I Smile As I Look At Him

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What I believe would have been Esme's thoughts as she held her newborn son in 1921. Enjoy!

I Smile As I Look At Him

I smile as I look at him,
I just can’t help but stare,
Into the face of this tiny child
Whose been entrusted in my care.
Big, brown, hazy eyes,
Seeing everything to see.
Big brown eyes, wide with wonder,
As he looks at me.
He’s so small and tiny,
I could fit him in my hands.
In my arms lies a future full of promise,
A clever little man.
This feeling’s ever binding,
A love so pure and true.
I whisper “I know it is my job
To show the world to you.
It my be fraught with troubles,
There will be bumps along the road.
But with some love and guidance,
You can make the world your own.”
I have a responsibility,
So small, yet huge, it seems.
To guide this little person,
To help him achieve his dreams.
For in my arms lies a promise,
An almost certain guarantee,
That the future will be brighter,
And that future came from me.
Those big brown eyes are closed now,
As he lays fast asleep.
I think whoever’s watching,
As a loving watch I keep.
I thank them for this child,
So fragile, tiny, small.
Because he has given me
The greatest gift of all.
I thought that love had boundaries,
But clearly, I was wrong.
As I watch my little baby,
Sleeping all night long.

Submitted: October 09, 2009

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Chloe Rae

sooooooooooooooooo sad....I LOVE IT andi really appreciate if u read my stories and commented on what u think i should do or edit i really admire ur work.

Tue, May 11th, 2010 8:28pm

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