppressing like she wants them to. Something in Lin's disposition is different today. She's more assertive than usual, more emotional. "I bullied you for fun. Why are you so damn happy about that?" She screams. Her yell is choppy at best.

Lin smiles again. "Did you know that I don't have a good family relationship." Lin's smile fades into something much more saddened. Like a burden that won't go away.

"What?" Sana utters. Lin's words confuse her. She's always bullied Lin, so she's seen her parents many times. Each time, they come to her aid and comfort her till she stops crying. Seeing that sight always made Sana mad. Why? It's simple. Any orphan would feel mad after seeing that. A happy little family, something she didn't have. No adult wanted her. No orphanage liked having her. Sana's world was much different then the others around her, even her fellow orphans. She was, at it's most rudimentary level, and unwanted child. Whether it was her blue eyes, her short blond hair, her teeth, or even her smile, no one carried to look at her. If there were a definition for a word beyond being just invisible, beyond being not nothing, that definition would be Sana. Always force to get breakfast, lunch and dinner last, despite things being organized by last name and her's being what it is, Aba, a small three letter last name that was always at the top. She never got the food first, never the warmest. Always last, always the coldest. When it came to clothes, they were never the nicest, or the cleanest. They were simple used rags under the name 'clothes'. Dentist appointments, doctor visits, beds, bathing, everything. It was like the word hated her for a sin she had no memory of committing. To her, being bullied would have been a dream. At least that way, someone paid attention to her. That's all she wanted, was for someone to look her way, but no matter what she did, she kept turning heads away from her. So to hear that Lin's family relationship isn't what it seems put a stake right through her heart iced heart.

"It's funny, right?" Lin says. "You wouldn't think that I would have one, a bad kinship." Sana's eyes are different. No longer apathy, but lost. She couldn't figure out what to do. "D-Do you want to see what I mean." Lin's nervous, Sana knows this, but she can't shake the feeling that she has to know the answer. She wants conformation, that this world really isn't as it seems, that it's not as straight forward as one might expect at a first glance. Her head bobbles up and down once. Lin's eyes grow darker and colder. She walks over to the door she entered and closes it. The darkness encased them both for merely a second before she lifts up the light switch. The room bounces off a yellow tint in all directions. Sana shields her eyes for a second while closely watching Lin's movements. She locks the door. Her hands trace the bottom lines of her sweat shirt. For a second they remain there, then move again. Upward. Her fingers grip the rims of her sweat shirt as she pulls it over her head. Little by little, a part of Lin that Sans's never seen before unveil before her eyes. She wants to blush, but she can't. Sana's eyes slowly shift for lost, to concern, to empathy, then finally, a sickening sense of hate mixed with disgust.

From her perspective, something had always seemed off about Lin. Usually when Sana pushed a child, or stole their things, they would avoid her at all times. Lin wasn't like that. She never made any apparent notion to be near Sana, but she never avoided her. During lunch time, Lin always sat at the same table, in the same seat, eating the same lunch. Each time she would put the food that Sana would always steal, applesauce, a peanut butter sandwich, and a bottle of orange juice in a bag and place it near her lunch. Each day, at the same time, she would coincidentally leave to go do something. That's when Sana snagged the bag. And everyday she would return to her table, acting concerned and angry. She would always carry extra money for when Sana 'mugged' her for it. She would always hang around the same places, never straying to far from where she was. It was as if, from Sana's point of view, Lin, in her own strange way, wanted to spend time with her. Being who she is though, Sana tossed that aside quickly calling it a coincidence. This is a girl who Sana knew better than any other girl, then any other boy, despite never being friends, so right now, in front of her eyes, she bares witness to something she never once thought she'd see on the girl she knows so well. Scars? It terrifies her. There aren't just one or two or three, but five, six, seven, more than she can count in one go. They're small scars, but her body is riddled with them. Sana's eyes pace up as she starts from Lin's navel, moving her eyes up past her stomach, and around her breasts, which are covered by a dark pink, frill covered bra. Her arms are no exeption. These wounds, they weren't officially treated. Naturally healed? Sana cups her mouth.

Embarrassed by what she's doing, Lin puts her shirt back on. She unlocks the door, opens it, and turns off the light. The room once again fills with a dark, midnight blue hue. Lin's eyes stare down at the floor. "Growing up," she starts talking. "My parents were never really in love with each other. They never married, they never got together. They were technically two strangers living in the same house." She walks back over to the chair, sits and stares Sana in the eyes. This time, it's her eyes that are dead, and Sana's that are lively. "My parents met on what was suppose to be a one night stand. From what I heard, both were sexually ignored by there loved ones at the time, so they cheated on them with each other, but only for one night. But thanks to that one night stand, my father impregnated my mother. Apparently, my mother's birth control had expired just a few days before and she never knew. Both were young, so they hated the idea of condoms." She smiles. Sana watches carefully as her smile tells it's own story. A sad, lonely story. "One thing led to another and my parents ended up living together. However, they're called one night stands for a reason. They're not meant to last. My parents hated each other. There were times when my mother got beat to the point of passing out. Those were the good days though. My father would leave the house and not come back for a few days, and my mother..." Lin bit her lip hard enough to make it bleed. "She wouldn't beat me in frustration." Sana holds back a feeling of disgust for Lin's parents. "Well, those were the easier days to deal with. That's why I liked being outside. In the eyes of others, my parents acted like real parents. They pretended to care for me, and it was fun. But I knew better" Her face grows weary of her words, but Sana's expression begs for more. "I'm a child that shouldn't exist." Lin's voice chocks. "Born of a sin, I'm a constant reminder of a regret that two people share. At least that's why my parents tell me." Lin goes quite for a small time. Neither have the strength, or nerve to speak. "Then I met you Sana..." Lin's voice turns as it breaks the quietness. It's a bit happier than before. Sana's heart beats fast. With all that she just heard, the last thing she wants to hear is how her role made things even harder. Sana noticed though, the shift in Lin's voice, and it made her even more nervous. However, what didn't notice though, was that the roles refused. Lin's the sad one, not Sana. She swallows down whatever she could as she waits for Lin's next words. "The most important person in my life." 

A rush of pleasantries seep into Sana's mind. Most important... She can't fathom what Lin means. She doesn't understand. Lin enjoys the memories of torment, loathes her family life, and then called Sana the most important person in her life. Those words, most important, stuck within Sana's heart. They were words she wanted to hear for years, yet heard it from the most unlikely of people, in an unlikely situation. She didn't know how to feel.

"Even though you bullied me," Lin continues. "You were there everyday at the same time. You never once missed a beat to casually walk up and talk to me, even if it was to give you money. Even if it was to threaten me out of boredom. You where the first person to ever pay me attention I wanted. You where the first person to ever make me feel like I really do matter in someone's life." Lin's pain doesn't go away, but it does fade into the background. Those last few sentences made a difference in her personality. She's happy with just a few simple words that she herself said. "It's the reason why I always stayed by your side for the past eleven years." Lin walks to where she dropped her things. She picks them up. "It's the reason why I'll stay with you for eleven more years, and many more after that." She hands them both to Sana, who takes them without thinking. "No matter how bad you treat me, no matter how harsh you think you are. I'll never leave your said so long you can stay that one person I need." Lin smiles again, innocently, with a light blush. "I love you Sana. Will you be my valentines?"

Sana looks down at her hands and lap. There sits two items. A tall bouquet of roses, all different, bright, vibrant colors, wrapped in an clear bag tied with a gold colored ribbon, and a heart shaped box with a pink ribbon wrapped around it. Reality lapses with Sana. She's confused. Having had so many things thrown her way, this last bit of news shocks her. V-Valentines? She can't properly figure out what's going on. She looks at Lin's smiling, blush filled face, then back down at the romantic valentines gifts. Normally she would just laughed at the person, calling him names and putting him down. Being a bully and all, she does find a hint of enjoyment out of teasing others. But she couldn't do that with Lin. First off, she never thought her first confession would be from a girl, even more so Lin, her childhood target. She does more than just a few double takes. Finally, reality hits her. Sana's face brightens up. Completely different from what she was when Lin originally entered the room, Sana's lost her cool. That apathetic aura is gone. Now it's just a surprisingly innocent girl. "..." She doesn't know what to say. She tries to think of words, but everything escapes her last second.

"I see." Lin, who still has a little bit of sadness in her, misinterpreters Sana's silence as a no. "It's OK." She smiles back. "You don't have to accept them. I just wanted to tell you how I feel. Just forget what I've done today. I'll see you back at school when you leave the hospital." Her back faces Sana.

Inside her heart, Sana feels resentment swelling up. If I let her leave now, I'll never- I'll never what? She can't piece things together. She watches as Lin's back get's farther away. She doesn't think anymore. The wires connecting to Sana snap off. She throws the blanket off of her. Her right leg is covered in a cast. She steps down from the bed. Her leg riffles with pain. She clenches her teeth to suppress it. Steps before Lin reaches pathway, Sana's frail arms wrap around her stomach. "Of course I will." Sana can't think anymore. Her mind fuzzes up. Memories of the past resurface. All the stares of the adults who didn't want her, all the looks of the children who fear her, all disappear in to white. Standing in this void is one person, Lin, smiling ever so happily, and only at Sana. "So don't go, OK?" She pleads. The words just roll off her tongue. "I won't be like your parents. I'll..." Her words fade off. She licks her lips a second time, preparing to say the words that she's wanted to hear herself. "I'll always love you, so stay by my side forever." Her neck is warm, her skin is cold. She's a lot softer than she looks. All of these thoughts run through Sana's mind as she hugs Lin with an embrace that's to gentle to break. A cold, wet, rainy feeling runs down Lin's bare neck. "So stay with me, forever." Sana sniffles.

Lin's hand is soft and small. How it managed to hold a box heart full of unforetold goodies and a bouquet of roses is beyond something Sana can imagine, but right now, on this February 14, those soft hands lay atop of hers. Standing in the pathway bathed in the yellow lights from the hallway. Small tears drop onto her hands. Her voice is soft as she responds with "Yes." 

Somehow, one way or another, Lin started the confession, but Sana was the one who finished it. A slow clap comes from the hallway. Walking up to the light is the doctor from before. "I've come to pick you up. Visiting hours have ended. But it seems like I've come at bad time."

Lin and Sana look at each other, both are blushing badly, but Sana more so than Lin. "It seems you have." Lin's arrogant tone returns, probably to protect what little of her demeanor she can foster up."It's a crying shame. I wanted to stand here in my girlfriend's embrace for just a bit longer too." Sana freaks out at that word, 'girlfriend'. "Just allow me to one last thing, OK?" Lin sounds like a tease. The doctor smiles and turns to face the other way. Lin's small hands run up the side of Sana's face. She's taller. Not by much, but enough to make a difference. Lin guides Sana's face down to hers. Like magic, she touches their lips together. Soft. Lin thinks as she stands on the tips of her toes. A kiss so passionate that the room seemed to get hotter. As Lin pulls her face back, a small line of saliva parts to nothingness. "I'll be back tomorrow, so don't cheat on me while I'm away." Lin teases. "I heard nurses can be pretty hot and seductive when they want to be." She trots passed the doctor, smiling and full of life. "I'll be going now."

The doctor smiles. A few nurses come running into the room. They encounter Sana, standing without crutches. The nurses begin to get orderly with her. "Take it easy," the doctor replies. "She's just had the experience of a life time. She can't handle much more." The nurses look at the doctor, then back at Sana. They're confused, but follow his advice and ease Sana back onto the bed. 

The doctor walks up many flights of stares. He reaches into the pocket of his pants, and pulls out a small, rectangular box. He flips it upside down and gives the top a few good taps. He flips it back over and opens the door to the roof of the hospital. Opening the box, he grabs a lighter and a cigarette. He leans up against the roof's fencing, and stares at the night sky. He grabs a gold necklace with a heart picture frame attached to it. He takes a drag from his now lit cigarette, then opens the locket. It's a picture of a young couple, boy and girl. The boy has long black hair and blue eyes. The girl has short, blonde hair and green eyes. "Reminds me of us in our younger days, doesn't it?" He speaks to no one and smiles at the sky. "Young and free, and cutting things close too." He checks his watch, the minute hands moves up one. "Twelve O'clock AM. Looks like they just barely made it in time for Valentines Day." He takes another drag then puts the cigarette out. "I've done all I can for her, so do me a favor Shi, watch over our daughter for me. I'm not fit to be her father, but you can still be the mother you never got the chance to be." He closes the locket. "Her love life as only just begun, and for that, every girl needs her mother." In the night sky, filled with elegant stars that twinkle vividly, on falls, a shooting star.

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