Was thinking about relationships - okay, Remus and Tonks in *spoiler* Deathly Hallows - and then this came to mind. From Remus' perspective. =) Enjoy!


Days passed like the images on an old television set
Broken, static, confused.
After having worked grueling hours for petty pay, if any,
I retreated to my pauper's den.

Four solid grey walls for company each night,
Might as well have been wraught-iron bars,
Like a prison cell, I was trapped.
Like a prisoner, I tried to break free,
But was unable.

For each time I thought I grasped something concrete, something real,
The disappointing, fierce sting, like ragged glass to palm
Reminded me that I only grasped an imagined something,
Broken edges.

Still, I strived for something more,
though not knowing what more there could be.
This was my life before you entered it.
Before I let you enter it.

Before you and I became we,
Before I let you in,
There was a wall around me that
Protected you, or so I thought.

With less than gentle actions, you clawed,
You broke through the protective barrier,
And let me know that, the wall I had put up
Was tearing you down, and that I was my own prison guard,
My own barrier.

It wasn't unfolding like I thought it would have,
The connection between us two.
Like having a beautiful print, and buying a frame,
Only to find that the print doesn’t fit,
Like hanging a picture, and trying to get it just centered,
Which we both now know is an impossible task.
It’s almost laughable now,
To think that I could get them to hang just –so.

I don't mind crooked pictures any longer.
It’s surprising how a change grows on you.
Crooked pictures make the room of life more interesting,
More intricately detailed,
Just like my life after you clawed your way in,
After I let you claw.

Days still pass like the images on an old television set,
But now, its fuzzy array of images is treasured,
Like old memories of you and I,
Of what once was and a reminder of what now exists.
Though, we don't watch the television.
Instead, we're busy fixing pictures to be crooked,
Because our "perfect" is off-centered.

Submitted: October 09, 2009

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