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This is a one scene for a play but it may become longer. i am also thinkg about adding a few scenes about when he leaves and when they met when they were younger. also one about the kids. Oh! and if anyone wants to help with a title? i never can figure that part out thanks!

Submitted: July 16, 2012

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Submitted: July 16, 2012



Characters- Annabelle a 27 year old woman with two young kids
James- a 27 year old man
Setting- a beach at sunset with a Beautiful sunset.

A-- What cant things just be the way they used to be!?
**Annabelle says standing up on the sand. staring out into the everliving ocean. James rises with her
J-- It wil never go back to that. You have to face the truth. face reality.
A-- I am. And i want things to be like they used to. When everything was simple. Life was easy and there was no pain, no stress, no bills, money or dinner to make.
J-- Because god saw how easy life was for you back then. Everything that has happened when you were little are leading up to this. A challenge that he wants to see you encounter.
A-- We'll now he sees i can't and life can go back to being easy. being simple. Hopefully he will help me with that. Because this challenge of his ruined my life over.
J-- God doesn't work Like that. he wont give up on you. just like i wont give up on you too. Your a strong independent woman. You can do this.

Annabelle looks at him getting frustrated
A-- No i can't. why doesn't any one get that!? This is too much for me right now. He left me here all by myself to deal with everything. It's too much!!
J-- You're not alone. i'll always be here for you. You need to know that. You will never be alone.

Annabelle starts to get angry and walks towards the shore line standing in the water. James follows her.
A-- Really? because right now i am. Alone with no husband, no money, no job, no where to go, and 2 kids to feed. How do i tell them all this?
J-- you don't have to. i will help you get where you need to go. get on with our life and never have to tell them that.
A-- How?? How can you-

James takes Annabelle's hands and stares into her eyes.
J-- Marry me.
A-- James? you can't be serious-
J-- i am. Annabelle Noell Jackson, will you marry me? say yes. i swear i will never leave you. I will always stay by your side helping you, helping the kids. I love you Annabelle now and forever.
A-- James- i really don't know what to say. I love you too but-
J-- then marry me. say yes. You can trust me.
A-- James Anderson Walker, I love you to, ever since 6th grade when we became best friends. over the years i have learned i can trust you, the kids can trust you. But that happened with Harry too. and when things got bad he left me.
J-- Harry wasn't the right guy for you. and i'm still here with you. i'm not leaving you here on the beach like this.

Annabelle takes a deep breathe staring out to sea.
A- Yes. There was always a part of my heart that knew you would be someone special to me. i thought it was just my best friend but apapparently its more and i was wrong. James, i will marry you.

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