what have i done...?

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when mia's boyfriend leaves her alone with his best friend Paul she soon gets lost in Pauls arms.

Submitted: March 07, 2010

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Submitted: March 07, 2010



"i love you" jack said as he kissed me goodbye. Jack was my amazing boyfriend we met at the old cafe i used to work at. we have been in love ever since! i waved as he climbed into his car and drove off. i walked back into the bar feeling sad that Jack had to leave so early. well at least Paul-Jacks best friend- was still here. he was always such fun to be with. he was such a good friend to have and a great next door neighbor. i went and sat back next to Paul. He smiled at me and said "would you like another drink?"

"hmmm maybe one more and then i might head back" i smiled. we chatted for over an hour about work and Jack and loads of different subjects. i lost track of time deep in our conversation. i didnt realise Paul leaning in closer. Eventually i looked at my watch and seeing how late it was said "ohh goodness i never knew it was that late! im going to go back now do you want to come?"

"of course, if you dont mind" Paul grinned. we strolled back through the park watching all the happy couples sit by the lake. we sat down on a bench near the edge of the beautiful lake, to watch the stars. "wow are'nt the stars just beautiul tonight?" Paul said gently leaning back on the bench.

"yes they're lovely." i sighed. i looked into Pauls shimmery eyes and he looked back. His eyes were gorgeous glinting in the moonlight the colour of deep hazel. i gazed at them, i couldent take my eyes off them. Paul leaned in closer to me and gently stroked my cheek. I leaned up and found our lips pressed together gently.  i slid my hands around his sholder. He put his hands on my waist and gently stroked them as we kissed. He massaged my tounge with his. i moaned quietly deep in the kiss. i found myself climbing onto his lap wrapping my legs around his waist. In the middle off the park. I didnt realise what i was doing. i completley forgot about Jack and the time we made out under the stars just like this. i was just so engrossed in Pauls arms. Paul gently caressed my thighs as i kissed him. his hands climbed higher up my legs underneath my mini skirt. His hands softly slid under my thong, and without realising he started to finger me. "oh Paul." i moaned. He added more fingers thrusting them deeper inside. I bit my lip letting out a load moan. to stop myself from moaning i started kissing his neck. Paul bend his head down and with his free hand pulled my top down abit. He slipped his tounge down my bra and started liking all around. i couldent help myself i moaned and breathed his name. Without thinking i started to ride him up and down even with our clothes on. i moved gently up and down. Two lads wolf-whistled at us as they walked by. But i was too lost in Pauls arms to notice. he shoved his hand deeper into me. "Ohhhh Paul hmmm." i sighed. 

I then heard a voice that made me stop. " Mia?" i open my eyes to find Jack stood by the park bench with a sour look on his face. I clamber off Paul saying "i...i...wait..." beside Jack was a slim blonde young woman holding his hand...

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what have i done...?

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